Five Reasons to prefer Japanese Suzuki Alto over Daihatsu Mira

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Regardless of the sporty look and aerodynamic shape of Daihatsu Mira, it has got some demerits as well. It is an admired fact that the 660cc cars are immensely fuel efficient plus luxurious than the local cars but when it comes to maintenance and spare parts, the cost multiplies itself several times than the local car. Mira, no doubt has got a valuable response in the Pakistani market but there are some aspects that should be kept in mind before selecting Daihatsu Mira. Below, are five reasons that will diverse your opinion about Daihatsu Mira over Suzuki Alto.

1. Fuel Efficiency

The Suzuki Alto is way more economical in fuel consumption as well, Daihatsu Mira gives you around 16-17 km’s on a local route with A/c switched on whereas, the Suzuki Alto goes up to 18-20 km’s on a local route with A/c switched on.

2. Finding a qualified and well equipped Mechanic

Most nearby local mechanics are reluctant to resolve the issues of Daihatsu Mira that are related to the engine. Not only local nearby mechanics even Toyota’s technicians are reluctant to resolve the engine issues of Daihatsu Mira. Moreover, Toyota’s Workshops do not have specific Scanners for 660cc Daihatsu cars. For Daihatsu Mira, Mechanics usually feel comfortable in replacing a certain engine part completely rather trying to resolve the issue in the existing part.

3. Dimensions and Weight

The size and weight of Daihatsu Mira is more than its engine can carry. People rarely consider and realize this aspect when the Daihatsu Mira hasn’t crosses 100 thousand miles on the road. Once it has crossed 100 thousand miles, you can clearly notice that the engine is working really hard to carry the weight of the car even if the back seat has no passengers. Contrary to this, Suzuki Alto’s dimensions and weight are much more on the conventional side that automatically increases the engine life

4. Performance

When the weight and dimensions differ, the graph of performance automatically boosts up. The pickup speed of Suzuki Alto is far better than that of Daihatsu Mira. Driving Mira over 100 KPH on a long route may heat up your engine at times but this never happens with Suzuki Alto. Even if you drive over 100 KPH with an A/c switched on, you’ll never feel the engine struggling.

 5. Availability and Cost of Spare Parts

The Body and Engine Spare Parts of Suzuki Alto are more easily available then the Spare parts of Daihatsu Mira. Nonetheless, the Spare parts of Daihatsu Mira are available in the wholesale markets of big cities but they cost several times more than a common man can afford. A single tail light of Suzuki Alto costs around 4500 to 5000 PKR currently whereas; a single tail light of Daihatsu Mira costs around 8,000 to 10,000 PKR. Apart from the body parts, the engine parts of Daihatsu Mira are even more expensive than the 1300cc local cars.

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  1. Afnan Aftab Motiwala says

    you cannot compare kei cars of daihatsu with any other car , daihatsu is champion in this class . ..

  2. Tahir Usman says

    Bull crap article….

  3. Mustafa Syed says

    Please check your details carefully before publishing. "a single tail light of Daihatsu Mira costs around 800,000 to 100,000 PKR" I am certain this isn't true, furthermore the range is incorrect.

  4. Rezz Siddiqui says

    First you said the tail light of Mira costs around 8000 – 1000 which was mistake and then you write that it costs from 800k to 100k… lol

  5. Muhammad Abbas says

    "tail light of Daihatsu Mira costs around 800,000 to 100,000 PKR."
    are you sure its between 8 lac – 1lac really?

  6. Shahab Nasir says

    Quote: "Most nearby local mechanics are reluctant to resolve the issues of Daihatsu Mira that are related to the engine."

    but they are all champions of Alto 2010 660 cc engine since it is the best selling car in pakistan … NAAAAAT!

  7. Nabeel Akhtar says

    bhai apne MIRA ki tail light ki cost gari ki cost jitni likh di hai…..

