U.S. Navy successfully used seawater as fuel

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Whenever the subject of using water to power vehicles is sprung up, whether aerial or land vehicles, almost all the people of this funny little country Pakistan has united in an unprecedented way to mock the person who came up with the idea. Water powered vehicle is blasphemy in this country where ideas are worthless, but, the largest and most powerful Navy in the world is open to such an idea and after working years and years to reduce their dependent on oil and be able to put a pipe in the vast ocean wherever they are to create fuel is welcomed, and they have successfully flew a model airplane which had a 2-stroke engine powered by a fuel which was created using seawater.

The infamous Pakistani engineer who claimed to run the car on hydrogen by extracting it from water, is similar to what the US Navy is doing. Water is H2O, the U.S. Navy is basically extracting CO2 and Hydrogen from the sea water and then they recombine it to form hydrocarbon chains, and then use a metal catalyst to liquify it into synthetic fuel, whose different variations can be made including jet fuel and petroleum type fuels was something that the little model airplane flew on. While Jalopnik has an interesting piece on how the same fuel could run your normal gasoline car with minimal to no modification.

You can read U.S. Navy’s brief process of how they do it here.

Many people are arguing that the energy produced is far less than this sea-water-fuel will be able to produce, the energy that is powering the process has to come from somewhere but then even oil has to go through refineries, etc. However, such a process to use seawater as fuel is witnessing its birth and may advance to come into common usage because, US Navy loses a lot of time and money having to come to ports to refuel and this process may help reduce reliance on oil and nuclear fuels and utilize a resource which is abundant.

I am not a expert on this matter, but if you’re willing to shed light then do write to us at [email protected]

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  1. Anonymous says

    somebody please say it a RANT!
    and so does the publisher needs to improve his grammar.

  2. Rabeel Ch says

    and share this with Yahood Boy

  3. Muhammad Qasim says

    This explained the full mechanism scientifically that how they converted the sea water to Hydrogen fuel by using catalyst but our hero did not come-out with solid reasoning and process

  4. Muhammad Qasim says

    here they give detail a link given in above your mentioned blog http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=80171

  5. Rabeel Ch says

    Muhammad Qasim I am Not supporting our hero,but Yahood boy Denied the possibility of 100% output from the Water,in simple taking fuel is impossible from Water,He was heard saying this on various occasions, He dumped the whole Idea

  6. Rabeel Ch says

    I read it since first time the news came out that they are trying

  7. Muhammad Qasim says

    Using water as source of hydrogen fuel , no one can denied but all process reported so far are expensive one , so any one come with full detail of thermodynamics that how it is useful and economical and according to rules he will be accepted , Dr atta rejected him since he did not know at all the mechanism of reaction he claimed

  8. Anjum Niaz says

    If you can extract hydrogen from water without electrolysis, and chemicals involved in extracting hydrogen are 50% cheaper than Gasoline (petrol), then it will be a viable solution.

    What our engineer said, he was extracting hydrogen using electrolysis and charging the batteries from the same kinetic motion of the engine. It was making it perpetual, which is not possible.

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