Driven: FAW V2 – The newest addition to the FAW line of passenger vehicles

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In Pakistan, people mostly select local new cars on three basis, 1. Resale, 2. Affordability and availability of spare parts  and 3. Reliability. In a market like this Al-Haj FAW Motors Pakistan (AHFM) – a joint venture between FAW Group, China and Al-Haj Group, Pakistan – has made a bold move by introducing a car for the commoners.

As promised at the time when we reviewed the Sirius S80 Grand back in July that we will be bringing an in-depth review of FAW’s upcoming 1.3L hatchback, and here we are.

Editor’s Note: We were approached by AHFM that they will soon be sending the test drive vehicles to dealers for public test drives and we should come and test drive the car before it goes public. We were given the Press Car so that we could test drive it for as long as we want. We drove it for about 350 kilometers over the period of 4 days to write this review.

Here’s the FAW’s V2 – the latest addition to AHFM’s vehicle lineup for the Pakistani market. As we all know that FAW is a Chinese state-owned brand and the vehicles that FAW manufactures are mostly based on the platforms provided by major automakers of the world such as Toyota, GM, and etcetera because the automakers have to transfer their technology in order to sell their vehicles in China.

Driven-FAW-V2-Pakwheels-Introduction (2)

Similarly, the FAW V2 is based on the first generation Toyota Vitz/Yaris platform and is powered by a Euro-4 1.3L VCT-i (Variable Cam Timing) which is same as Toyota’s VVT-i with a different name.

Without wasting words on the information you are aware of already, I will walk you through the different aspects of the vehicle.


In the department of looks and styling the V2 is just right. The car blends into the traffic pretty well and it doesn’t look odd, like many Japanese Imported Cars look, which I think is good, but you may think differently. The looks are modern and we are used to seeing cars with similar looks. If you are into curves then the V2 will not disappoint you. It has curves, a lot of them.

Driven-FAW-V2-Pakwheels-Exterior (4) Driven-FAW-V2-Pakwheels-Exterior (2)

The headlamp houses the parking lamps and turn signals in it. The headlamps are adjustable, which means you can adjust the spread of the lights while sitting at your steering wheel with a small adjuster knob. There is a set of fog lamps in the bumper which is color coded and so is the front grill. Similarly, the rear lamps, which uses LEDs in them, have a single unit setup and they house the reverse lights and turn signals in it. The V2 also has rear fog lamps in the bumper, which is nice if you travel on the motorway often in the season of fog. The fog lamps compensate for the missing rear screen wiper which the V2 does not have.

Driven-FAW-V2-Pakwheels-Exterior (1) Driven-FAW-V2-Pakwheels-Exterior (3)

The door handles and the side view mirrors are color coded. The side view mirrors are powered and have integrated turn signals in them. V2 also has 14 inches, 6-spoke aluminum alloy wheels as standard.

Driven-FAW-V2-Pakwheels-Exterior (5) Driven-FAW-V2-Pakwheels-Exterior (6)

The door rubbers were flimsy. They were loose in their respective channels and seemed prone to get damaged easily. If we come to the quality of exterior then the paint job is pretty neat with no blemishes or anything. The fitting of bumper and the alignment of other body parts was up to the mark.


Driven-FAW-V2-Pakwheels-Interior (4)

As much as we liked the exterior of the car, the interior told us you cannot have everything in this world. The two-tone silver and gray interior of the car speaks the language of Plastic. The plastic used looked mediocre and the interior fittings were not perfect. The glove box required an extra effort to close. Closing it completely with one hand was impossible if you are sitting at the driver’s seat. You need to use both hands at the edges if you want to close it properly. Pressing the horn on the steering wheel also required us to exert some amount of pressure on it otherwise it would only make a clunky sound of plastics touching with no sound of a horn anywhere.

Driven-FAW-V2-Pakwheels-Interior (2)

There was no interior noise on bumpy roads, as you would expect from any new car. The wind noise at high speeds was prominent, it seemed like a fitting issue rather than a manufacturing fault in our car. The 4-speed blower made considerable noise when you set it at speeds of 3 and above.

Driven-FAW-V2-Pakwheels-Interior (3)

The position of main power window control is practical. It sits just beside the handbrake lever making one main control useful for both the driver and front passenger. There are independent controls for rear passengers, as there should be. There was a slight delay in response time of power windows. It takes a little practice to adjust them according to your will.

The cluster has a tachometer, an odometer, one trip meter and the usual fuel and temperature gauges. The placement of fuel and temperature gauges made them very hard to read in the daylight, however there was no problem reading them in the night. The overall cluster looked better in the daylight than at the night which is opposite of what normally happens due to its plain green conventional lights like we used to have back in the 90s.

Driven-FAW-V2-Pakwheels-Interior (7) Driven-FAW-V2-Pakwheels-Interior (13)

Driven-FAW-V2-Pakwheels-Interior (12)

The rest of the interior lightings were of bright green color. Although the preference of color is very subjective but we find these lights very ugly.

In the department of in-car entertainment, you have a USB and MP3 player with a set of speakers at the front. You wouldn’t like it if you are an audiophile, but it gets the job done.

