2014 Toyota Corolla spied in Pakistan

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The new generation of Corolla has been set to be unveiled in July and launched in August 2014, Indus Motors have said to spent more seven billion rupees on introducing the new Corolla so don’t expect something cheap unless dollar and yen comes to 2005 position.

Regardless, Raza Abbas, of Pakistan Car Forum on Facebook uploaded these spy shot of the rear of the new Corolla wearing a white camouflage and undergoing final tests in the traffic of Karachi.

It is really hard to identify other details but we sure as hell know that we’re getting the middle-east version and the unveil is just a couple of months away, but keep your eyes open and cameras ready, because you never know when you get to see the test mule of Indus Motors’ Corolla.


Raza Abbas

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  1. Salman Saleh says

    Coming Soon !

  2. Safi Bajwa says

    too expensive not the best ROI (return on investment ) Bullshit car doesnt get what you pay for

  3. Azeem Haider Shaikh says

    Well cannot say it doesn't give u what u pay for. For a country like Pakistan, u r getting a Middle East version in the same year as released in other countries and Corolla is a cash back guarantee car

  4. Aamir Yousuf says

    bro then go buy a thailand's parts based honda whos suspensions are not even for here

  5. Kh. Usman says

    Its a pathetic car, with the old lazy gear box with cheap materials inside

  6. Safi Bajwa says

    Aamir Yousuf people like u are the basis for such a large customer ship of Toyota in PAKISTAN

  7. Safi Bajwa says

    Aamir Yousuf each year they are going down street in sense of parts and shape nothing different and amazing they install and lastly too much hectic and expensive maintenance from there service centers sorry bro i had been their prime customer but now after purchasing three models in a row i shifted to Honda a better option

  8. Kamran Iqbal says

    Seems like Camry

  9. Muhammad Irfan Akram says

    Good change in design,,, if Indus motors do add some safety measures like Air bags in all models that would make it excellent.

  10. Syed Mohammad Abbas Abidi says

    I have driven corolla 2014, in USA. It's the same as the old one. But new shape.

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