  8. Muhammad Saif Ul Haq says

    It would be 8k to 10k for the tail lights

  9. علی نوید فاروقی says

    nice lil effort behind that *BS* douchebag article ….but nobody is buying that cheap facts and figures…the writer should have waited for few months or even years for his savings to buy Daihatsu mira than compromising with Suzuki alto….

  10. وقاص فٓاروقی says

    😉 ankareeb aik article PASSO pe bhee share kar dena

  11. وقاص فٓاروقی says


  12. علی نوید فاروقی says

    وقاص فٓاروقی tujhe aur koi kaam nai siwaye online rehne k??????

  13. وقاص فٓاروقی says

    علی نوید فاروقی one has to stay updated

  14. علی نوید فاروقی says

    article to grand robbery pe hona chahyea…..tauba hai! bilal ganj se GI k piston dalwa kay bech dete hain log aur who b maun mangay daam!

  15. Arsalan Ali says

    These type of articles are a question mark for Pakwheels' admin………… these kind of things should be limited to discussion forums.

  16. Arsalan Ali says

    Where is the dislike button ?

  17. وقاص فٓاروقی says

    علی نوید فاروقی cheez apni keemat khud lagaati hai

  18. Daniyal Bin Muzaffar says

    Please read carefully, its a single tail light of Daihatsu Mira costs around 8,000 to 10,000 PKR. Read it again please..

  19. Abdur Rehman Abdur Rehman says

    what is the price of the Japanese Alto

  20. Mustafa Syed says

    Daniyal Bin Muzaffar, yes it is correct now that you've edited it.

  21. Baber Saeed says

    8 Lakh…impossible…

  22. Mir Ahmad Mahmood says

    Dear I am currently using Mira and I am very much satisfied with the fuel average of 18km/l with A/C on. Also When I bought this car my old mechanic was able to check its engine and everything. For your third point my cousin was bought the mira with my millage of 175000 and there was not a single creepy sound from the engine and engine "was not working really hard to carry the weight of the car even if the back seat has no passengers." Your fourth point the performance does not comes in with only high pick up speed. and I never see the engine heated up with A/C on the speed of 140 KMPH. Yes your last part is quiet true that part of mira is little bit expensive then the alto but not that much as you said. Also the availability of the parts same as the alto have. and about the engine parts this uses the same parts as alto has. So please stop misleading the people on the forum.

  23. Malik Abdul Rehman says

    a man died somewhere on earth as soon as this blog got published

  24. Adeel Adeel says

    Its written as 8,000 to 10,000 PKR… Where did you got the idea of 8 lac – 1 lac?

  25. Ahmed Hembel says

    Bias bias bias… Everywhere bias…

    1)18-20 kpl is not WAY MORE economical than 16-17 kpl.
    2) which mechanic refused to check mira? Any news or quotes? I don't see one.
    3) where are the dimensions? I don't remember them by heart nor would ant other reader do. Please come up with some authentic stuff. Give the figures of height, weight,width,size,seating capacity, engine power with your argument.
    4) who knows? I have driven neither of them how would u convince me? Give facts and figures and the sources.
    5) spare parts are all your luck when it comes to jdm. Still, no facts or figures.
    So this article was crap with just your opinions and no facts. Where are admins? I thought the blogs go through a check before they are posted. Doesn't seem so.

  26. Adeel Adeel says

    You are very right Arslan Ali.

  27. Eirij Qureshi says

    Suzuki sponsored article? Instead of giving a head to head comparison, the author is shoving his or his employer's view down the reader's throats.

  28. Ali Nawaz Cheema says

    yar mira bht behtr hai alto se, uski drive bht achi hai alto se

  29. Irzam Sarfraz says

    BS article by a fanbui!

  30. Muhammad Abbas says

    Adeel Adeel they have updated the text after my comment 😉

  31. Manu Gee says

    seems that author have imported a bulk of alto for business point of view and now wants to sell them by adapting dealer techniques.

  32. Safeer Ullah says

    Shit on u pakwheels… suzuki paid u for this shit..