The lights and wiper assembly is opposite, which means there is a 100% chance that you would turn on the wipers if you are trying to give a left turn signal, unless you drive a German.


It has fabric seats and ample cushioning, which provides a very comfortable sitting position, as well as expansive leg space, but I will cover that in the comfort section below.

Driven-FAW-V2-Pakwheels-Interior (9) Driven-FAW-V2-Pakwheels-Interior (10)


When I found out that the car is based on the first generation Vitz I was already sold on the performance of this car. I have driven a Vitz 2003 1.0L in the past. It had an automatic transmission. It never felt underpowered even on CNG with 5 people on board, so I was confident and the V2 will not disappoint me.

I was not disappointed. The car was an absolute treat to drive. The 1.3L (1298cc – tax benefit) engine produces 90 horsepower at 6,000 revs and 120 Nm of torque at 4,400 revs; couple that with a 5-speed manual and an electronic throttle and you got yourself a nice pocket-rocket given the weight of the vehicle.

Driven-FAW-V2-Pakwheels-Performance (1)

Acceleration was smooth and the car did not hesitate even once when I floored it. The throttle was responsive, as it should be given the drive-by-wire technology is there instead of the mechanical one. Although it felt a bit short on low-end torque, but it is expected from any car which has a 1.8L or smaller engine so it’s not a quirk but merely a feeling.

The brakes were not as effective as I was hoping, given that I was mentally comparing it with Vitz, but they were not that bad. You have to exert a little force on the pedal for them to work normally. Maybe it was the EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution) working with a different configuration but I had to press the pedal hard. The ABS worked flawlessly and under heavy braking it let me easily maneuver and steer the car without locking up the wheels. We found the handling and road grip to be very good.

We managed to get a 12.5 KM/liter in city driving conditions with a normal foot on the pedal. When we put the pedal to the metal (beware: there is no fuel-cut at redline so do at your own risk) it gave us an economy of 8.75 KM/liter, which I think is pretty good considering the car was running with AC on all the times.

The performance of the AC was decent too. Even in the scorching heat of Karachi it was performing well above our expectations, the only gripe about the AC was the noise of the blower.


Comfort wise the V2 is pretty solid given its competition. The interior is roomy, in fact very roomy. We did not feel cramped inside the vehicle. The car provides enough leg-room and head-room at both front and at rear to seat four 6-feet tall adults without any of them complaining. It’s the roomiest in its class. Although the car is designed as a 4-seater; seating 5 adults in the car is not painful.

Driven-FAW-V2-Pakwheels-Interior (1)

When it comes to buying a car, we tend to look at how the car’s suspension takes the damaged, always under-construction and bumpy metal roads of Pakistan. Also, having a high ground clearance is a must if you happen to visit your village every once in a while. Surprisingly, the V2’s suspension is slightly altered for that. The car handles bumps and ditches quite well while maintaining the ride comfort. You do not get any sudden jerk if you hit any potholes. Also, on metal roads the suspension does not rattle at both low and high speeds (15kmph and 30kmph respectively).

The V2 has responsive handling, thanks to its EPS (Electronic Power Steering) which makes it an easy to maneuver car in city traffic, and a small turning radius, which is the reason why we didn’t get stressed out while taking the car into the congested areas of Karachi.


While many do not consider this an important aspect while purchasing a vehicle in Pakistan, which is evident from the fact that Suzuki Mehran used to have seatbelts as an optional accessory a few years back, we consider this very important.

If you are like us, who consider safety as a paramount aspect while buying a vehicle, V2 is a car for you. It has front and rear seatbelts, dual (driver and passenger) airbags, ABS (Antilock Braking System), EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution) as standard along with many other safety features which you can read in the attached spec-sheet.



If you are the kind of person who selects car on the basis of resale value then this car is not for you as FAW has just introduced its first passenger car in the market and it would take some time for them to gain confidence and build resale of the brand.

However, if you are the kind of person who wants a feature rich car, gives importance to value for money and changes car after every 4-5 years then you may want to give this car a thought while selecting your next vehicle.

The V2 has a price tag of Rs. 1,049,000/- ex-factory and you don’t have to pay the advance income tax on it as it is a CBU (Complete Build Up) or imported unit.

If we compare that with its main competition Suzuki Cultus – which costs roughly Rs. 1,064,000 (including advance tax and metallic color charges), is almost a 20 year old technology with a 1000cc engine and does not even offer power-steering, and Suzuki WagonR VXL – which costs roughly Rs. 1,119,000 (including advance tax and metallic color charges) is also 1000cc and doesn’t even offer allow rims in that kind of price, then I think V2 is a better option, considering FAW has a nationwide dealer network, is offering 2 years or 50,000 KM warranty and you can use parts from first generation Vitz for engine and suspension if you do not want to use 3S facility.

Many would compare it with Suzuki Swift due the features and configuration of the car but in my opinion Swift is overall a better car than V2. Keep in mind that Suzuki Swift roughly costs 1,382,000 including advance income tax and is not a direct competition to the FAW V2 given its price bracket.

