PakSuzuki to introduce 800cc Alto and Swift Sedan

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We wrote an extensive report about why PakSuzuki had to suddenly kill off its golden goose, ‘Alto’. Japan no longer made parts for Suzuki and it said to move forward and buy Alto’s part from India however, there was a bit of problem, Pakistan and India had quite odd trade agreements.

PakSuzuki has now announced plans that it would launch Alto 800cc, Swift Sedan (which is Swift Dzire) and other new models in case trade with India normalizes.

“Even if trade is not allowed with India, the company has requested the government to allow Pak-Suzuki to import CKD kits from India under special case for lower price vehicles.” said Shafiq Ahmed Shaikh, Head of Public Relations, PakSuzuki.

He further said that although Suzuki Japan has many production facilities across the world, but India’s production facility is the largest around the world and it continues to grow.

And better yet, Maruti India design cars built for local tastes and roads, and it can better cater to our market as well.

Moreover, Indian components also have lower costs which will benefit Pakistani consumers, and PakSuzuki only plans to import components which Pakistan isn’t able to build.

He said Pakistan will also benefit from transfer of modern technology to Pakistani vendors from India vendors which Japan and European Union are not interested in giving due to small market, higher cost and law and order situation, are few amongst many factors.

To get around this Shafiq claims that “Due to Pak Suzuki’s strong request through Maruti Suzuki India, the Indian Auto vendors are ready for technology transfer, even some are ready for investment/joint venture.”

PakSuzuki expects investment worth of billions and also plans to export the vehicles that it will begin manufacturing here if the government allows PakSuzuki to import.

Now Suzuki Swift Hatchback is not just a good looking car but it is a great car overall but this is the Swift Sedan which PakSuzuki will make and I just hope government allow PakSuzuki to import parts of other vehicles but not the Swift Dzire because it’s HIDEOUS!


2013-Suzuki-Swift-DZire-2 2013-Suzuki-Swift-DZire

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  1. Ali Bin Abid says

    Why cant they build these parts here? I really don't understand the ideology of Pak Suzuki. If they cant build parts here then please get lost we don't need these expensive, featureless stupid vehicles.

  2. Muhammad Imran says

    suzuki mazah acha kr lete ho.

  3. Ali Asghar Taj says

    How much is this car

  4. Nabeel Tariq Butt says

    khuda ke liye yes mat kerna.

  5. Sameer Siddiqui says

    This is who we are. This is what is our reality now. Our businessmen isn't an Entrepreneur, underneath he's no more than an investor, (or a Khinzeer). If you don't get what I'm saying try reading or listening to an Audio book of "Animal Farm". You'll see exactly where we're headed.

  6. Ajmal Khan says


  7. Ahmed Usman says


  8. Afnan Aftab Motiwala says

    I have seen this in dubai n its a xtremely ugly looking car…

  9. Abdul Munim Qadri says

    Seems like a 4 wheeler rikshaw.
    Please suzuki get a life.

  10. Umair Naeem says

    Very ugly look!

  11. Waqas Khalid says

    Who the hell designed this abnormal thing … looks likethe result of unholy mating

  12. Muhammad Umar says

    swift sedan will be the most ugliest car one will ever see on planet.

  13. Owais Faiz says

    seems like dis-balance shape..

  14. Aftab Ahmad says

    yara waqi.

  15. Kashif Ijaz says

    It will be appreciated if it is cheap in price, otherwise people have a lot of choice between local and imported cars.

  16. Nabeel Shk says

    A very Ugly car which is neither a hatchback nor a saloon. WE SHALL CALL IT SUZUKI HATCHOON. a Cross between Swift and Liana and Pak Suzuki's CEO. I purchased a brand new swift and I have to pull the door towards me a MILLION Miles per hour to close the door….Pakistani made cars have such a poor build quality that sometimes I feel like hitting my self with a Sledge Hammer…

  17. Kashif Ali Qureshi says


  18. Baqir Bangash says

    hance Toyota is much better than Suzuki.

  19. Shahid Mehmood says

    no matter, if they able to trade with India, and purchase parts on 1/4 rate as they are currently buying from Japan, PS will still increase the price and will earn more profit by buying on low rates and selling on huge prices in local market.. I hate PS.

  20. Shahid Mehmood says

    i guess this issue is only with Cultus, as its a low priced than Swift, now they are treating the same with suzuki swift,, grr hate Pak Suzuki

  21. Shahid Mehmood says

    800cc sedan? even 1000cc cultus feels an under powered car , in Japan, Australia and most European countries, Cultus was introduced with 1.3 to 1.6 engine.. in Pak its 1.0 and now they are even lowering to 0.8? :}

  22. Syed Ali Ahmed says

    The local auto part makers are lagginf technology, R&D, investment and GOD knows why…you had a whole STEEL MILL and you destroyed it, now you import steel sheets from abroad…Yes the parts from India would be cheaper and this is a good option considering the parts makers continue to import from japan, thailand etc…However this should never have been the case….Business should set here, thousands of people would get jobs.

  23. Syed Ali Ahmed says

    Yes you are right…Honda, Indus have already raised their car prices by upto 50k…PSMC would definitely follow the same

  24. Afnan Aftab Motiwala says

    no it wont be 800cc , plz read the title again , it says 800cc alto and swift dezire

  25. Jawad A. Waheed says

    haha your description P

  26. Jawad A. Waheed says


  27. Aasiph Bashir says

    Lame 🙁

  28. Imran Afridi says

    ugly look yuck tuuuu.

  29. Imran Maskeen says

    Hor choopo

  30. Nabeel Shk says

    Imran Maskeen hahaha sir je dont worry Toyota Axio pe nazar rakhe hue hai that is a very good car Xli aur Altis to kareeb nae lagtay us ke in terms of quality.

  31. Nabeel Shk says

    Shahid Mehmood Swift is a good car but since there is availability of Imported cars that gives us a pan of comparison between the available products in market and when it comes to that Swift.. has a poor build quality however it is very stable on High speeds and lives up to the name as well as its a very quick hatch back which is Made in pakistan….

  32. Ali Mujtaba says

    Hmmm. I wonder how it would sell if it had "Toyota Corolla GLI" markings on it.

  33. Shoaib Muhammad says

    you can tell by its ugly design that it's made in India.

  34. Jawad Nadeem Kayani says

    I can design better than this with my left hand eyes close that's what you call Passion but in Pakistan NO One Cares I desinged more than 10 desings of lexus which were by luck lexus made same to same :.

  35. Mohsin Rajpoot says

    ewwww, na ghora na gadha , khacchar lagra hai :@.

  36. Kaiser Hyder says

    An ugly touch to the already 'not so beautiful' car……

  37. Arshad Khan says

    shit no no no i think bull shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

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