Dewan Motors Announces New Service and Maintenance Prices for its Vehicles

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To reinvigorate and escalate company’s PR among the masses, Dewan Motors has introduced BMW exclusive package that includes standardized rates for BMW customers in Pakistan. Dewan Motors had catapulted its sales and customer relationship network with the launch of BMW X1 at a promotional price of PKR 3.99 million. As it stands, the company is planning to launch 4 series in 2017, which makes one wonder what else is in the store for BMW customers and fans in Pakistan.

Additionally, the company is competing with other German Sedan Distributors in Pakistan by opting for a more abstract approach. The company has introduced an electrical charging dock in the Emporium Mall, Lahore and is planning to install 3 more docking stations this year. Although, BMW products in Pakistan can be offered at more lucrative packages to cater more consumers, the fact remains that BMW is a high end brand. To keep up its reputation as the premiere vehicle brand in Pakistan, Dewan Motors has recently publicized its ‘BMW Exclusive Service Package’, which features:

  • Engine Oil Service (Engine Oil Change and Oil Filter Replacement)
  • Quality Check Points (Fluid Levels, Tyre Pressure, Battery, Electricals)
  • Complete Car Cleaning (Interior & Exterior with High Pressure Steam Wash)
  • A/C System Check
  • Under Body Visual Inspection
  • Computer Diagnostics

and its pricing for:

3 Series:

  • E90 320i – PKR 10,000
  • F30 316i – PKR 10,400
  • F30 318i – PKR 11,000

5 Series:

  • E60 525i – PKR 13,000
  • E60 530i – PKR 13,000
  • F10 520d – PKR 12,300
  • F10 AH5 – PKR 13,000

X Series:

  • F48X1 sDrive18i – PKR 10,000
  • E70X5 sDrive35i – PKR 14,000
  • E70X5 sDrive48i – PKR 15,500
  • E70X5 sDrive50i – PKR 16,500
  • F15X5 sDrive25d – PKR 12,500
  • F15X5 sDrive35i – PKR 13,000
  • F15X5 sDrive40e – PKR 12,000
  • F15X5 sDrive50i – PKR 17,000

7 Series:

  • E65 730i – PKR 14,000
  • E66 730Li – PKR 14,000
  • E66 760Li – PKR 17,000
  • F01 730d – PKR 16,500
  • F01 740i – PKR 14,000
  • F02 760Li – PKR 19,000
  • F02 730Ld – PKR 16,500
  • F02 740Li – PKR 15,000
  • F02 750Li – PKR 18,000
  • F01 AH7 – PKR 15,000
  • F02 AH7L – PKR 15,000
  • G11 740e – PKR 14,000
  • G12 740Li – PKR 15,000
  • G12 750Li – PKR 18,000

The above mentioned prices are a part of promotional package and sources report that this package is likely to last till March, 2017. Moreover, the company holds the right to revise the prices without prior notice.

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  1. Pappu says

    So basically for the price of a service you could buy a motorbike?

  2. وجاہت علی says

    not really yaar.. bikes bhi ab mehngy ho gye hn.. but.. u could buy a cel phone tho.. 😀

  3. Rao Muhammad Younas says

    It’s a smart move to attract the BMW Customers and things are progressing well in right direction. 2017 will be a year of competition in AUTO industry with new brands and new technologies. CPEC will play a vital role and will be be GAME CHANGER for PAKISTAN economy.

  4. Khuram Shahzad says

    BMW ki discussion mein Bikes Kahan say aa gain…..?????

    “PAPPU Yaaaar !!! Tang na kar ”

    No offence , Just kidding boy…..The service rates offered are economical for exisiting BMW Owners and like peanuts as compare to previous maintenance cost…….
    Bike walay kay liye to corolla XLI aur uss ka oil plus fuel afford karna bhi mushqil hai………..Try to understand the theme of the Blog…my Dear.
    God bless you…

  5. Pappu yaar says

    🙂 No offence taken. I was just trying to mention that of the items listed….

    “Engine Oil Service (Engine Oil Change and Oil Filter Replacement)
    Quality Check Points (Fluid Levels, Tyre Pressure, Battery, Electricals)
    Complete Car Cleaning (Interior & Exterior with High Pressure Steam Wash)
    A/C System Check
    Under Body Visual Inspection
    Computer Diagnostics”

    …the only consumable material involved is the Engine Oil and Oil filter. The rest are just services. Whether these services are for a BMW or a Toyota XLi, they should just not be so expensive. You do know that after the “inspection” a list of materials is given that is to be changed by the customer….and the price tag there is also no less.

    ….so maybe there should be some consideration for reducing prices for “checking” things where no spare parts/consumables are involved. I really do not expect you to compare a bike and a BMW….but i hope you get my drift about the cost of services….

  6. Pappu says

    true. maybe a used motorbike ;). Mobiles tau definitely more expensive 🙂

  7. Waleed Ahmed says

    Nice Try copying audi Pak, But what??? Just a Promotional Scheme until March 2017!!!!,

    O Dewan, You still aren’t ready to give-up the top dough you get on the Services, & definitely you still haven’t learned from Audi Pakistan!!

  8. Waleed Ahmed says

    What Smart move, It’s Promotion which’ll expire in not even a Year, Just 2 months, Services are going to be lifetime, & with such kind of Promotion attitude this isn’t going to work!!

  9. Salman ahmed says

    Audi pakistan is the most reasonable bunch of German car people out of whole lot

  10. Salman ahmed says

    To Yamaha lain na .kis he kaha ha benelli ka panga lain ?

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