“Suzuki Margalla Still Has Excellent Resale” – User Review

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Today, we are here with the user review of the Suzuki Margalla 1997 Special Edition. The car has a 1300cc engine mated with 5-speed manual transmission.


As per the owner, he bought this car around 11 years ago for Rs. 2.5 lacs. “When I bought this car, it was very well-maintained,” he told us.

Key Features

The sedan has halogen headlamps, power steering, power windows, power lock, and automatically adjustable side view mirrors.

Handling and Suspension

The owner is completely satisfied with the car’s handling, as he said that it is very smooth. “At both low and high speed, the car remains very stable, and its road grip is excellent,” he added.

Meanwhile, the car’s suspension is also very good and performs very well on local roads.


The interior condition of the car is totally genuine, including its seat covers. “I have taken care of this car as it is an old car and needs maintenance at regular intervals,” he said. The owner further told us that the legroom of the car is very spacious, while the entry/exit is also very comfortable. “Four people can sit in the car very comfortably,” he said.

Furthermore, he installed a new audio system as the car had the original cassette player.

AC Performance

The owner believes that AC performance is normal, meaning it is not that good or not that bad.

Fuel Average

The sedan gives a fuel average of 11-12km/liter within the city, while its mileage on longer route is 13-14km/liter. The owner only uses Hi-Octane in the car.


The sedan has storage spaces in the dashboard and center console. Meanwhile, the car’s boot space is quite ample, especially compared to other old Suzuki cars.


The owner told us that being a Suzuki car, its maintenance is very easy, and you will find its spare parts and mechanic everywhere.

Token Tax

The annual token tax of Suzuki Margalla 1997 is Rs. 1,700 for the filer.


As it is a Suzuki car, its resale is excellent as you will start receiving offers as soon as you post an ad.

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