IMC is Bringing New Toyota Fortuner with a Surprisingly Low Price Tag

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When IMC organized a launch event last month in Lahore; the company showcased two new products, the all new Toyota Revo and Toyota Fortuner. At that time, the event emphasized on Revo, rather than both Revo and Fortuner. This situation was noticed by many of the journalists present at that time and when asked; company officials had responded that everything is a part of plan. 30 days later, we are finally seeing what IMC is trying to do. The company is trying to make continuous waves in the automobile market of Pakistan. With the launch of Revo, IMC remained in headlines for quite a few days. And now since Pak-Suzuki has introduced Suzuki Vitara, IMC is all prepared to lay its cards on the table by introducing Toyota Fortuner at another exclusive event. PW sources have confirmed that the company is all set to disclose this product’s details on a private event, which will be organized on 25th January, 2017. But one thing’s for certain, the new Fortuner will be priced at (ex-Factory) PKR 5,280,500 and will be a totally revamped vehicle. From body works to its interior, the vehicle is being aimed to be approachable by offering new and modern amenities, at an impressive price.

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Stay tuned with as we will be covering The All New Toyota Fortuner in more detail.


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  1. LovePakistan says

    You must be out of your mind when you say low price!
    $52400 (Excluding Tax Registration etc.) More like a big slapppp on Nawaz Sharif’s face. Is this how an economic blaaaast looks like?

  2. Jagga says

    WHAAAAT???!!!!! At such a LOW PRICE!!!! You must be kidding! You mean instead of the Mehran I can buy a Fortuner now??! !!! “surprisingly low price ” my foot. You idiot. That is not a low price. The idiots at Suzuki priced their Vitara at a stupidly high price and now you are comparing Fortuner price with Vitara and thinking it’s LOW!!!

  3. Salman Ahmed says

    Agreed .another paid article

  4. Jagga says

    Price of fortuner 2.7 in UAE AED 110,000/= which makes it around PKR 3.3 million. We get it at amazingly low price of PKR 5.24 million. YAAAAY. Thank you Indus Motors for pricing it “surprisingly low”

  5. Hussain says

    If we Exclude GANJAM Tax than i could cost around 35 Lakhs

  6. Omar Farooq says

    Yayayya now I can finally replace my corolla with the fortuner… Oh wait I don’t have the extra 33 LAKH pkr on top of my corolla to do so! Smh whoever wrote this article is a bigger goon than Pakistani politicians, so much chutiyapa in one article, not gonna visit this site again till the articles get better.

  7. Usman Ilyas says

    Wow! Priced so cheap I’ll have to buy two! 😀

  8. looter says

    another paid $hit

  9. Ahmed says

    Paid article lol I didn’t even bother reading it. “Surprisingly Low” like Pakwheels’ self-esteem.

  10. Khurramk says

    Did not even bother reading it eh? Then why on earth are we seeing your comment. As for price, well it is really low for a S.U.V. and people shall buy it.

  11. Khurram says

    Same goes for articles written in favour of Audi / Honda.

  12. Ahmed says

    Yes I didn’t, I saw the price within the article and that’s it, and yeah some people have the ability to do it. Point is not the price amount, it’s the way it’s advertised.

  13. Rizwan Ghafoor says

    “Pakwheels” is acting like a low life lately!

  14. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Same old engine was introduced in the Revo while new was offered overseas, is it the same case with the Fortuner? 54 lac ka dabba de ke andar cheez wohi?

  15. Khurram Aslam Chaudhry says

    Yes they missed the opportunity to price it as high as 7m as they did in the case of revo… do you think that is fair price of 4m for that pickup? But the price is surprisingly low because if they price it at 8m no one from the tind league even bother to ask them

  16. Babblooo Baaba says

    Yaar agar khareed nahi saktay tou kam-uz-kam baatain bhe na karo. Ab Fortuner Boss ke qeemqt main tou milay ge nahi.

  17. Junaid says

    Where is the surprise … its 52Lakh…You call it a low price.

  18. Waqar says

    Buy one for me too while you’re at it.

  19. Pakistani says


  20. Usman Ilyas says

    No problem, and don’t mention it.

  21. HondaLover says


  22. Car Guru says

    chosso baba.. Fortuner ko kio purchase bhi nahi karya gaya.. kio ka ab market ma aur bhi SUV haa .. specially BMW and Audi so no change for Toyota to compete in this range.. 52 is very high. by the way Fortuner and Revo used the same internal structure. jab gariooo ka pata nahi hota tu lallooo nahi hilaa taa…

  23. Pappu says

    But we can definitely talk about pricing difference in Pakistan and other countries….plus we get old engine which is not as fuel efficient….so why not talk about Toyota taking Pakistani consumers for a ride???

  24. Pappu says

    Request to Pakwheels: please mark paid blogs as “PAID CONTENT” to ensure your own credibility.

  25. Pappu says

    And if we exclude Toyota Indus Motors we could get the latest engine and specs.

  26. TruthSUX says

    lol @ Surprisingly low price tag. if things keep on going like this. Pakwheels will soon loose its credibility. Just like the BIG 3, Pakwheels is now a money minting entity, the hell with what people say.

  27. aliqadri says

    I am surprised …

  28. Junaid Ferooz says

    Bhai main to bughatti lunga

  29. Salman Ahmed says

    Ji wahi scene ha .old engine

  30. Khurramk says

    Perhaps ill-informed people like you are not aware that a B.M.W. or Audi are expensive to maintain, that is why middle class people do not go for them.

  31. Khurram says

    Have you used Revo? If not, then kindly do not make stupid misleading comments.

  32. Syed Asad Bukhari says

    haha,,,yup true,,,

  33. MySchizoBuddy says

    Low relative to its old price of 70L

  34. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    You’re the one who’s a stupid piece of shit defending IMC at whatever chance he gets

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