Vehicles left to rust at DHO Gujranwala

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Vehicles have been left to rust at District Health Office (DHO), Gujranwala. These rusted vehicles include; 12 pick-ups (Suzuki Carry), two jeeps out of which; one is a Suzuki Potohar while the other one is a Toyota Land Cruiser, early 80’s model, three vans and a loader. If you ever want to witness these 18 dead bodies, reach the DHO compound.

According to sources, it is known that valuable parts of these vehicles have been stolen and now the only function these vehicles can carry is to stay parked at the place they currently are. When DHO officials were asked about it, they were reluctant to give any reason for the ignorance towards these vehicles. It came to our knowledge through sources that these vehicles were declared “mechanically unfit” and were in order of repair, but unfortunately these vehicles never got to know what mechanics actually are.

Similar complaints were lodged back in 2007 and 2011. In 2007 one van was left to rust due to many years and in 2011, 15 vans were left to rust. Probably the cars have piled up till date and have reached a figure of 18 rusted vehicles. It is said that in 2011, DHO office was provided with three lady health visitors (LHVs) and supervisors under National Health Program, to whom vehicles were to be delivered but none had not of these ladies ever got hold of one for three years.

Gujranwala is a city of nearly 2 million people and at the same time, DHO officials have a careless attitude. Government should take immediate steps towards it as they are not only adding the cost to the country by leaving these valuable vehicles to rust but also, they are lacking in providing facilities to the public.

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