Misuse of Rescue 1122 Services

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I consider Rescue 1122 to be one of the finest departments of Pakistan that actually works with dedication. I recently met with an official from the Rescue 1122 team who requested me to write this article for the PakWheels blog for public awareness. Here goes.

Rescue 1122 is an emergency helpline and is as serious as it can get. It is unfortunate that our nation is treating this as a fun past time as well. An overwhelming majority of the calls Rescue 1122 personnel get are prank calls, a whopping 97%! It is hard to believe and equally sad at the same time. Most of the time the operators are busy just tackling such prank calls. Another astonishing aspect is that the majority of the prank callers are women who ask or say various things. Such as:

  • My fridge is broken, and milk is getting sour. Please help.
  • I want you to extinguish the fire in my heart.
  • Our light is out. Send someone to fix it.
  • I want a pizza.

And the list goes on indefinitely. Rescue people block numbers after a fixed call. They can also take legal action against the prank caller which can result in a fine and/or imprisonment.

What if the blocked caller meets an actual emergency? What if he/she is involved in an accident and calls 1122 but the call doesn’t go through because the number was blocked earlier. What if a person involved in accident calls 1122 and all the lines are busy due to the “shughal” of prank callers. Well then my friend, you were indirectly involved in taking a life as well and you are responsible. Karma works in many ways.
It is high time we get serious and stop abusing the service given to us. Rescue 1122 people are also considering making this helpline costly to call. Do not let your “shughal” hurt genuine help seeking people. Please think about it. It is LITERALLY a matter of life and death.

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  1. Naseem Haider says

    When there is a system there are pro's and corn's. People do misuse the system but implementing laws can make them better. Few months back a little girl joked on twitter to bomb the plane. She took as a joke and after 40 mins she got arrested by FBI. I think if you govt consider to take action against some crooks. We will see some positive results 🙂
    Pakistan Zindabad

  2. Abdul Rahman says

    it,s pathetic, we should use the service in a serious way.

  3. Muhammad S. Estapha says

    Action should be taken. At least one of those should be punished badly and highlighted in the media so that others can take some lesson.

  4. Muhammad Laman Samo says

    Such callers should be traced and strict measures should be taken against them.

  5. Abdul Akbar says

    jahil kom ki jahil harkatein!!! but salute to 1122 guys they work best

  6. Syed Asad Ali Rizvi says

    show them what happened if you fake a call to 911 :p
    A whooping 15 days prison to old care house along with $1600 fine :p

    And they mean it!

  7. Ali Ahmad says


  8. Habib Hussain Janjua says

    Proper action should be taken against the culprits. Must be a prompt action and should be considered as a part of emergency as well.

  9. Malik Taimoor Changaiz Awan says

    Its very bad. We should act like responsible citizen and Thanks to PML Q and Gen. Musharaf's Govt which initiated this service.

  10. Aquil Siddiqui says

    These bad callers are the nuisance of the society. We have been listening the story of false call of "Lion coming, lion coming" since our childhood. But the same things are still going on one way or other. Actually whole Pakistani nation needs a Psychological course of how to become "A good Citizen" This course should be a part of our school curriculum right from Primary to the High school level. A very good writer who has experience of developed nations behavior should be given a task for this purpose. This course should be such, even those who can not read and write should be able to learn from this course. A certificate of this short term course should be made compulsory for getting a job or for running his own business.

  11. Mujtaba Abbas says


  12. Shahid Rasheed says

    The management may get a law passed and turn this annoyance to an opportunity as well. For example 5k fine or 5 days imprisonment to fake callers. They might generate revenue to improve their services this way- atleast for a medium term, until the society realizes its kith n kins.

  13. Mohammad Mansoor Haddad says

    Alas we the nation are lack of common sense.

  14. Abdulla Xqlain says

    they r real rascals … fuck off resue 1122

  15. Saleem Ullah Khan Marwat says

    yes and you should be hanged to death for posting a comment!

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