A day with the bus drivers of Karachi

We all know that bus driving in Karachi isn’t an easy job. Tempers, robbery, police, condition of buses, CNG holidays and so are just the tip of the problems that the both drivers and passengers face but, a film made by RSA Pakistan Calling in partnership with University of Karachi’s Visual Studies Dept., takes you into the experiences of bus drivers in Karachi and how public servants are often disrespected by those with power and wealth. Further, the film talks about the wide range of problems like law and order, corruption, sectarian violence, democracy, and somehow, Britain too.

RSA, which stands of Royal Society of Arts and Commeree and TheSamosa launched RSA Pakistan Calling. This was a film project created to promote cultural dialogue between Pakistan and Britain. ‘A day with the bus drivers of Karachi’ is a film showing Pakistani people and civil society organizations striving to tackle Pakistan’s social problems and establishing links between Pakistan and Britain.

Check it out.

Baber K. Khan

An auto enthusiast trying to bring car media mainstream.