If FAW can offer a stripped-down variant of V2 with a 1000cc engine at a price of Rs. 800,000 or less then I think it can easily fill the gap that Suzuki Alto has left in the market, as the replacement from Suzuki – The WagonR – is not very popular amongst the users of Suzuki Alto.

If I were to summarize my verdict in only few sentences I would say that the FAW V2 is a solid contender in the local market for new cars, which is primarily dominated by Suzuki. It has modern looks and technology. It comes with a 2 years or 50,000 kilometers warranty (whichever comes first) and is backed by a nationwide 3S dealership network.

If you have any further questions about the FAW V2, hit us in the comments section below and we would gladly answer as many questions as we can.


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  1. Danish Sohail says

    this is a nice car, brilliant rare, look gorgeous though front is not that impressive. Dashboard is bit weird and sort of reminded me of santro. i dont know much about this engine but i guess its powerful and can give acceleration like swift, considering its body weight is less. Safety features means a lot to me and it have ample. This is certainly a great ride with all modern accessories which suzuki never introduced and wont till 2050…

  2. Zulfiqar Khan says

    What about CNG? is the engine type supports CNG installation or company fitted version? Also what about its compassion with used imported Alto?

  3. Fahad Ullah says

    CNG can be installed, the engine would support, but it would void the 2-years warranty. FAW has no plans for a factory variant anytime soon. About the comparison, the used imported Alto is a 660cc car and this is a 1300cc car.

  4. zubair ashraf says

    Ok so recently I was thinking of buying a swift probably a used one but after seeing this probably I have to rethink. Is this available for test drive in Lahore?

  5. Zulfiqar Khan says

    Thanks Fahad, what about the engine parts and body parts availability? As they say you can find Suzuki parts in a Karyana store in every village and town of Pakistan (LOL). So how FAW will manage the availability of parts and at what price as compared to ther local brands.

  6. Fahad Ullah says

    For starters, most of the engine and suspension parts are same as Vitz 1999-2003, the rest can be sourced from the nationwide dealer network. The general maintenance parts are at par with the local manufacturers. However, the body parts are expensive.

  7. Fahad Ullah says

    Yes. The car is available at all FAW Dealers for test drives.

  8. Bilal Imtiaz says

    How is the Gear Box … Is it smooth or Rough ????

  9. Zulfiqar Khan says

    Ok. is there any bank providing this car on lease?

  10. Rehan Iftikhar says

    Yes Al Haj FAW Motors is in contract with Bank Alfalah, Dubai Islamic, Burj Bank etc. More are in Line Up. However we can get the lease approved from any bank based on the request of the customer.

    FAW V2 is available for test drive at our dealership FAW South Motors
    Rehan Iftikhar
    FAW South Motors,
    Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi

  11. Rehan Iftikhar says

    I as dealer provide Warranty with CNG too but only if the CNG Kit is installed within my dealership premises.

  12. Rao Tariq Jamil says

    Whts about fuel economy on long with and without ac.

  13. Fahad Ullah says

    We did not check it as the car was on TD number plates and taking it outside the city was a risk but our estimate is that with AC on long drive it should easily give 15 and without AC about 17 if driven with a moderate foot on the accelerator .

  14. Fahad Ullah says

    Shifting was pretty smooth.

  15. umar says

    what’s about the price of this car????

  16. GulRaiz Ullah says

    have any acceleration video?

  17. talha says

    from one of the pic i can see the head light and wiper control are reversed, i remmber the same issue in chev joy. if this is the case that will be v irritating, i wonder y they put it like this :@

  18. zeeshan says

    Dear rehan if alhaj group offer me this car on leasing on nominal or without intrest♥, I will surely book that car on 50% down payment.

  19. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    we can kiss goodbye to wagon r now. 😀


    what is The on cash price pl?

  21. muski says

    Lol @ the TRUE-most last line..

  22. Farhan says

    Rs.1,049,000/- ex Karachi.

  23. kamran usman says

    guys you need to promote this blog post and support competition in Pakistan auto industry. Right now this blog post is totally hidden and nowhere on the home page.

  24. Muhammad Mansur says

    In your face Suzuk, start packing your circus.
    Hell of a job guys, people should understand what FAW brings on the table sitting with the sharks of pakistan having broken teeth.

  25. Kash Sadiq says

    what kind of a ‘commoner’ can afford a 1.1 mill car…?

  26. Imtiaz Shah says

    well in my view it is the best car at this price instead of buying used cars. I own a mehran, it is good not the better and the price is too high. I always buy chinese new parts for my mehran which works better than local spare parts…………..what I meant to say is that the people who try to buy used suzuki swift and vitz than why not they buy a new car………..beacuse used car will have definitely some flaws and new car is new without flaws………………..for the above mentioned car my points are 5 stars…………..