  33. Adeel Adeel says

    Muhammad Abbas my mistake 🙂

  34. Jehanzeb Ahmad says

    I do own an Alto, but the article is bull shit, and is not based on any quoted facts or figures or actual data.

  35. Youngsters Ki Baatein says

    who approves these kind of posts on pakwheels blog. i miss the good old times when you'd see a post on blog occasionally but full of knowledge???? these posts show that no actual research has been conducted before posting.

  36. Mustafa Altaf says

    lol what a crap piece of junk!! Who wrote this shit ?

  37. Syed Zaadi says

    Mira is the best 😛

  38. Mustafa Altaf says

    Syed Zaadi Exactly THE BEST!!! :p

  39. Mansur khann says

    2014 alto not older versions dear

  40. zulfi799 says

    I drove Mira 2006 for six months and driving Japanese Alto for more than 8 months. Mira is outstanding car with very good fuel economy and great seating space with great comfort. I drive it on hilly roads with 5 passengers and engine worked excellently. As it comes to spare parts, i found body parts and engine parts in local market in Peshawar.
    The good thing about Japanese parts is that you get only and only genuine parts. For Pakistani cars you will find 2, 3,4,5 and even 10 number parts with very low price and lowest quality.
    All Pakistani make cars should be dumped in the titanic and sink it in deep sea.

  41. CmpEngg says

    I am new to buy a car..I want to have an automatic car. Please if anyone can help to let me know how much is the difference between parts’ price of both Daihatsu and Alto. If tail light of Daihatsu costs 8000 – 10000 Rs, then how much Alto’s tail lights cost? Can anyone tell with valid price.?

  42. CmpEngg says

    According to the writer the price of parts of Daihatsu is double than Alto’s parts’ price. What is your experience in terms of price for both cars? What is the price of used Daihatsu Automatic car and new car?

  43. Baber khan says

    Bullshit article lol, I bought mira es 2014 5 Grade Auction sheet verified just like brand new giving me 23km per Litre with ac on soft pedal 70% normal and 30% hi-octane. clock 120km and no sound very comfortable drive, But ap harsh accelerator se chalaoge tu 15km se zada nahe degi, i can’t say much about part mene tu 1 year main oil change plug change etc k ilawa kuch nahe karwaya

  44. Baber khan says


  45. Shiraz Maqbool says

    I bought a Mira (non eco-idle) recently – couple of weeks back. I had both these cars in mind but chose the Mira because frankly, it was a cheaper option and having driven both cars back to back, the Mira felt a bit more comfy than the Alto. Then I come across this article. I won’t say anything about the article but based on my experience, here are a few things I thought I’d share.

    1. Fuel Economy

    Depends on how you drive. I get 17-19 KM per liter with the AC on in the Mira. My route is usually within Karachi, where I get traffic jams and free flowing traffic both. Highway mileage would be slightly more at 22-25 KM per liter but I haven’t had the chance to drive there, so I can’t be certain. Alto may give more, but I seriously doubt it. I am using only Hi-Octane fuel.

    2. Finding a qualified and well equipped mechanic

    You don’t need one. I’m an amateur mechanic myself and it isn’t exactly rocket science. Spanners are all standard – nothing special required. Electrical systems are a different matter – but most issues are usually either loose wires / clips or blown fuses. Toyota Corolla with VVT-i engines and Hondas with their VTEC engines are more complicated than the engines on these cars and you can see road-side mechanics opening up those with no worries. So why worry.

    3. Dimensions and weight

    The dimensions of both cars are same. Stands to reason, as they are both Kei Cars and these cars have strict rules governing dimensions and max engine output. The only differences are wheelbase (Mira has a longer wheelbase by 3.5 inches or 90mm) and height (Mira is again negligibly taller by 5mm or 0.2 inches) whereas power differences are slight (Mira naturally aspirated is 58 HP vs 54 HP for the Alto and Mira & Alto turbocharged are the same at 63 HP which is the maximum allowed limit.)

