Meet the New Audi A4: Prices Starting From PKR 5.85 Million

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The German Sedans are nothing new in Pakistan. After all, Deewan Motors, Shahnawaz Motors and Audi Pakistan are offering legit -BMW, Mercedes and Audi- company products and after sales services. The predominant fact of their high price tags remains a stigma and a barrier for them. To cater this problem, Deewan Motors launched BMW X1 -an entry level crossover- and Audi Pakistan launched A3 -an entry level German Sedan- with very economical price tags. From the past few months the Pakistani automotive market has been in a constant state of movement, with multiple financers showing keen interest to invest in Pakistan and multiple vehicles being introduced. This brings attention to the German Sedans, obviously their local subsidiaries are going to be entering in this fray. Thus, enters the new Audi A4, a mid level German Sedan, which is appealing to emerging businessmen due to its German background and distinct features. The new A4 has been introduced with a base price of PKR 5.85 million. As expected, there are lots of optional extras, which are going to cost you a pretty penny.


Stay tuned with as we will be covering this car in more detail.

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  1. Guest786 says

    I must find a way to earn shittt load of haraam to be able to afford this. Halal earnings will not cut it anymore.

  2. Abey wah says

    What kind of “emerging businessmen” have this kind of cash lying around? What “business” are we thinking of?

  3. Salman Ahmed says

    Maybe they are talking about sharif family lol

  4. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Optional equipment ki price bharne me hi ek GLi na nikal aye :p

  5. Humza says

    sad but true

  6. zahid says

    Jab hukmaran agent ban jatay hain to commission dena pray ga, Baiyoo.Bahir say laoo commission banao, khud kuch na banao .

  7. Usman says

    Exactly. Way too much for options, must be the taxes.

  8. Captain Faraz says


  9. Captain Faraz says


  10. Ahsan Zafar says

    Obviously audi market analysis must have come to the conclusion there’s enough cash here to warrant a venture here.

  11. Aijaz Khan says

    Bro Grande nikal sakti Hai….;;;

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