Nawaz Sharif’s government plans to allow duty free import of hybrid cars to reduce CNG usage

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It is one of those plans which are too good to be true however, Nawaz Sharif’s government will consider allowing duty free import of hybrid cars with engine power of upto 1800cc to discourage the use of CNG vehicles.

Furthermore, the government also plans to ban CNG so that gas can be supplied for domestic and industrial use.

Owners having CNG vehicles will be facilitated to import hybrid cars of upto 1800cc without paying any duty however, duty would be imposed if imported hybrid cars have engines larger than 1800cc.

Toyota Prius would be the most popular choice amongst buyers and Indus Motors had been previously testing a couple of hybrid cars to sell in Pakistan. If duty is removed, than they could penetrate the market with quite ease.

Important thing to mention here that Prius although gives a staggering 36 kmpl mileage, more than double of what Suzuki Mehran gives but the hybrid cars work with a combination of electric batteries and a petrol engine.

Electric batteries work in usually stop-and-go and slow moving traffic, they sort of push you into motion and as you speed up, the car switches to the petrol engine.


Technology has progressed so far that even if we import cars built with newer technologies, there’s no need for hybrid cars. VW Bluemotion Golf gives an astounding 30+ kmpl while the Bluemotion Polo gives an even better 34+ kmpl.

Although the plan is very good but we believe that government shouldn’t only focus on hybrids but cars such as VW Bluemotion must also be allowed and local auto assemblers should be forced to introduce new technologies and small cars, Corolla and Civic aren’t the cars for Pakistan, Prius and CR-Z Hybrid are. The plan should have a broader perspective as hybrid cars have batteries and they are very expensive to replace and in traffic like ours, their life would be considerably shorter.

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  1. Abid Manzoor says

    its a good decision, & big revolution in pakistan.

  2. Asif Usman says

    it wil b a gr8 decision.

  3. Mudasser Mushtaq says

    Nic choice

  4. SheiKh Üxãmâ Āhmęd Siddiqui says

    nyc decision!

  5. Agha Mohsin says

    if this will impose successfully I am sure no one will go for car like Swift and Vitz as the cost will be near to above mentioned cars but still if someone has exact idea of price than please share with us….(Y).

  6. Muhammad Raza Saeed says

    Great Step!

  7. Kashif Dar says

    Reasonable & workable moving step towards advance technologies of the Automotive world i think it would be more appriciative Steps from PMLN Govt for Pakistan Hats off to This Man (y)

  8. Ammad Shahid says

    they are still planning…faida to tab ho ga jab jab yes implement ho jaye ga.

  9. Afaque Ahmed says

    Good line of thinking, however, not a panacea. Duty structures which fundamentally create ripples or distortions in the market mechanism, should be very carefully considered with all its ramifications to local manufacturing industry, foreign currency, pressure on infrastructure of cities, etc.

  10. Vicky NE says

    Gr8 decission 🙂

  11. Imtinan Saleem says

    Hatss offfff for Nawaz Shareef

  12. Faiz Aslam says

    Well done Nawaz party 😛

    A big step towards introducing the hybrid family in a country where people cry for high fuel costs.

    Seems like it's time to get a Prius then 🙂
    Only if car dealers are honest though, won't be fun if they add the custom duty after the custom has been uplifted…-.-

  13. Shiraz Akhtar says

    Well done nawaz sharif

  14. Yasir Saeed says

    again a cycle is started just before the budget. this has now became a norm here and every year news about reducing duties comes out just before budget but when budget is announced the import duties always gets increased.

  15. Sohaib Patel says

    wtf you calling it a Revolution ? :S

  16. عمر طارق says

    what would be the estimated price?

  17. Anas Shaikh says

    Their life*

  18. Talha Qadeer says

    kasam kha 😮

  19. Sohaib Khan says

    The fuck you know about revolution bro ?

  20. Muhammed Waqar Khalid says

    Pml-n (Y). 😀

  21. Sohaib Khan says

    Hhahahahahhaa Nawaz Shariff is a bigg fucker. Last time when he imposed this law that cars can be imported with duty free and he got his own cars then this law was finished and everyone else was fucked due to duty. 😀

  22. Sohaib Khan says

    Sir aap tu mahaan niklaayy taxi ki jaaga ub hybrid cars daingay 😛

  23. Asem Khan Ak says

    stupid decision if it happens our bachi kuchi economy will be destroyed because the in land companies will have no sales and no production equals to no jobs.he should pressurize the main companies to introduce new cars and allow new companies to come to Pakistan this will boost our economy giving more opportunities to the jobless people.importing these old cars will have a very bad effect on our companies P.S I am not a worker in any of the pakistans automobile industry.

