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1 1,040 has grown into Pakistan’s largest automotive related website and has made newspaper advertisements look like a thing of the past. People who really want to sell or buy a car now browse Pakwheels’ classified and are more than satisfied however, there’s more then often you come across an advertisement which isn’t posted correctly, vital information and pictures are missing which otherwise can entice a potential customer’s interest. This piece I’ve written to outline exactly how you can write the perfect ad.

Here are the steps which you can follow to post a detailed and effective car ad:

Model year: Mention the model of your vehicle. Please make sure that you do not mention the import year here. That can be mentioned in the details.

Make: The manufacturer company of the car (Honda – Toyota – Suzuki)

Model: This sub category is to specify the model. If you own a Honda City, then its model will be “City”.

Version: Every car comes in different variants. Quoting the example of Honda city again, Vario, Aspire, Aspire Prosmatec etc are the different variants of it.

City / City Area: Mentioning the city means here that in which city interested buyers can physically inspect the vehicle. Please do not mention the registration city here. City Area will help buyers to locate the vehicle.

Price: Make sure that you mention the price close enough to the market price. This will arouse the interest of the buyers. Asking too much above the market price or too low below the market price will shatter the interest of the buyer. Be Realistic!

Registration City: Mention the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or the city in which the car is registered.

Mileage: This is one of the most important things which a buyer rate for a decision to buy a car. Make sure that you mention the mileage as exact as you can after seeing the mileage meter of the car.

Transmission: Define the transmission as manual or automatic.

Engine Type: Vehicles come with different types of engine. Please mention the type of fuel your car engine runs on (Petrol, CNG, Diesel, LPG, Hybrid)

Engine Capacity: Mention the engine capacity of the vehicle here.

Assembly: Local and imported assembled cars are in the market. Select this tab as per the assembly of your car.

Exterior Color: Mention the body color of the car here.

Additional Information:

This tab will show the information to the buyer regarding the features of your vehicle. It is recommended to select only those features which are present in your vehicle. Mentioning the features not in your car can break the interest of the potential buyers.

Additional Comments:

This tab is for all additional information you want to share with the buyers. In case you own an imported car, mention the import year and the information of the registration year. Try adding comments about the condition of the interior and exterior and any additional specs you installed in the vehicle. Modifications, if any, can be mentioned here as well. Important information that might help you and the buyer is to mention the best suitable medium of communication, time and days the seller prefers to be contacted.

Mention the present and previous owners of the vehicle you are selling (first owner, second owner, third owner etc). Provide information about the number of keys, suspension, engine condition, any repaint, mileage per liter/cylinder, seat covers, sound system and any additional security devices installed in the vehicle. Pakwheels, for the assistance of the visitors, recently added a link to Online Vehicle Registration for KPK and Punjab registered vehicles. By adding the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), one may facilitate the interested buyers to verify the registration and ownership online. It is better if you mention any recent repairs done on the vehicle or any repairs that may be required in the near future.

Pictures: You can add up to 9 pictures of the vehicle when you post an Ad through the PakWheels Sell a Car page. Make sure that you take the pictures of the vehicle after a wash, in day light and with a better camera. This will help seller to get maximum calls. Take pictures of vehicle’s front, back, sides, tires-rims, interior and engine. Adding a picture of the trunk may help the buyers to see the room inside the trunk.

NOTE: Your ad will be reviewed by team Pakwheels and after reviewing, it will be visible within 4-6 hours to the audience. You are requested to please be patient and wait for the email or SMS by Pakwheels. You will receive an e-mail with links for “Editing Ad” and “Deleting Ad” – Save that e-mail.  Delete the ad ASAP after your vehicle is sold to stop unwanted calls.

Happy Selling!

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