And Now Changan Car Prices Get a Huge Hike!

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A day after Kia Lucky Motors increased car prices up to Rs. 300,000, Changan car prices have also seen a huge jump. It seems this vicious cycle of price increase is unstoppable, and there is no immediate relief for the buyers. In the last couple of years, every car company in Pakistan has increased its prices repeatedly, taking the new car out of range for an ordinary buyer. 

As per Changan Master Motor, the new prices are applicable from April 19, 2022. 

Changan Alsvin Prices 

After the fresh hike, these are the new prices of Changan Alsvin: 

  • The first variant, Alsvin Manual Comfort, has seen a jump of Rs. 280,000 as it will now cost Rs. 2,769,000 compared to Rs. 2,489,000. Meanwhile, its down payment is Rs. 550,000. 
  • Then comes Alsvin DCT Comfort, and its price has also been increased by Rs. 280,000 and its new price is Rs. 3,024,000 against previous Rs. 2,744,000. And the down payment for this variant is Rs. 650,000. 
  • Third variant, Alsvin DCT Lumiere’s new price is Rs. 3,219,000 compared to Rs. 2,939,000, meaning it also observed an increase of Rs. 280,000. As per the company, the down payment for this car is also Rs. 650,000. 

Changan Karvaan New Prices

 The revised prices for Changan’s MPV are: 

  • The old price of first variant, Karvaan Standard, was Rs. 1,794,000, but now it will cost Rs. 2,069,000, meaning it saw an increase of Rs. 275,000. 
  • Then comes Karvaan Plus, which saw a jump of Rs. 275,000, taking its price to Rs. 2,219,000 against Rs. 1,944,000.
  • And the down payment for both variants is Rs. 425,000. 

Changan M9 Sherpa New Rate

There is only one variant of this vehicle and: 

  • New price of M9 Sherpa is Rs. 1,784,000 compared to old rate of Rs. 1,509,000, meaning it saw a jump of Rs. 275,000. 
  • The down payment of this vehicle is Rs. 350,000. 

Changan Car Prices

Stages of Price Application 

The notification mentioned that these are the stages of price application: 

Changan Alsvin 

  • The customer will pay the old prices, if he/she has made the full payment with tentative delivery date of May 2022. But the condition is that the payment instrument (cheque/pay order etc.) should be date before April 18, 2022 or before. 
  • The customer will pay the following prices for Alsvin variants if he/she has made partial payment with tentative delivery of May 2022 and the payment instrument is date April 28, 2022, or before: 

Alsvin MT Comfort – Rs. 2,714,000

Alsvin DCT Comfort – Rs. 2,969,000

Alsvin DCT Lumiere – Rs. 3,164,000

  • Meanwhile, the rest of the customers with partial/full payment and June 2022 onwards tentative delivery will have to book the car with new prices. 

Changan car prices

M9 and Karvaan 

There are four stages of application of new prices: 

  • The customers with full payment, tentative delivery of May 2022 or earlier, and payment instrument date April 18, 2022, or before will pay old prices. 
  • Buyers with partial payment and tentative delivery of March 2022 and payment instrument date April 28, 2022, or before will pay these prices: 

M9 Sherpa- Rs. 1,684,000

Karvaan – Rs. 1969,000

Karvaan Plus – Rs. 2,119,000

  • Meanwhile, consumers with partial payment, tentative delivery of April 2022, and balance payment instrument dated May 7, 2022, or before will pay the following rates: 

M9 Sherpa – Rs. 1,734,000

Karvaan – Rs. 2019,000

Karvaan Plus – Rs. 2,169,000

  • And last but not least, the customers with partial payment (May 2022) or partial/full payment (June 2022 onwards), tentative delivery of May 2022 onwards, will pay the new prices. 

Changan car prices


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