Fluidic Verna is Hyundai’s answer to Honda’s City

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All New Hyundai Fluidic Verna 2014 is launched in India, it is a fully loaded sedan that is introduced to compete with cars such as Honda City. Meanwhile, here in Pakistan, we are discussing 2014 models of Corolla, City, and Civic while our neighboring country is enjoying a very wide range of vehicles which include the pretty Hyundais.

But how is Hyundai doing? We have sore memories with that South Korean automaker but they have transformed themselves and Hyundai’s Grand i10 was awarded with “Indian Car of the Year 2014” by The ICOTY, organized by the Senior Editors of all the prominent automotive publications in India.

Hyundai is celebrating its success by sponsoring ICC T20 WC 2014 in Bangladesh or maybe they have started their 2014 promotional campaign during ICC T20 WC 2014 because it is so big in this South Asian sub-continent.

Their recent teasers of All New Hyundai Fluidic Verna 2014 has taken a lot of Pakistanis by surprise because once you have taken a look of its exterior which is stylish and trendy and whole lot better than Corolla and Civic in my personal opinion.


The interior is also fantastic, completely loaded with wonderful features like Supervision Cluster with Blue illumination, Digital driver information system, Dual- side & curtain Airbags , ABS With EBD, Rear Camera, Steering wheel remote controls, Rear parking assist system, 2-Din Audio system, Clear Air-Cluster Ionizer, Engine start/stop Button with smart key and the features will embarrass all Pakistani made vehicles so now, naturally you must be wondering that all these features will come at a cost.


Well, it is available in six different versions, three in Petrol (the all-aluminum 1.6-litre Gamma four-cylinder engine produces 138PS of power and 167Nm of peak torque) and three in Diesel, and the price starts from 773,000 Indian Rupees and convert it into 1,241,000 Pakistani Rupees so even if we account for the weakened rupee and as such, this car won’t cost more than what Honda City costs in Pakistan and possibly, without all the features, it can possibly cost lower than the City too.

So Dewan Farooq Motors, we know you’re running the plant again so find some investors to get us this here and you’ll rule with these pretty cars.

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  1. Osama Saif says

    Brother I have driven many hyundai's here in KSA. When it comes to quality no one can beat Honda, Toyota in a subcompact, compact and mid size sedan segment.

  2. Fizza Ali says

    I wonder how the editorial team approves such blogs. From the blog it seems as if launch of hyundai verna is a recent event, actually verna was launched in Indian market in 2011 and it left Honda city far behind in sales in 2013. So it is an old news but i wonder how these blogs are being approved here.

  3. Agha Mohsin says

    It's pretty and i am sure people will buy it as the one who has experienced Santro will definitely pay for other models . hope it will launch here soon.

  4. Zuhair Anwar says

    jab woh launch kertay hain to koi khareedta nahi hai. Jab band ker di hai to shor machatay ho. Keeping buying Honda and Toyota and keep paying high prices. We are the ones who have created this monopoly for Honda and Toyota. We are responsible for failure of Kia and Hyundai

  5. Muhammad Mutahir says

    Exactly what i thought by watching these Hyundai cars during T20 Matches in Bangladesh. They are seriously competing with Corolla & City/Civic!

  6. Ali Imran says

    Pata nai PAKISTAN main toyota , honda , suzuki ki monopoly kub khatum ho ghi… kub Government Awaam k bary main soachy ghi….

  7. Sagheer Piracha says

    What's Price, & availability

  8. Asad Hayat says

    Agar ye Pakistan mein ajaye tu :p 😀

  9. Syed Bilal Gilani says

    Have u seen Hyundai cara live i mean drive karo quality dekho…mere pass Hyundai elentra hai fully loaded n its cheaper then corolla 14…or style to kia bat hai.politics nay kharab kar dia hai sub kuch.

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