Pakistani Toyota Prius has better ground clearance and suspension

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After nearly 16 years into production, Toyota Prius finally landed in Pakistan as Government relaxed the duty structure on Hybrid Vehicles. From car importers to manufacturers, everyone swiftly put their traders and engineers into action to introduce HEVs into Pakistan. Car importers took the lead as they only had buy it off the used car market abroad and import it here, local manufacturer such as Toyota and Honda had to do more.

Toyota planned for the Prius to be introduced into Pakistan and so it went to be customized to meet the local roads and ergonomics. Indus Motors took about an year since we first reported their plans, the result of this long testing and development was that Pakistan got a Prius with higher ground clearance and better suspension.

IMC told foriegn media outlets that Indus’ Prius enjoys better ground clearance and a ‘robust suspension system’ which the imported Prius do not have.

Yeah, so the Indus Motor’s Prius would do better than the imported ones obviously, but that price…..


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  1. Omair Shahid says

    but still 4.5 millions is alot for a car like that they need to manufacturer locally

  2. Nabeel Shk says

    Ur going to pay 25 Lack rupees more for a better ground clearance …. u can probably end up with two JDM 2010 models in that price with 17 Inch wheels on it….. Toyota Indus has lost its mind.

  3. Waqar Ali Shah says

    just put some foundations in JDM prius and there you go.

  4. Abdul Basit says

    whats the point to manufacture it locally?. they may have good reason but people shifting to Prius is because fuel economy and its mean majority of people want to save money.. the price they have mention is so luxurious and the market is totally different . people those can showoff they will spend money on luxurious cars…

  5. Adnan Siddiq says

    4.5 only ye specially gareebon k liye tyaar ki gai hey ?

  6. Sheraz Khan Malik says

    I agree and i must say anyone with 4.5 mill in their pocket couldn't care less about the car being hybrid or non hybrid…this is pathetic indeed…and trust me when I say this, anything that is cheap around the word is always a status symbol in our country….saddddd

  7. Khalid Mehmood says


  8. Shahid Mehmood says

    haha this is what i was thinking when they said, 'a better ground clearance' and about the robust suspension i dont believe coz, Axio, Fielder, Mark X,I,II, Premio all these sedans have better suspension then local GLI, XLI, Altis

  9. Wasim Ahmed says

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