  27. I am a Student says

    dear PW,
    A short 5 min video will be appreciated for a first look

  28. I am a Student says

    This para sums it up well :

    [ If FAW can offer a stripped-down variant of V2 with a 1000cc engine at a price of Rs. 800,000 or less then I think it can easily fill the gap that Suzuki Alto has left in the market, as the replacement from Suzuki – The WagonR – is not very popular amongst the users of Suzuki Alto. ]

  29. Raheel says

    yes but you may have to dispos this car off at 50-60.000
    What happened to FAW SUV & FAW wagon? they have failed to establish a single good brand from trucks division to cars, SUVs etc.
    I have 4 x FAW deisel trucks , one was just 50,000 KM when its driving cabin (whcih in case of Hino gives lush look even after 10- yrs) was getting rust & paint was like stickers…so much complains of parts & availability….even Faw logo & head lamps will be giving a weird look just after few months….than send ur vehicle for maintenance & they will give you 200,000 PKR estimate

  30. Raheel says

    they need focused approach….

  31. Farhan says

    It is very unfortunate to see your sufferings with the FAW Trucks, but as per my information FAW trucks has the second highest sales after Hino. FAW trucks are more technologically advance then local made Hino trucks. No proper and regular maintenance, inexperienced mechanics and overloading especially on Pakistani roads (Which everyone in Pakistan does) could lead to failure of any product, be it Hino, Nissan or FAW. As far as their SUV (Which is actually a MPV rather than a SUV) and Van is concerned.. they are doing pretty well and does not seems to have poor performance or quality. Yes !!!! Parts are not widely available in the market as compared to other brands but they are available at the 3S dealerships. Few of the the people I know are running these MPV and vans as passengers carriers from one city to other city in Punjab and they are pretty much satisfied with it and they have done more than 100k on them.

    In my opinion FAW vehicles are much much better then Suzuki which I think are either obsolete models all over the world or are too over priced given the features and the quality they have.

    I have seen FAW V2 myself and has also take a test drive and I would say it is not at all disappointing. It is smooth and is much of a value for money.

  32. Tayyeb Sheikh says

    Please share the price for this car. And tell when it will be available in Islamabad ?

  33. Farhan says

    Price is Rs. 1,049,000/- Ex-Karachi. It is already available in Islamabad and Rawalpindi dealerships. However it is officially being launched during the second week of November 2014. You can have a test drive there as well

  34. Hassan Sheikh says

    nice car

  35. Hassan Sheikh says

    pakwheels you should make videos of these cars and upload.

  36. Shafqat Masood says

    How many colors are available in FAV V2?

  37. Farhan says

    5 colors available
    Pearl Black
    Metallic Red
    Sunshie Gold (Metallic Brown) &
    Metallic Silver

  38. Naeem Asghar says

    If you r asked to compare the fuel average of Honda City and V2 what would you say about that because City gives round abt 15-17 km/L in City areas and 20 on long routes and V2 is giving 12.5km/L in city and what abt highway?

  39. Masood Sadiq says

    Any User of V2 in pakistan please share your experience with V2

  40. Furqan Azhar says

    Dear, can you please share your details, I am interested in V2 but with CNG option.

  41. Farhan says

    All major bankd provide financing for FAW products, like Bank Alfalah, Burj Bank, Meezan Bank etc

  42. Farhan says

    You will be contacted soon by the dealer representative.

  43. Umair says

    FAW should be applauded for introducing some basic safety features that ALL others in the section are missing. Even our higher end models are missing these.

    Pakistanis MUST start asking for safer cars or the big three will keep giving us unsafe junks.

  44. Salman says


    – No automatic gears 🙁

    – No factory fitted CNG 🙁

    – Low milage, 12.5km/L 🙁

    – Price on a higher side 🙁

  45. Asad Iqbal says

    How many cars in pakistan are automatic in price tag of 1 million. Where is cng available. No manufacturer is providing factory fitted cng. 1300 cc car with abs, alloy rim, power windows, power steering, air bags in 1 million, still price on higher side, strange. Mileage is ok as xli and gli have same average. Swift is much lower only city is on better side.

  46. Salman says

    I thought chinese could do any thing.. 😐

  47. Farhan says

    Local Manufaturer can not provide CNG kit fitted vehicles as per the Government instructions. I m really amazed on your evaluation that even 1 million is too much with all these features you mentioned.
    You get none if these in Cultus or Wagon-R at the same price

  48. Farhan says

    A friend of mine Just bought it 15 days back in Lahore. He claims that it give 16-17 on Highway and 14-15 in city drive at average driving conditions.

  49. Naeem Asghar says

    you are talking about V2? r city ??
    This average (that u have mentioned) is without ac???

  50. Naeem Asghar says

    N kindly share ur friends experience about it? how he feels?

  51. Farhan says

    I m talking about V2.
    Will request him to post his experience by himself. Would be more accurate though..

  52. Asad Malik says

    @salman That 12.5 milage is with AC on 24/7 dude..Read the article carefully before making any statement.The car is not expensive at all considering the features offered.In this range i will buy v2 as i am not cash strapped and value safety over resale.

