This is What Your Car’s Color Says About You

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Although seem normal, but your car’s color says a lot about you, your personality and traits. Ever wondered why do you see most luxury sedans in White and Black? Bureaucrat in black? Well, as they say, your every movement depicts the psychology of your mentality, personality, and character and so does your car’s color. The black color is known to be the most aggressive. Each color has its own character. Here’s what your car’s color express about you.

White Car: 

If you have a white car, you must be a fresh, pure, pristine and presents yourself as modern and young to the outside world. You are refined, decent and would challenge yourself, meaning you have a prominent personality among your family and friends.

Black Car: 

The owner of black car expresses ultimate luxury, sophistication, and power. You are retro yet elegant, classy but nostalgic. You mark your authority and stay calm. People look at you for inspiration as you, especially for appearance and style.

black car

Grey Car: 

You own a grey car, you are WYSIWYG “What You See Is What You Get”. You are not flashy, care more about status quo and less about status. Furthermore, you are practical, sober and pragmatic, while staying  mature yet trendy and don’t want to stand out. As an owner, you take the decisions with your brain, while calculating the pros and cons of every scenario, as you don’t listen to your hear much.

Silver Car: 

If you have a silver car, it depicts an innovative connotation. It tells about your eye for the sky, your demureness, wealth, and projects a high lifestyle. You have an exclusive choice either in relationships or personal possessions. You don’t set for ‘cheap thrills’.

Red Car: 

“Look at me!” You are very energetic, sensual. By owning a red car,  want to stand out and are not shy of anything, it screams your boldness. You want to be flashy and like Cooperman says “If it’s a sporty red car, it’s a way of flexing muscles on the road”.

red car

Blue Car: 

Your blue car mostly tells about your stableness and happiness. You are loyal, faithful, quiet, cool and unshakable, credible and trustworthy and pick your priorities over money. You are ‘friends of friends’ and can do anything for your family and friends.

Brown Car: 

If you own a brown car, it means you are Content. It depicts your neutrality, down-to-earth nature and your happiness of what you already have, you appreciate little things in life. You love to enjoy small moments like favorite food, a cup of tea, smell of soil and a new book.

Yellow Car: 

The Yellow car says that you will let your inner child out! and won’t be afraid. You are upbeat, wilful, extremely confident and have a bold presence. You follow your instincts, you like to follow your heart, live in the moment and want to enjoy the life to its fullest.

yellow car

Gold Car: 

You love the luxurious elements of life and that is why you own a gold car. You  will pay anything for the comfort. It tells about your intelligence.

These statistics are mostly a world standard and non-contradictory. There have been countless surveys around the globe and this is the conclusion. You can share your thoughts about it in the comments.

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  1. Obaid says

    Does not hold true for Pakistan, at all!

    Here we buy cars considering the resale value 3 years later. People buy black if they can afford drivers. They buy white as safe color choice. Silver is oreffeted who don’t get time to clean it. Other colors are too risky for Pakistani maroet unless they don’t care about resale

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