Tips On Tyres And Alloy Rims

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People in Pakistan are impassioned towards good looking tyres. New tyres tend to enhance the smoothness in your driving experience. Choosing tyres for your car and trying to match them with appropriate alloy rims is a great drill. But we usually don’t take care of things that are practical in maintenance, durability and reliability of tyres and alloy rims. People usually neglect some very important things that should be kept in consideration while buying new tyres and rims for cars. Below we are going to mention some useful tips on tyres, alloy rims and how to maintain them in the long run:
1. For cars up to 1000cc, do not install tyres that are too large than the original ones being replaced. It is safe to replace the original size of tyres by a 1 inch larger new set of tyres but going beyond this 1 inch recommendation might result in depreciated fuel economy and extra load on engine.

2. If you have replaced your tyres by larger ones, do not forget to replace the spare wheel with a larger one as well. In most cars, spare wheel is smaller in size than the original tyres installed on the car. Increasing the size of installed wheels and neglecting the size of spare wheel may cause trouble while driving with spare wheel.

3. For cars above 1000cc, it is safe to increase the size of tyres up to 2 inches than the original size.

4. Avoid installing low profile alloy rims (alloy rims installed on ultra slim tyre elevation). Low profile alloy rims can damage the tyre in contact with sharp metal surface. The durability of tyre is greatly depreciated. On uneven and bumpy roads, low profile alloy rims are fallacious. But yes, for the looks: it stands.

5. Avoid buying black colored rims. They look fascinating when cleaned inside out, but they are very hard to be maintained in terms of cleanliness.

6. Do not buy alloy rims that have covered bolts. Bolts are covered with a plastic plate of same color as of alloy rims. Most often, the plastic plate catches corrosion spots on it that do not wither off quite easily. Shiny chrome rims usually have this system of covered bolts with a plastic plate.

7. It is never recommended to change the original alloy rims of your car.

8. Wheel balancing and alignment must be done at the time of installation of new tyres.

9. Do not install outsized alloy rims on original sized tyres. This requires some intense alteration with the axle and tyre.

10. Pure White or pure black colored alloy rims adds up to the beauty of your tyre, but any sharp metal surface can surface a very peculiar notch on your alloy rim.

People modifying their rides usually do not consider the above mentioned facts. Alloy rims can break, go out of shape and lose their gloss with time. The strength and life of a tyre can be greatly affected by an inappropriate alloy rim fastened on it.

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  1. Hamid Sheikh says

    Hi Shaf;great read. Can you please advise me on what tyres to get for my Honda Civic 2017? I am just sick of the original tyres and they make this weird “Dagg Dagg” sound which I cannot live with anymore. Your suggestions in terms of the make and size of the tyre would be highly appreciated!

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