  53. Hassan Javed says

    I drove this car and the only part which i didnt like was interioir quality firstly and secondly i dont know how is the company claiming that it will give 15 to 16 km per ltr mileage….if its given sich a mileage then i have no issue in buying thi.but on the other hand wagan r gives u 15.5 with ac mileage inner city.please comment regardig the mileage criteria of both vr2 and wagon r and also about interior quality of v2 that it wont get weakened after few years thanks

  54. Ahmed Nazir says

    Dear Admin
    I have bit of concern regarding paint quality of this vehicle i am working in automotive paints company my question is whether car is ED/CED painted or not. if not then paint is going to disappoint you. the paint which is not ED/CED Fades after a year or so. as you may have noticed in MASTER Trucks. Kindly confirm and share with the Blog members Enabling them to have a complete products Knowledge so that our friends can make batter choice

  55. Farhan says

    V2 has the same dashboard material as used in majority of the imported hatchbacks. The only difference is their textures.
    Mileage mention in the article and comments are based in normal city drive and on highways with ideal RPM (between 2500-3000).
    FAW gives 2 years/50,000km warranty so… Don’t worry about anything breaking ….

  56. Farhan says

    If you work in an Automotive Paint company, than you are the best person to tell about the paint quality after physically seeing it. By the way FAW V2 is ED painted in state of the Art paint facility in China, with same standards as of Toyota, Mazda, Volkswagen made there.

  57. Ahmed Nazir says

    Dear farhan,
    Thanks for this sharing this detail i am not a technical person who can tell just by seeing paint job.if it is ED painted then its very V2 being manufactured/ assembled in Pakistan????

  58. Hamid Hashmi says

    wow thats informative
    great sharing

  59. mbkhan says

    Hi Farhan,
    The current car available is Manufactured by FAW South Africa.
    production starts in Pakistan in May2015

  60. mbkhan says

    My personal review

    Experienced FAW V2 test drive at FAW South Korangi Khi. Impressed by the car capabilities in terms of raw engine power, ergonomics, handling, body finishing, interior, cabin space, luxury. Its quality and comfort surpassed way beyond my expectations.

    The car is available ex stock and manufactured in South Africa. (Local mfg. to start in 2015)
    Black & Red colors were eye candy and the lighter tones (silver & white) gave it more of Nissan March look which I feel is odd.
    It’s 1299 CC gives you ample power and also gives a lot of saving in terms of fuel economy and reduced registration fee.
    For PKR 1,049,000 it’s a magnificent option as it covers all aspects power steering, central locking, power windows, immobilizer, airbags. Speedo & Tachometer, CD player, front and back fog lights, . Unlike Suzuki all 4 windows r powered and seats belts (front n back) are standards and not optional unlike WagonR. Comes with 2 years or 50000 km warranty.
    It has Toyota Vitz platform and the same engine technology as Toyota and FAW has a Joint Venture on China based on Technology transfer.

    – Company fitted CNG option is available as an Add on.
    – Navigation and rear camera is available as an Add on.

    Buying a second hand reconditioned/refurbished (tsunami submerged) cars with champi malish in shershah doesn’t make any sense.

    I hope this new initiative in the local market will give intense competition to other local manufacturers which will eventually benefit the consumers.

  61. Ahmed Nazir says

    Dear farhan,

    i have checked about paint job.Our company(Kansai Paints) is providing paint to FAW.
    1.FAW dosn,t have CED facility in Pakistan in its assembling plant.
    2.CED/ED Material is manufactured in Pakistan only by Kansai which we don,t sell to FAW.
    3.sheets/parts ED/CED comes as semi finished assembled here.
    4.when welded here then a portion of CED/ED paint is damaged on which primer is applied(an anti corrosive) but far less efficient than CED. which lessens the paints life. but it dosnt measn it would come off by day or so :).

    purpose of all this was to provide all of our blog members.a use full information . i my self am advocate of the thing that there should be competition for useless cars like Mehran so that we can get rid of this crap.

    That one point dosnt make it a bad is still a verrrrrrry good effort. thumbs up from my side.9/10 for v2

  62. Farhan says

    Dear Ahmed.
    V2 is not a locally assembled car. It is imported as CBU, so no paint job is done in Pakistan for V2.
    Yes as far as FAW carier and XPV is concerned, they are being locally assembled.

  63. Kamran says

    Dear in-depth review maker you forgot to dilate upon its trunk and range (fuel capacity).

  64. Asad Habib says

    Me too in rawalpindi 03335208423

  65. Farhan says

    You will soon be contacted by the Rawalpindi Dealer

  66. Adnan Nazir Mirza says

    There is no sheet underneath the engine. That may lead to quick servicing. Can the sheet be added in it?

  67. Faisal says

    Informative content,, Thanks.. Intend to get it but was just wondering about its resale aspects..

  68. Arshad Milad says

    I checked this car but unfortunately I was unable to drive due to time constraint. But I found this car a great replacement for those intended for WaronR. It has lot of features and look amazing as well.

