Pak Suzuki Wagon R spotted

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Who would have thought that while you’re meaninglessly strolling in the parking lot of Ramada Hotel trying to kill time before you meet your boss, you will see something that nobody else has seen yet. Yes, you got that right! It’s the Suzuki Wagon R and I saw it.

Cautiously enough, since there was some commotion around the car, I managed to get a sneak peak and a single picture. The interior was tidy and gave a very comfortable feel. I couldn’t help but notice the shiny chromed gear knob that gave a very posh look to it. It was indeed the Karimun Wagon R as Pakwheels had revealed. Can’t wait to take it for a drive once its out.

This was definitely the highlight of my day!


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  1. Talha Khalid says

    and yet you only took one picture?? you had the chance to show the country what no one has seen yet but everyone is waiting to see, and it was right in front of you …… but you said… meh… ill just take one picture from a distance, that should do it.

  2. Abbas Khan says

    Chance to show another garbage vehicle that will be stripped off of most of features that its foreign counter parts carry. Salute to all the awaam that keeps buying these stripped-off dabbas.

  3. Muhammad Oneeb Saleemi says

    A stripped down version cant be considered garbage, considering its brand new,has a 1.0 L engine and costs about the same as a 660 jdm made to look like brand new..

  4. Rameez Khalid says

    if its around 8 lakh it will be sold a lot

  5. Khizer Batla says

    how 800k, bhai mehran is around 700k.
    it will be around 900k-1000k

  6. Sajid Mehmood says

    kinay d ay?

  7. Rafay Chachar says

    liana jesa haal na iska

  8. Muhammad Bilal Khan says

    Just had a tlk with PakSuzuki Help line
    they have confirmed the following Launch Date is 20/04/2014
    there are three variants:
    VX, VXR & VXL

    They are not reveling or do not have any information regarding the features or transmission (only manual or Auto). They also took my number as i was being too inquisitive and they said we will call you on the launch day as potential customer for booking. Booking on launch date will have extra benefits (free reg, or insurance / extended warranty)

    so call up 021-111-SUZUKI (021-111-789-854) and register your self if you are interested or planning to buy this car.

  9. Muhammad Faid says

    tomorrow we get complete info about this car

  10. Muhammad Bilal Khan says

    Hi Pakwheelers
    suzuki WagonR pricing
    VX: 899000
    VXR: 10,49000
    VXL: 10,89000

    its online on

  11. Muhammad Faid says

    I prefer Toyota passo or honda zest spark

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