  24. Asem Khan Ak says

    he is not gona ask china for the electricity because if our awam gets that deal there will be no kam just aram you know what i mean

  25. Anas Shaikh says

    yeh meri wall per kahan se agaya -_-

  26. Anas Shaikh says

    olx per daldo apni corolla talha 😛

  27. Yasir Mansoor says

    Well..First things First.
    Its Close to impossible! FBR might relax import duties on hybrids,

    If they ban Duty on hybrids, Prius & Civic will cost less than a Million, which in-terms will simply destroy Local Industry. There are chances to cut in levy on the import of hybrid cars to reduce load on the natural gas sector; which is by the way just 27% gas usage!

    P.S: 77% car owners in Pakistan use CNG as fuel.

  28. Asim Tufail says

    (P.S: 77% car owners in Pakistan use CNG as fuel)
    source plz..

  29. Yasir Mansoor says

    Gallup Pakistan as of 2010 & i personally believe it would have raised to more than 81%

  30. Tehniyat Tufail Abbasi says

    hmmmm 😀 :p

  31. Jawad Ahmed says

    Abid Sb. looks like you are trying to justify your vote here… aaa… it doesnt happen just like that.

  32. Bilal Alam says

    They never said duty free, rather a rebate in duty on hybrid. Hope BT sticks to this promise as he has rejected CT's claim to overcome load-shedding as a promise made in Joshe Khitabat- Both brothers are after all master of U-TURN.

  33. Faisal Zahid Sheikh says

    Mr. Baber this is B.S. unless you mention the source of this news.

  34. Wasim Shahzad says

    Please don't avail it. It will be cheating with Imran khan. Don't buy these cars.

  35. Wasim Shahzad says

    Sohaib Khan Please don't avail it. It will be cheating with Imran khan. Don't buy these cars.

  36. Saad Bin Naeem says

    Cant believe people are making a mockery of this decision just because of their political likes/dislikes. Quite sickening indeed.

  37. SheiKh Üxãmâ Āhmęd Siddiqui says


  38. Abdul Rehman says

    Not sure but it might force the local manufacturers to ask prices what they are really deserve. Especially Pak Suzuki, ripping us with their teen dabbas.

  39. Ali Naseer says

    nice decision

  40. Muhammad Aezad says

    who the hell will repaire hybrids? yahan to machanic ko itna b nai pata k hybrid hota kia hai.

  41. Bilal Khan says

    Not every one can afford to buy a hybrid car the minimum cost would be around Rs 1400000 as they are not going to allow cars older than 2009 that is 4 yearsif they allow older cars then the price of 2000 model hybrid is around Rs 800000. But there is another problem the battery of hybrid cars is very costly in pakistan. So the duty releave is just for the upper class so that they can import luxuary cats without duty not to save CNG.

  42. TehSin Aly says

    good step for the betterment of our industry 🙂

  43. Danial Sheikh says

    ''Although the plan is very good but we believe that government shouldn’t only focus on hybrids but cars such as VW Bluemotion must also be allowed and local auto assemblers should be forced to introduce new technologies and small cars''.

    You clearly have NO IDEA whatsoever of how unreliable and expensive VW cars are to maintain.

    and Corolla and Civic ARE the cars for Pakistan. VW's Golf and Passat junk are not needed in a market that needs a reliable, comfortable, well built, safe cars such as the Civic and Corolla.

    Go and do more research Mr. Baber Khan. Your just another German badge fanatic.

  44. Danial Sheikh says

    easy to repair. It's just wiring

  45. Danial Sheikh says

    more expensive to replace a CNG cyclinder than to replace a Hybrid battery

  46. Muhammad Aezad says

    lol just wiring?????????? lollllll

  47. Amer Lodi says


  48. Danial Sheikh says

    it is!

  49. Hira Mir says

    hey! I wanna add you !
    Sorry you weren't replying so that's why I am commenting hea

  50. Saddam Butt says

    If the Govt is offering this incentive then there should be more awareness about it and people should be encouraged to benefit from it.

  51. Zahid Bashir says

    what is new corolla 2014 cost.

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