Indus Motors increases prices of three models by upto 50,000

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Indus Motors had recently launched its Corolla XLi Limited Edition with stuff that doesn’t matter to anyone at all and on past Wednesday, advertisements were published in most daily newspaper for it and a day later, Indus Motors have announced increasing the prices of its cars.

According to Indus Motors, they have increased the prices of three of its vehicles from 20,000 to 50,000 rupees because of the increase in value of US Dollar against Pakistani Rupees.

Although All Pakistan Motor Dealers Association (APMDA) Chairman H M Shahzad said that the company has yet to release such information to the dealers however internal sources within the company has confirmed the price increase to The Daily Times.

Toyota Corolla GLi and XLi models’ prices have increased by rupees 20,000. The new price of 1.3 liter GLi is Rs 1,905,000 up from Rs 1,885,000 and GLi 1.3 liter price has reached Rs 1,904,000 from Rs 1,704,000 while XLi Corolla is now for 1,568,000 rupees which previously was for 1,548,000 rupees.

Toyota Corolla Altis price has been increased by rupees 37,000 so now the least equipped model of Altis costs 1,969,000 while the Altis Sportivo A/T now costs 2,231,000.

Toyota Vigo Champ has also been increased by rupees 50,000. So now standard 4×4 Vigo Champ costs 3,025,000, Vigo Champ G A/T costs 3,559,000 and Vigo Champ M/T costs 3,356,000.

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  1. Who cares for vigo champ only pendos buy it 😀

  2. Ali Qadir says

    kindly recheak your post you wrote 1.3 GLI 2 times with a price increase of 20000 & 200000.

  3. Czar Fahad says

    Do not buy Pakistani made vehicles. Do not support the monopoly.

  4. Nasir Khurshid Ahmed says

    Hahaha, Now people should stop buying Dollars and Gold, they should start buying Cowrollas and store them from now onwards 😛

  5. Nurlan Irkenivich says

    oh kia haram tob ha ab koi ya pakistani assembled cars na khariday in haram kay pillon ko sharam nahi ati itni kimtain bara rahain hain begarat.

  6. Nurlan Irkenivich says

    indus motors asshole motors dallay kaminay.

  7. Mh Ali says

    R u mad or something?

  8. Faiz Aslam says

    Duhh almost every business in Pakistan is depending on the dollar rate.
    I couldn't get Pringles from metro because the dollar increased-.-
    Dollar increase=everything gets more expensive.

  9. Shahab Nasir says

    This is incorrect information. does anyone at pakwheels review these blogs before posting? :/

  10. Hassan Awan says


  11. Azam Ijaz says

    instead buy a reconditioned car and give benefit of more than 20% to the dealer…. not a great idea.

  12. Ans Kharal says

    Any one is here who can banned this Corolla Big roola…
    Indus motor:KHUDA KA KHAUF KRO.

  13. Ehsan Inam Ullah says

    this was very likely…..also, since, they are about to introduce new shape of the car, they are just making ground for a further higher price of that

  14. Asim Rafique says

    oay ye kon he jo yahan pe apni maa har jaga pe chudwa raha he…..Bachay tu sabar kar me tera IP trace karta hu phir dekhta hu tu kis ka pilla he….Haraam khor soorni ka pillaaaaaa

  15. Asim Rafique says

    tu yahan to a teri maa ki phuddi me bansuri bajaooonnnn

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