  69. Kashif K Malik says

    I had test drive today of FAW V2 at Rawalpindi. Driving is really good, very nice road grip, ABS break works pretty good. I turned on AC, It was working like any other 1.3 car’s AC, without any pressure on engine or on drive. interior seats are good n comfortable, Rear seat space also nice , i think it is comfortable more than Honda City. Its keyless entry car, with central locking and security system, with CD player, FM radio and front speakers. Its good that two airbags, driver as well as passenger airbag it has. Nice boot space, i think more than Toyota Vitz or Suzuki Swift. Only one thing Which I didn’t like in this care, Boot inside body where boot close with body, finishing of that area isn’t very good, its like rough. Also front doors close firmly like Honda or Toyota, but back passenger doors seems light in weight and works like Suzuki Cultus or other suzuki cars, which doesn’t close firmly on first instance.
    Overall Mechanically and drive of this care is like 9.5 out of 10. But exterior body strength I didn’t like. Also price of this car in Pakistan is at least PKR 2.5 more than in any other country, like in india same car you may get for PKR 8.5 lac approx.

  70. Kashif K Malik says

    FAW V2 is imported from China, its manufactured in China right now, so don’t worry about paint etc. But I am pretty sure, when they will start assembling in Pakistan in May 2015, then we won’t believe or trust about paint. So whoever wana buy then buy it before May 2015. I have made my mind 80% to buy it in January. 🙂

  71. Shani Arain says

    Sir we are planning to buy FAW v2 . but my uncle said that its body is not upto par. its very thin and will shakeup in 3-5 months. plz suggest that the is the body good?. will it survive bumpy roads on everyday basses ? Iam from hyderabad. so will it survive 3-4 years in this city ?

  72. Samraiz says

    Is there any user of V2 in Pakistan who gives his views about this car

  73. mansoor says

    I bought the v2 TWO WEEKS BACK. it is a extremely good car. Body is very solid. Dont believe on rumors. Pick and brakes have no match. Ac is good. Suspension is perfect. It also depends on u how u care for ur car. Very spacious. Very happy n peaceful on using it, thought it was a risk but i won. U feel like enjoying luxurious car in 10.5 lacs. Boot is quite spacious. Experiencing 17Km per litre within city. Thank to pakwheels too for taking a good decision by posting good review. It surely will b a hit. An advice….. buy this car before local manufacturing.

  74. Shiraz Durrani says

    A dakoo with 11 lakh booty can buy only.its not for hard earned money.

  75. shahzad says

    Nice comments

  76. Shani Arain says

    I have been driving v2 from a month now. And Its hell of a car for its money. really happy with its performance. Yes the Fuel avg its not very good like xli. but its not that bad tho. driving is good and noiseless. Power is available every time on your footstep, a full throttle can outrun xli ( Yes did it ) . interior plastic is not that good like of vitz but it do work for me.A way better (Millions,trillions time better then WagonR and cultus) hope this car satisfy other people also. Really looking forward at Faw To introduce new cars.

  77. husnain bhatti says

    can any one tell me abt its average inter city or intra city

  78. husnain bhatti says

    any user of FAW V2 tell me about average in city or in highway ?
    on ac or with out ac plzzz

  79. Shani Arain says

    its about a month now . new engine so it dosnt give a high average. in city it gives 9-10 and on highway it gave me 14-15

  80. Shani Arain says

    its about a month now . new engine so it dosnt give a high average. in city it gives 9-10 and on highway it gave me 14-15…

  81. Junaid Murtaza says

    I wana know about the paint quality of V2 as i heard from some people that the quality of paint is not up to mark. Please advise

  82. Farhan says

    Paint quality is too good. Seeing is believing. I would recommend you to see it for yourself.

  83. Farhan says

    In City during normal traffic is around 13-14 km (with A/C) and on highway it gives around 16-18 at 3000-4000 rpm. Keeping the regular maintained car would give you an even better mileage.

  84. husnain bhatti says

    bro ap itne keh rhe jab k ek or bhai 9-10 in cty orr 14-15 on long route keh rhee pllzzz yarr kuch serous btana

  85. Farhan says

    Bhai…. I own a black V2. Have been using since last 2 months… and that is the mileage I have experienced. Initially it was between 10-11 but after the first oil change and service it got even better. It is driven by my driver to pick the kids from school and back home on a daily basis

  86. Mehboob says

    Well said Farhan seeing is believing. I have seen this so believe in its worth in best among available local antique cars which has obsolete technology with good resal.” sound joke”  

  87. zahid says

    Planning to buy faw v2 in march 2015, seems way better than wagan R

  88. usman says

    AOA friends help me I also purchasing
    a V2 r waggnor what would be better option

  89. Mehboob says

    Dear usman, go through detailed test drive above. Compare wagon R with V2 and u will get an idea that V2 is much ahead than PS. This car is 100% Value for your money.

  90. Farhan says

    I totally agree with Mehboob. You should try it yourself. You will be amazed with the comparison. Above all now FAW is giving 3 years/60000km warranty and the major difference is in power, 1.3 liter against 1.0 liter.

