“Haval Jolion Is The Best Car in Its League” – Owner’s Review

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Today we present to you an owner’s review of the Haval Jolion. This car was launched back in 2021 in a single variant with a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine which produces 156hp and 220Nm of torque. This engine is paired with a 7-speed DCT transmission. A few months back, the owner bought this car after paying ‘ON’ for Rs. 6.5 million as he wanted the car in silver colour with the brown interior which was not readily available.

Drive Performance

The owner is very impressed with the drive and thinks it’s way better than competitors. As per the owner,” acceleration is very good and better than MG HS.” It is a front-wheel-drive vehicle and provides good power from its turbocharged engine. Being a crossover, it’s also good in different terrains and provides a fun driving experience.

Salient Features

The Haval Jolion is packed with features, but the owner’s favorite is the infotainment screen which is very smooth and responsive, and every feature is controlled by it. Then another feature which no other car offers in this league is the Heads up display. Moreover, it has lane assist, downhill assist, traction control, digital instrument cluster, 360 view camera, panoramic roof, wireless charger, and plenty more features.

Drawbacks in Haval Jolion

The owner misses some features in this car and finds some aspects inconvenient, including the manual passenger seat. With a price tag of over Rs. 6 million, the owner thinks that both the front seats should have been electric. Another missing feature is the auto trunk; the Haval Jolion still gets a manual trunk. Next thing that bothers the owner is that every feature is controlled through infotainment, which can be troublesome if the screen breaks down and stops working.

Fuel Average of Haval Jolion 

“Fuel average of the Jolion is good and better than the Kia Sportage,” stated the owner. The owner gets 11 to 12 km/l within the city and 13 to 14 km/l on highways, which is impressive. The owner seems pretty particular with calculating the fuel average and drives the car with a very light foot.


The car is driven only 2500 kilometers, so the first oil change is still due, the first maintenance on 1000 kilometers was free, and an estimated cost for the oil change will be around Rs. 10 to 12,000 which is similar to the Kia Sportage. The owner is not sure about the availability of parts, but it will not be a problem as Haval is starting production of CKD units.

Owner’s Thoughts About Haval Jolion

Although the car is packed with features, the owner’s favorite thing about the car is its exterior looks. In his opinion, the exterior look is way better than the Kia Sportage ad MG HS. The taillights resemble the Polestar, the owner’s favourite car, which was a major attraction for the owner.

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