Here is How the New Fortuner Stacks Up Against Toyota Prado

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By now you might’ve heard about the New Toyota Fortuner and would be aware of all the developments in this regard. Apart from being an SKU, Toyota Fortuner is the only locally assembled SUV in Pakistan and thus enjoys the benefits of comparatively lower price tag as compared to other options with this much engine displacement. So, naturally I thought to write a small comparison to highlight the differences between the new Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Prado. Generally, nobody compares both these SUV’s, primarily because of:

  • Price Difference
  • Feature Difference
  • Maintenance Difference
  • Build Quality
  • Equipment on board

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But this new vehicle is being portrayed as a major improvement from its previous model. As you can guess this is not going to be a detailed comparison, because Toyota Fortuner is not (yet) available in the market, so we will have to wait till the vehicle comes out to properly formulate a road performance comparison between both these vehicle. For now though, it’s all about a comparing both these from their literature available.


Major Differences in Physical Appearance:

Straight away many readers will be able to point out that Prado takes the lead in almost all of the above mentioned categories, whether it be curb weight, length, width, height, wheel base or engines. So what’s the point of comparing them both? Apparently, IMC is trying to promote the idea of buying the new Toyota Fortuner instead of opting a 5-10 year old Toyota Prado, which I personally think is a good approach, because after all let’s be honest; a 10 year old SUV will not have the modern amenities. In essence, IMC is laying out its argument on the price difference and features of this SUV and why not, you’ll be able to buy three Fortuners and a Altis Grande in the price tag of one Toyota Prado. And once you inspect both SUV’s closely you’ll notice that feature DRL’s and Projection headlamps.

What about Equipment on Board:

When it comes to equipment, Prado certainly takes the lead in number of airbags and heated seats. PW sources reveal that the new Fortuner will only be featuring leather seats with height adjustment for driver, while the rest will be simply come with slide and back-rest adjustment. Okay, but what about the infotainment? If we talk in terms of speakers than Prado beats Fortuner with 11 speaker, as Fortuner will only be coming with 6 speakers. However, everything isn’t bleak as it seems, IMC has fitted cruise control and paddle shifters in the new Fortuner. Additionally, Fortuner will also be featuring following amenities in its connecting station:

  • Rear Camera
  • Front Camera
  • Voice Command
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • Air Gestures
  • Miracast (A feature which mirrors a connected mobile device on the Fortuner’s connecting station.
  • 8’ Screen Size
  • Satellite Navigation

Final Thoughts: 

It is quite clear that Prado is bigger, better and higher end variant as compared to Toyota Fortuner. But where Prado exceeds the price mark of 19 million rupees, Fortuner falls short at just 5.2 million (non-exclusive of withholding tax). On paper, Fortuner seems an ideal (budget) SUV, but we’ll have to carefully conduct a review on the real thing to formulate a comprehensive comparison. On top of everything, Fortuner will also have to be pitched against imported SUV’s which fall in this price range to see what are it’s shortcomings and positive points. Nonetheless, it’s good to see that Pakistanis are getting a lot of vehicle, but while higher end vehicle are well and good, they fall short for a mid-level consumer. Time and time again, experts have predicted that Pakistani market is economy car centric and any new variant in this class is guaranteed to have a good success rate. Why local auto-manufacturers fail to acknowledge or address it is conundrum which is likely to never be solved?

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  1. Abcd says

    The conundrum could be solved if we think of them as one manufacturer (cartels) who do not want to infringe on each others sectors. So for toyota and honda to introduce a small car would mean they would infringe on Suzuki. For suzuki to price Kizashi competitively would mean civic and altis would have been thrown out of the market….so they overpriced it. Vitara priced in 3.5/ 3.8 Mil range as fortuner going up to 5.x mil. Revo in 4.3 Mil range….nothing else near it….so while the govt and people of Pakistan are taken for a ride with overpriced inferior products (new fortuner old engine….prices in other countries far lesser than PKR 5.x million) the Big Three extract profits. Conundrum solved?

  2. Xyz says

    Why the writers here seem be employed by toyoya? As when they write about toyota they just portray its features n use to describe its price as very cheap n charity effort of toyot but at the same time when write about Honda, they use to say too costly n bla bla…. BTW what’s good there in fortuner at this high price???? When their are other good options like vezel, bmw’s n audi’s cross overs…

  3. kashif iqbal says

    Too tough on blogger 🙂

  4. Harris Babar says

    no no no no mr.abcd you should know that the fortuner in pakistan is priced the same in other ASEAN countries except india (where labour is dirt cheap) with that being only 5 lac

  5. Abbas Khan says

    No matter how much it tries to disguise the fact, it has become apparent that PW is just playing the act of Toyota’s B______!!!

  6. LovePakistan says

    Agreed. Seems like money talks and BS walks here on Pakwheels. No independent review ever

  7. LovePakistan says

    Toyota is probably half of Pakistan auto industry. So I won’t complain about how much coverage they get.

  8. LovePakistan says

    Comparing these two are like comparing a donkey with a horse!

  9. Guest says

    It is a Toyota vs Toyota comparison. There are no other options in these categories. What other SUVs are available?

  10. waqar ahmed says


  11. Muhammad Mansur says

    I would rather import a Japanese phone and call a taxi.

  12. Aezad Ahmed says

    Let me share my opinion on this……”TOYOTA FORTUNER IS NOT A CROSS OVER, its a SUV,by the way how old are you? 13-15? probably dependent on your parents & may be working on a part time job….. My dear lad please till you dont understand economy & economics along with factors effecting it, not to forget the Govt which was probably supported by lil angels like you & what are their policies which are directly effects the economy & tax brackets & final price of a product. Untill you understand all the above in the true sense of it….. go play with your PS4 or XBOX.

  13. Azeem Haider Shaikh says

    Reading the whole blog below, its kind of funny as end of the day the fact is, you cannot get a brand new 7 seater SUV at this cost and all of us will be seeing this Fortuner much much more on the road as it solves many purposes in that price.
    To jis ko khareednee hai khareed lo, jis nay nahin lainee rasta do
    wa aakhir ud da waana unnil hamdulillahi rabul aalamaeen

  14. Mirza Mudassir Najeeb says

    blah blah blah! my juke rides better than this pos

  15. H__3 says

    I cannot afford to maintain both. If given for free I will take the one that is more expensive – sell it out and then buy a car that I can afford i.e. a 1000 CC car

  16. Farhan says

    The shape of new fortuner has been improved greatly. Once you see it on road you will love it

  17. Sikander says

    PW , if you want to be taken seriously, Please don’t write useless reviews with no substance. Pointless waste of time without visual and driven comparison.

  18. Danial Sandhu says

    Well I went to buy this Toyota fortuner , and came across to to Toyota prado 2008, the drive was great, to spend something on 8 years old model was a challenge. But who new I would end up having 2016 vezel. The hybrid, parking comfort, safety, zero meter, Japanese Honda manufacturing, in a little low budget then fortuner. Left me no choice to go for Honda vizel over fortuner. I know it is not s 7 seater SUV but it served the comfort to me as a person who like to drive his own car to office ( and I don’t have big family). Lastly the prado has very strong mark in our society, it will take years for fortuner to have this audacity to compete against prado, but loved the article. Eagerly waiting for your on road fortuner review.

  19. Kamran Iqbal says

    If an article stating what flaws FORTUNER had in its pervious model (which kept it almost invisible on the roads) and now the new FORTUNER will overcome those, might be good to grasp attention of readers. The current article is like taking sand to the beach.

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