Pakistani security agencies to roll in Hybrid Vehicles provided by Japan

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It is quite often seen on the Pakwheels and on the streets where our cops are pushing their vehicles because they have run out of petrol or broken down. But all that is about to become a thing of past because, the Japanese who have given us a lot in aids, stuff and trainings to our agencies, like they intsalled cargo and vehicle scanners at three international airports in 2013, and have again stepped forward to provide our police force and security agencies with Hybrid Vehicles.

Japan’s Government signed an agreement with their Pakistani counterparts for providing Hybrid Vehicles worth 490 million rupees for enhancement of our security agencies.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Interior and Communications have already submitted requests to procure Hybrid Vehicles for Police.

The assistance from the Japanese Government comes in a form of non-project grant aid whose motive is to promote socioeconomic development efforts in developing countries.


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  1. Shahid Mehmood says

    omg, now ever famous Pak Police will be seen selling prius head lamps, batteries and other accessories at cheap rates

  2. Munir Husain says

    Our cops will get a taste of modern day technology now.
    Hope that can handle it

  3. Mobeen Siddiqi says

    This summer, police officers kids will go to school in luxury cars

  4. Muhammad Hassaan Rafique says

    Ye sari garyan afsaron ko jain gin

  5. Hammad Ahmed says

    charge kya ungli se karen ge bijli to hai nahin dekh lena inko bhi ye saale dakha hi laga rahe hoge.100% yaqeen ke sath kehta hoon ye gariyan ganju brothers k vvip protocol k liye istimaal hongi

  6. Mustafa Altaf says

    lol Hybrids mein mostly khud se charge honay wali gariyan hoti hain bhai ! Regenerative brakes aur engine charge karta hai battery ko

  7. Mustafa Altaf says

    LOL itne mehenge parts hain in gariyon ke! Ulta nuqsaan hona hai ! One bumper costs 21k

  8. Mustafa Altaf says

    Achi baat hai saste parts mil jaenge 😛

  9. Ali Usman says

    Just look at all the comments. Not even a single positive comment. When all you guys are so pessimistic about your Police and you cant appreciate any good development then how will they improve? I dont know about other cities, but Islamabad Police is Always helping, always friendly & polite and I have never seen them pushing their Corolla and Civics. Once my car broke down on road, I called 915 (emergency traffic police), within 5-7 mins a traffic Police car showed up and the officer himself pushed my car on side of the road, messed with few wires, started my car and told me i can drive it up to workshop atleast. I would love to see such Police getting Prius. Atleast their patrolling would become easy and they would be able to cover double distance is same fuel.

  10. Usman Hasan says


  11. Mohammad Fahad says

    lol hybrid interceptor (prius) -_-

  12. Ashar Shahab says

    oh bhai gayin yeh gariyan tou ye tulle tou maxboot hilux ko tour phour kar rakh dete hain ye bichari nazook tou gayi :{

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