Update: Honda City facelift to be launched in Pakistan in October

New Honda City is being launched all around the world, and its just a matter of time before Pakistan also gets the new car. But before that happens, we have heard all sorts of rumors during that period. The most discerning rumor was that Honda Atlas introduced the new City to the dealers but they rejected it because they didn’t see it as a good enough change in it and current one is better.

But this is not Pak Suzuki, this Honda, and the change in their model and generation is global. So the sixth generation Honda City, which is based on the 2013 Honda Jazz/Fit platform as that has a larger wheelbase and improved ergonomics as part of Honda’s new Man Maximum and Machine Minimum philosophy.

But PakWheels has never reported a false information regarding future models launches or anything else for that matter. Even though we have received a lot of heat, but our information is always correct. (We reported in 2011 about the Wagon R)

Our source, who has been a senior executive in the auto industry for far too long has given us the information that new City is going to be launched in Pakistan on 20th of October.

The car will be the same as the Indian Honda City except sun-roof and cruise-control, while sun roof is good but cruise-control is highly irrelevant especially for the sort of driving in Sindh, whether on highways or urban environment. There’s very little use of it.

The only thing we’re waiting to confirm is whether the Honda City will be the new model or just a facelift which is highly unlikely because Honda City Aspire IS the only facelift model confirmed by Honda however, our source also reported that the new model would cost 30-35K more than the current model so it could be a facelift as well.

Update: It is indeed just a facelift with minor update and not the new model of the City. The car will be announced on 16th of Octorber. We’ll get you all the details on the car asap.

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Baber K. Khan

An auto enthusiast trying to bring car media mainstream.

  • Waiting for it ! Hope this news turns out to be true.

  • Saad

    It would be ridiculous to just offer a face lift. This generation of Honda City has been around since 2009 so it’s high time it should be upgraded along with what Honda has done globally. Also, I fail to see how backwards is Honda in Pakistan. Sunroof would have done wonders for them. I’d have been able to pay 100,000 more for a sunroof wali city.

    Sad to see the state of affairs. And then they don’t even let you buy imported cars that easily.

  • Zohaib

    Honda Sharah-e-Faisal already started booking for new city.. Got these pictures on email last week from them.. the email said they are booking at the old prices.. City manual @ Rs.
    1522000/- and City Auto @ Rs. 1663000/- and same for Honda City Aspire Auto and

  • usman raza

    @zohaib bro, how much time frame they promised for delivery….??

  • Atif Rasool

    AOA, Dear could you please send me the pictures at my email: atif1659@gmail.com.
    booked my city on 2nd October, now i have been told by AHL they new
    facelifted version will be launched on 16th Oct. Please reply soon

  • Ovais Abba

    @atif where did you get the booking of new shape of city as i have contact with Honda South & Honda Drivein they said no new shape is in pipeline its a rumour, as i wanted to book the car for my mother kindly guide me

  • sufyan

    The new facelift is coming according to Honda PSW road Islamabad on 16th October. We booked on 1st September and now no news on when we are getting ours.

  • Azhar

    Dear Zohaib,

    its is confirmed that honday city would be launched in 20th october because i have stoped to buy Honda city 2014….

  • Abdullah Khalid

    price ka kuch pata he kisi ko… regestration k bad kitne tak men par jayegi???

  • Muhammad Bilal

    You reported in 2011 about the Wagon R but your prediction was off by 3 years and still you say you have never given false information!!!!

  • sufyan

    Same price. It’s just a facelift. Lights and bumper changed.

  • Ammar Ahmed

    I also visited the Honda Avenue newly opened authorized showroom in Gulberg, Islamabad.. They also told me that new model of City with minor changes in bumper and look is going to announce in the mid of October

  • Geekpk

    its the new face lifted model which has new interior and body

  • Tanveer

    Dear All, I have confirmed from Honda ….. The Car shown in Pictures in Not launching in pakistan……New Model which is coming on 20th October is the same as the existing model with cosmetic changes (Minor change such as in lights etc) but no body or shape change. The car in pictures will be launch in pak in the mid of next year.

  • Shabbir Allibhai


  • Shabbir Allibhai

    There is no launch of a NEW HONDA CITY. Honda has taken a serious note of a mischief of an authorised dealer in Karachi and has termed it totally unethical and non professional. Honda has stopped taking bookings of the dealer involved in this mischief as a first step of disciplinary action to be followed with a decision after discussion at the highest level. Shabbir Allibhai, CEO-Partner, Honda Drive-In & Honda Quaideen.

  • Ovais Abba

    Who are you kidding Mr. Alibhai? Where there is smoke there
    is fire. It is an international norm to immediately publish a denial by the
    manufacturers to stop customers from making payments unless they are directly
    involved in accumulating funds through touts. Honda is an international brand
    with commitments worldwide to protect its name and reputation. To counter the
    new Toyota Corolla, they are bound to introduce a newer model to capture its
    market. Disciplinary actions are an eye wash in Pakistan after the objective to
    collect funds is accomplished.

  • Usman H. Khan

    Actually the principal decision of replacing Alto with WagonR was taken back then but suzuki did a lot of looking around to source discontinued parts of Alto and viability of continuing it becuase of the popularity, demand and little investment needs. When all options were exhausted they introduced WagonR.

  • Fahad

    Hi All,

    Kindly confirm if new Honda City model is not available in market?

  • Muhammad Fad

    Now enough, they have to launch new model otherwise honda lose it market as we already see in last quarter of 2014

  • I booked it yesterday. Wonder if I will get updated shape or older? The car will be here in 2-3 months but if new shape comes 4 months after I get my car, this is bad for me 🙁