Kia Car Prices Saw Another Huge Increase

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And Kia car prices have been increased once again, and the fresh hike comes days after Kia Lucky Motors announced the booking suspension of its locally assembled cars. Strange, isn’t it? Furthermore, it is the second massive increase since March 1, 2022. Anyways, as per a notification, the new ex-factory prices will be applicable from April 18, 2022.

New Kia Car Prices 

Here are the updated prices of Kia Picanto, Kia Sportage, and Kia Stonic.

Kia Picanto

  • The revised price of Kia Picanto Manual is Rs. 2,600,000 compared to the previous Rs. 2,400,000, meaning it saw a jump of Rs. 200,000.
  • Meanwhile, Kia Picanto Automatic will now cost Rs. 2,700,000 against Rs. 2,500,000 as its price has also been hiked by Rs. 200,000.

Kia Sportage

Then comes Kia’s famous crossover SUV, and update for this vehicle is:

Kia Stonic

This is the latest offering by Kia Lucky Motors, and for this car, the update is:

  • The first variant, Kia Stonic EX, will now cost Rs. 4,425,000 compared to Rs. 4,150,000, meaning its price is increased by Rs. 275,000.
  • And second variant, Kia Stonic EX+, has also seen a hike of Rs. 275,000, taking the rate to Rs. 4,725,000 compared to Rs. 4,450,000.

Kia car prices

Company’s Statement 

According to the company, the prices will be applicable in the following different stages:

  • Customers who have paid the full amount till April 18, 2022, will pay the previous price.
  • All PBOs where delivery commitment is April 2022 or before will also pay the previous price. To get this facility, these customers need to deposit the balance payment by April 28, 2022.
  • All PBOs where delivery commitment is May 2022 or beyond will pay the new prices.
  • Prices are exclusive of freight charges.
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