    4. Performance

    Don’t expect miracles. I drove both back to back and I didn’t feel any difference at all in terms of pick up and both will reach 100 kmph in 14-15 seconds. The more people you add, the slower you will be and the engines will struggle, regardless of AC being on or off. After all, the engine is tiny and the torque figures are woeful, these being the price of the wonderful fuel economy you get and besides, these cars are not race cars and were never meant to be. No one buys Miras or Altos for racing, after all.

    5. Availability and cost of spare parts

    No disagreements there. Daihatsu spares have always cost higher (My sister has a 2006 local assembled Cuore I used to own and its spares cost more than what my friends pay for similar items for their Altos / Mehrans) but most things in general maintenance will cost you the same (oil, air filters, oil filters, coolants, spark plugs, etc) so in the long run costs are relatively slight in difference.

    My opinion – go for the Mira. It has more space inside, which your passengers will appreciate and the slightly longer wheelbase makes for a slightly more comfy ride.

  46. Nadia Butt says

    Aoa,me want to buy a car but I hv maximum range of budget 8lac,it will b my 1st car,so want to get some information,me dnt want to take an old model of Mira,az me afraid old models may trouble me a lot,that’s y thinking to take a2door mira with 2013 model,plz tell me if its Gud descion???

  47. Abdullah Noman says

    Hmm cultus is best choice for you but out of range you can take second hand car one year down

  48. Khizar Mashhadi says

    What a load of crap, not a single figure quoted as fact and just personal opinions stated as facts. ‘Oh my friend’s mira is giving 16-17, i’ll consider this as a fact and believe that Alto has better mileage than Mira’. No spec’s quoted in the performance department and make believe personal experiences stated as facts. PAK wheels articles getting shittier by the day. There is no comparison even to the transmission to consider that Mira would perform better to most Alto models given it’s CVT transmission. But hey, who cares about facts and logic. Let’s sell some bull crap to the unsuspecting readers.

  49. Shiraz Maqbool says

    After owing a Mira for nearly 11 months, here’s a pic taken on the Hyd – Khi Superhighway of me. Note the average consumption which is with AC on all the time, the car being driven at an average speed of 90-110 kmph. I was going to Khi from Larkana and was driving non stop for more than 4 hours when this was taken.

    Alto owners are welcome to share their pics too.

  50. Khizar Mashhadi says
  51. Zeeshan says

    Crap…. kept both cars, analysis is totally wrong and baised. and the only body part i purchased for Mira was rear light and i got it for Rs. 2,400…

  52. Imad says

    After reading the comments below, I guess the admin should remove this blog. its base less, senseless and not recommended for public post

  53. sgg1983 says
  54. Omer says

    A comparison without authenticated statistics.

  55. Omer says

    I think no one here approves the post before they can appear for general public.

  56. Muhammad Murtaza Rashid says

    local cars are low in comfort and quality but cheaper in maintenance, a middle class person prefer mehran over alto or mira because of the cheaper maintenance and wide availability of parts and mechanics. Still Mehran is dominating the market in hatchback series. When it comes to safety, atleast mehran gives you safer ride than a motorcycle.

  57. Syed Ali Abbas says

    wow… and can you tell me how is it’s pic with 4 person in it? and how much it gives average within city and outside…. please… I am planning to buy a car and confused which to chose.

  58. Shiraz Maqbool says

    4 persons are easily accommodated in this car. There is enough legroom and headroom for all 4 people. Average within the city is 14-16 KMPL if 4 people ride all the time, air-conditioner is on all the time and you drive with a gentle foot. Average on the highway with 4 people + air conditioner on is 18-20 KMPL. Acceleration suffers, but top speed is still easily 120 KMPH even with 4 people. But that said, itna zulm na karna, these cars are meant for 1-2 people, not as family cars.

  59. Muhammad Faheem Khan says

    pretty good analysis, as i just got JDM Alto 2010 660cc 🙂 although i search alot Mira 2008/09 in good condition but failed to find one.

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