Separate Highway and Motorway Police driving license a must to drive on motorways

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It seems that the government itself doesn’t trust the standards of passing out new drivers with licenses by the traffic police system and instead of fixing the mess, the Government has decided that the National Highway and Motorway Police will issue separate driving license.

This additional hassle of going through lines and maintaining two driving license by the Pakistani Government instead of ironing out the incompetence of its department, you will be mandatory to have on NH & MP license if you ever want to set foot on the motorways.

Speaking at an annual award ceremony, which was presided by our President, IG Zulfiqar Cheema said that the new licenses are of international standards and will begin issuing from March 15 after a very strict road test and only those who have cleared this will be allowed to drive on the motorways. Adding further that the NADRA has been taken onboard with this initiative.

Our President spoke about the reason why these new licenses are being issued (other then the one we’ve mentioned above) which we’ve quoted directly for your pleasure:

Earlier, President Mamnoon Hussain said: “The government has set in motion its vision of expanding national and international trade corridors to establish linkages to existing and new markets, and only a secure road infrastructure can make it possible.”

“The government is committed to strengthening the road network and ensuring safety and convenient mobility of people,” he said and praised the NH&MP for educating the masses which had resulted in reduction in accidents.

So we’re guessing you will need both licenses as one will not accept the license of the other, a conflict may come out of this perhaps. Or maybe you need to have the traffic police license before applying to get NH & MP license.

Whatever the case, corruption has eaten the system inside out, you can’t just go and follow the ridiculous process of getting the license honestly as they will fail you at each step because you are not following the corruption which has become the system. Today, yes today we saw a poor Chinese guy bullied around the Clifton License office because he chose to follow the process.

So dear  Mr. President, we trust that NH & MP has done a mighty fine job patrolling our highways and motorways and either they should be the sole license issuing authority or just the traffic police. This is a waste of money for a government who doesn’t have it to spend and the public who can’t either.

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  1. Mani Iftikhar says

    New Chawal….

  2. Momi Awan says

    kia bakwas hai…chu… ki hakumat hai… …..

  3. Imran Mehmood says

    Bunch of idiots :/
    2 Licenses , one for general public road and second for motorway … WTF.

  4. Usman Burki says

    Abhi tou los license milla hay abb yeh kya !

  5. Tariq Bangash says

    playing kulee dandaa with pakistani nation

  6. Syed Muhammad Azam says

    Or vote do PMLN ko

  7. Fraz Anwar says

    hahahahahaa.. motorway licence fee se acha khasa profit kamayen gy… 😀

  8. Attaullah Mehmood says

    yar what kind of chawal is this kya hamari government bilkul pagal ho gai ha lanat ha in par

  9. Attaullah Mehmood says

    yar kya chawal log hain acha tarika ha logon ko zalil karnay ka lanat ha is government par

  10. Khurram Waqas says

    brilliant….brilliant…..say why don't make separate licensees for every sector of Islamabad? would be really funny if you had a valid license for i-10 and i-8 but not for i-9,,,,,some one would have to catapult you ass over :P,

  11. Subhan Ahmad says

    lets wait.. maybe later only motorway license will have recognition.

  12. Anum Asad Ahmed says

    What? This is ridiculous. This rule is nowhere in the world

  13. Hammad Ali says

    It's a good way to make money, GT road zindabad

  14. Hummayun Gul Shad says

    Depressed with this decsion yaro nh 5000 kamilta ha y 10000m lena pary ga

  15. Tehmina Ahmedani says

    Realy asshole, issue kerne wale bhi corrupt, or jin ke haatho me aayga woh bhi corrupt, phr bichari awam, sense less, because car drive kerna aata hai to bat khatam hugaina phr kia motorway or kia awami road, sa le zardari ke baap banne chale

  16. Awais Satti says

    end e MP and HW police end e bahii…:D
    ye waqiee me coruption ko increase karna ka traqaa dhund rha hain

  17. Awais Satti says

    end e MP and HW police end e bahii…:D
    ye waqiee me coruption ko increase karna ka traqaa dhund rha hain

  18. Javeed Akhtar says

    This idea of the necessity of having another license to allow travel on the motor way is as absurd as ridiculous. This is probably because we have only one motor way. Then you should have another license to travel on the GT Road because traveling on the GT Road requires a greater skill than driving on the motor way. You should have a license to drive within the cities and then driving on the circular road and then on the Ferozepur road. I did not expect this absurd idea from a man like Zulfiqar Cheema for whom I have great respect. On the GT road you have to know some jugglery how to save yourself from the reckless truck drivers and the young sons of land lords living on the sides, besides passing through the cities. In the city where trucks , thousands of motor cycles and Kotah Gary are running alongside and the reckless Rickshas who know no traffic rules and ethics. Cheema Sahib is invited to run through dring the car himself in Lahore Ferozepur Road then Jan Munder, Lytton Road and then the circular road and the Ravi Road that require more skill than driving on the Motor way.