  91. Fahad says

    Faw launching sedan in a year…get news from confirm source this year no any car is expected by faw…their plan is to launch sedan in 1st or 2nd quarter of 2016….my source also mention most probably this car also belong faw V series which I check on google is faw V5…but me wish they bring faw b50 instead of faw v5

  92. Fahad says

    Another gud news by faw is that not only sedan they also bringing mini-suv in Pakistan my source also mention that this mini-suv launch in early 2014 in china…when I check on web this is faw N7 but he doesn’t mentioned when they launch this car

  93. Shahzad says

    FAW is one of the best options in my thinking

  94. Muhammad Noor rana says


  95. alfa_whsky says

    Instead of V5 they should launch N5, its a beautiful sedan

  96. Haris bin shakeel says

    plsss can u also give info about the stability and comfort of this car ….. Farhan

  97. Fahad says

    They hav plan to launch N2 which is mini suv in 2017 end or start of 2018

  98. alfa_whsky says

    reply of FAW official facebook page regarding N7.

  99. Fahad says

    Bro its confirm news faw sedan coming in 2016 and mini suv in 2017

  100. Fahad says

    Mana phla b ya kha k ya confirm ni k wo konsi sedan ha lakin mara source k according wo “V” series ki koi car ha possible ha k wo koi aur model b ho sakta lakin ya bat confirm ha faw sedan launch kar raha ha 2016 ma

  101. alfa_whsky says

    yep, they confirmed it. plan to launch a sedan in 5 years. i guess in their previous reply “near future” was the key word. i hope they launch b50

  102. alfa_whsky says

    any confirmed reports from your sources that V2 AMT is going to be launched within 6 months? and what about V2 1000 cc?

  103. Fahad says

    No any news of AMT launched still now but 1000cc car expected this year

  104. Fahad says

    Mara source kha raha ha k 2016 ma launch ho gai ab dakhta ha 2016 ma

  105. Farhan says

    It is as good as any other car. Infact seats are more comfortable.Suspension is good and it does clear most of the Speed Breaker even when fully loaded.

  106. Farhan says

    Fuel average in City is 13 to 14km/l and on highway is is around 17-18km/l and that also on high rpms

  107. Fahad says

    Faw CEO last year claim that they bring sedan in 3 years…according to their CEO that will b 2016 end or 2017 start…me again told they launch in 2016

  108. alfa_whsky says

    Let’s hope for the best.

  109. Umar says

    I have couple of questions about FAW?

    Who knows this company will stay in Pakistan like Honda,Suzuki and Toyota.

    In last two decades worlds well known companies just went away from Pakistan market (Mitsubishi, Nissan, Chevrolet Hondai and Kia) because of that people don’t like to buy (invest) in the new companies, for that there is no good resale value of these companies.

    Here we are talking about chines company and china products are not well known in our country also people feel insecure when buying some chines things… because of poor durability and reliability.

    I also noticed that Pak Suzuki standards and product quality is even worst than chines products. Also price is double and there is no market competitor (Forcefully selling the obsolete cars). So in the result we have pathetic cars with the worst quality and safety.

    So the main question is what is the future of that company in Pakistan?

    What would be resale value of the Faw vehicles?

  110. alfa_whsky says

    Al Haj FAW motors has been in the market for about a decade now. they have good market share in heavy trucks / commercial vehicles’ segment. After careful study and planning they gradually entered in the passenger car segment 3 years ago. they have heavy investments and good infrastructure for commercial vehicles / trucks and developing on that for car segment. new options are gradually being introduced (1000 cc and automatic transmission within a year followed by sedan(s)). they are also planning to start local assembly of V2 from early next year which will not only reduce its cost (hopefully) but also strengthen its position viz a viz availability of parts locally. more and more V2s are being seen on the roads as the days pass. I guess it is a good start and they seem determined to have a share of passenger car segment of Pakistan.

  111. saad says

    Great effort mate
    thinking to buy this car for my mom as 10 lac is very reasonable
    and Corolla Altis is 24 lac
    so what should i buy this or altis
    i like this one as safety comes first for me

  112. Nawaz Butt says

    Jo maza mehran or cultus ma ha woh FAW ma kahan… C say Cheap, Chines, Cars…

    May tay Sazuki hi lessan… 😀

    Mehran la lo tay mojan maroo…

  113. saad says

    did you buy it?

  114. Hadis Saeed says

    This car is getting popular. In the last 3 days I have seen 6 of them and believe me it looks good, better than a mehran or a cultus which don’t even have airbags. Its interior is not bad at all overall it is quite good so it will sell.Happy to see that some people have got more mind than money.

  115. saad says

    Not yet i am planning and will buy in JULY 7
    i really appreciate FAW’s thinking and Products
    but Altis with CVT-I and Flapy paddle 🙂

  116. saad says

    I bought mine. like 4 days ago!

  117. Farhan says

    Congratulation Bro…
    How is it ? and which color ?

  118. saad says

    Thanks its pretty good. comfy spacious and smooth ride and amazing steering. black.

  119. saad says

    please post a review when done 2500 km and Congrats and best of luck

  120. Saadya says

    Really helpfull and detailed review thankew

  121. Umar says

    On a lighter note…..
    Tera qasoor nai bhai…. tery naam mein “Nawaz” bhi aata hy aur tm “Butt” bhi ho…. :-p

  122. Umair says

    Its an informative article. Could someone please guide me that should i buy vitz 2010 or faw 2015. My pocket allows around PKR 1.1 M.

