The Anti Prius

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Face it; times of today aren’t ideal for the infant petrol heads for the good times are almost over. We are surrounded by the call to go green, it is as if the hippies are back only this time – they are sticking to a single color (Pun intended). Every thing must be earth friendly now, from organic eggs, to greener houses and heck even green dating websites. Ok maybe not yet but you’ll see they will pop up eventually.

I know you are curious, I can feel you bewildered reading this and saying what is this cuckoo on about? Oh I will tell you all right. All this green hoopla is utter and complete cow crap. This is just another scare to milk the green bills (no pun intended) out of your hands and into the pockets of green racists as I refer to call them.

A few decades ago, our beloved muscle cars started dying due to fuel scares and now due to this sudden awakening of the heart to take care of mother earth we need cars like the Prius which are a staple if you want to be considered a celebrity, not a Porsche 911, not a lime green Lamborghini Murcielago, not a Ferrari F40, none of those but a damn Prius. The one thing that ticks me off about the Prius is its drivers. Sure they have their gray hair but you’ll see them going 30 over the speed limit on the interchanges, why don’t they realize that they are using the gasoline engine to keep it at that speed.

But coming back to the greater picture, please for the love of God, I don’t need any government mandated fancy electronics to keep me on the road; I’d rather invest my money in taking a proper driving course from the AMG Driving Academy. I don’t need any Fisher Price motors to assist the gasoline engine; the pistons are pretty good by themselves. Cars of today with their electronic nannies are taking away from the joy of driving. Look what has become of the Mitsubishi EVO, its dead now. My Suzuki Alto was a more fun car to drive than many of the cars I have driven of this modern era.

Government regulations are killing the true spirit of a sports car that we know and love. Manufactures are forced to make bloated designed cars to make them safer and also puke inducing. Programs such as cash for clunkers do more harm than good. The energy required to crush all those cars and then to make new cars for all the people who turned their cars in takes a lot of energy.  It seems as if the obvious solutions are obviously not implemented. If you really want to make a difference, ground all the thousands of planes in the sky and fit a Prius engine in them that would reduce the carbon footprint immensely, our small cars won’t do any harm.

Stop faking it and give me back the good times.

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  1. Azee Khan says

    get this guy off columns and on to sweeping floors.

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