  19. Syed Muhammad Azam says

    Mara lo ab

  20. Hussain Kasim says

    Spoke to IG Motorway police MYSELF, the conception that you will need a separate licence to drive on the motorways is wrong. Motorway Police will issue a comprehensive driving licence on international standards which will be like any other licence. So any news that says you will need a separate licence to drive on the motorways is wrong

  21. Awais Malik says

    they need more hard ways to perform corruption.. simple…. This is one of them….

  22. Sardar Nouman says

    Bullshit 🙁

  23. Leon Peace says

    Seems legit …. !!! lol

  24. Bilal Khalid says

    the only F****** country in the world to have 2 licenses for its citizens…what more a F**K up wold you want 😀 😀 😀

  25. Shafi Iqbal says

    WTF! WTF! WTF!

  26. Rabeel Ch says

    yes that's what I was thinking

  27. Rabeel Ch says

    GT road is under MP&Hiway police so one will be enough and I think they are going to retain only Motorways liscrnrcr in Future as this will be computerized and keeping a driver profile will be easy

  28. Mudasar Malik says


  29. Muhammad Saad says

    @IG Zulfiqar Cheema please can you give guaranty in written that this new license will be done as per rules and every minister including you will have to pass the same test to get a license?

    if not
    then this is a another way of earning money
    if yes
    then you think so are so competent. Y dont u implement it on the same license.( apni masjid alada karna ka maqsad kia hai>>???)

    i will ask ask Nadra to issue 2 id cards as well as 2 passports and every offical document with dual standards.

    cheema ko pasa kamana ka liya oor kuch nahi soja

  30. Nabeel Javed says

    The post is wrongly interpreted. Nhmp is starting their own licenses but it is not mandatory to have their license on motorway. Otherwise people will go to court.

  31. Mohammed Ahmed Khan says

    I agress with you absolutely Sir Javeed Akhtar! Then they should have licence for each city each road each gali!!! Puri Qoum sirf licence hi leti rahe gi!!

  32. Muhammad Waqas says


  33. Zahid Hussain says

    I agree with the author. Govt has to rethink or loose revenue.

  34. Mahmood Gul says

    Zindabad, Zulfiqar Cheema sb. We thought very high of you. May be we were wrong. Next, each province would like to have their own licence. And BTW, dont you think, with the reduced trafic due to this rule, wont your earning go down too?

  35. Jalal Khan says

    they are trying to generate revenue lolzz

  36. Hafeez Butt says

    Even for every roundabout in Lahore, separate license be issued by the incharge Traffic Warden..This is the case with wagon drivers, who pay to them for their incapabilities…Money extraction and showing importance by every uniform wearer in Pakistan.

  37. Asif Syed says


  38. Shahzada Saleem says

    dont irritate the people of this country anymore by introducing such stupid way of earning money moterway walo

  39. Adnan Latif says

    i have a Norwegian driving license so i can drive anywhere in the world but now i guess i have to get two more to drive in Pakistan. WTF!

  40. Arslan Aslam says

    imagine a wallet with a bunch of driving license permits!
    well if you are computerising and also with the help of NADRA, why dont you merge driving permit in the new Smart ID Card?? It will be cost effective and also reduce the hassle of carrying the bunch everywhere.

  41. Saad Jamil Barry says

    two licenses, ohh plzz…ridiculous,,,i mean stupidness…waste of money, time.….dont educate people about traffic rules instead of making 2 license. dont tell them how to move in ur own line and lanes and where u have to drive. people are so funny that a bike driver driving in the fastest lane. motorway is too good in regard of regulation and they don't leave any one who disobey rules. as u goes outside pakistan, USA, UK and all other countries they have so strict rules and regulations of traffic. They don't even move at red in midnight when no one police is on the road. they knows they don't have to. in pakistan people are used to break signal as common habit. they are en educated. just give money at traffic police station for driver license. that is insane. in america, u have to pass the written test, then driving test. if u fail, u have to do it again. every one every one has to give test. just take the hell out of those corrupted people and admit sincere people. educate driver thru proper signs on road and in book. increase the challan money to much extent that drivers hesitate to break the law, as on motorway. i salute to motorway police. just educate people, just educate in a proper way.

  42. Eye Man says

    People are driving without a single license for years and they are trying to enforce another one. SIMPLY AMAZING.

  43. Omer I says

    It is amazing to see the hubris on this forum. People who have commented here cannot write proper English, yet they have the nerve to criticize the government for doing something that has long been overdue.

    I have personally never seen such polite, standup and honest staff that NHMP should be proud to have. Go and check out the other DMV locations across the world. |The NHMP H/8 location has clean and modern facilities and one of the toughest tests on the planet. Their spirit should be commended instead of being ridiculed.

    Ultimately, they will probably phase out the individual DMVs and consolidate it with NHMP. I, for one, cannot wait for the day when only NHMP license holders will be allowed on the MotorWays in this country.

    I have a Canadian and a Saudi license (being born in one country and being a citizen of the other). In the past, I have held a FL state licence as well and I have been driving since I was 13. Passing the NHMP test was quite the effort. Probably one of the most challenging experiences ever.

    Just FYI, it is the law to have a local license if you plan to be in the country for 180 days or more in a row. You never know when they might just implement this law.

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