  123. Farhan says

    Go for the FAW V2 mate. There is no comparison with other vehicles in this price range. You get much safety and value for money plus 3 year warranty and a brand new vehicle with power. You should not be worried about the resale value as it is definitely going to improve because the car is good. You should go and have a test drive, it will help you in taking a decision more easily.

  124. Allied Motors says

    Go for Faw V2…..

  125. Ricky says

    FAW V2 is 3rd Class Chinese Car , just like 3rd Class Suzuki Mehran… Go for Passo my bro… Buy a car which is far durable than Faw v2…. Just some strong Sun shines , Faw v2 will become faint… After few thousands km , Faw V2 will start producing body Noises…..

  126. Fahad says

    .. FAW V2 is a best car…… Better than Cultus , Better than wagon R , better than Passo… No doubt , Vitz and Swift are better than V2 . Stated that DO NOT BUY A REGISTERED JAPANESE CAR ….

  127. Fahad says

    FAW V2 is a best Car bro….. Launched in many countries , like Russia , South Africa … Plus go to youtube and watch the people showing their Faw V2

  128. Sanjay Natarajan says

    Nice article….BTW does it look like it is made of parts borrowed from these vehicles…
    1) 1st gen Swift
    2) 1st gen Hyundai i20 and
    3) Tata Bolt (esp the side view)
    See below pics for a comparo….
    Just a thought stuck my mind, nothing offense…

  129. M Ramzan Habib says

    i agree with u umer sb,
    no doubt mehran is good,i am also driving mehran.
    but i think we should welcome new technology.

  130. Engineer Taimur says

    FAW V2 , NO DOUBT A BEST BEST CAR FOR U GUYS…. do you know all japanese imported cars in Pakistan are imported in damaged condition. If you don’t believe me a car importer who is your close firend.. so why not go for this ZERO METER car… REMEMBER JF-17 Thunder Pakistan’s pride is MADE IN CHINA….. What are you thinking guys….. Japanese cars “CHUDDI HOI HOTI HAIN” jo Pakistan mein import ki jati hain…. Then they are repaired and Auction sheet is not provided to you or if , they provide fake……

  131. DrRaheel Shehzad says

    Plz also say abt kmpl for faw v2….both in city and long route….
    As compared with swift vitz and mira….???

  132. Jahanzeb says

    I OWE FAW V2. its in running phase. Its giving 13 km per liter, milege will improve furthur, as it will cross 1600 kilometers, till now it is 419 kilometers driven… (FOR 181.6 KM, IT CONSUMED 13.875 LITERS).. AC ON FOR 60 kilometers in islamabad. and off in MUREE, and back to Rawalpindi)…. GOOD CAR…comfortable

  133. KAMRAN says

    i have purchased FAW V2, WONDERFUL…. total price is 1049000+17000(freight).. Can any one tell us about REGISTRATION CHARGES.?

  134. Ahsan says

    buddy how is ur car performing now..i m thinking for this car….

  135. Ahsan says

    did u bought it???how is it performng???

  136. Syed Murtaza Hussain Kazmi says

    Are mechanics easily available? And How can i purchase any part in case of any accident or damage to the car?

  137. Faqeer Hussain says

    very informative article, thanks for the writer.
    Anyone please share the mileage of FAW V2

  138. ss says

    Brother, Your all comments are are for future. “V2 will become faint”, “V2 will produce noise..” rather than to write down the experience which will be more rational to guide others….
    This looks all your feelings…..

  139. Imran Usman says

    Easily giving me 16 KM/L with AC on long route and 14KM/L in city with AC.
    Great car, good value for money.

  140. Rizwan Khan says

    Bro Whats the status of your cars, now can you tell us the pros and cons. Check your FB I send you message there…

  141. tariq says

    Teray jaisay logon ki wajah se Pakistan taraqqi nhi kar rah…..hahaha…. just joking. I think give a chance to V2 it will prove a good competitor to Suzuki

  142. Ahmed says

    I’m worried about the resale value, should I buy v2 or cultus vxri?

  143. Pk IJ says

    Finally FAW V2 started Assembling line in Pakistan, Just like Huyndai Santro in Past

  144. Alpha Bravo says

    Typical thakkarr mentality 😀

  145. Tahir J. Butt says

    on a heavy note, Butt pe bhonkna band kar do

  146. Alpha Bravo says

    Hope u would have gone for V2. Best value for your hard earned money.

  147. waqs says

    brother are you sure now its giving you 14 with AC in city ???? my wagon r gives 15 with AC i am confused to switch to v2 but its features attracting me

  148. Imran Usman says

    Yes it was giving me. Much better option than WagonR. Suzuki is selling us junk. I sold my cultus and am much satisfied with V2. Parts are also cheap and genuine.

  149. Abdul Ghafoor says

    I m going to buy faw car but someone(mechanic) has told me that suspension wise this car is not good, means on pakistani roads it soon gets sound and vibration. Is it true?

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