Government To Reduce Vehicle Transfer Tax

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Federal government has reduced the vehicle transfer tax for those who file their taxes. Last year, the government increased the income tax rates to eye watering level. This made owners think to not get their cars transferred.

The government will face an expected loss of Rs500 million in the new fiscal year after the implementation of new rates. Member Inland Revenue Policy of the FBR Shahid Hussain Assad, said that the reduction in tax rates was proposed by the provincial governments.

Tax filers will benefit from the reduction of up to 75% and in the range of 33% to 50% for non-filers. But unfortunately only 880,000 persons file their taxes out of the population of 180 million.

The current tax rate tariff is as follows:

tax chart

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  1. Kashif Haleem says

    Can someone elaborate the difference between a filer and non filer.
    I’m a govt servant. Tax is deducted from my salary but I don’t have any NTN. Do I fall under the category of filer?

  2. Zafar Amar says

    I am also a Govt. official and tax is being deducted from my salaries and I have got Tax Deduction Certificate from my department, any body please tell me I am which of category Filer or Non File ?

  3. omar says

    Non- filer, you have to file tax return regardless by visiting FBR site.

  4. Rauf says

    Go to FBR or RTO in your area and get your username and password from the concerned department. Then you will have to electronically submit your tax return. You don’t need to go again there just log in sitting at home and update your file and submit every year.

  5. Rauf says

    You should ask your finance department about your NTN. If they deduct tax from your salary then you must have NTN. You should visit RTO in your area and get usersame and password of your account. You can update your profile online.

  6. Umar says

    As far as I know, you do not even have to visit FBR office… just visit their website or call their help line and they will guide you with the rest of the login (username & password / pin) procedure. It will not take more than 10 minutes.

  7. Håmzå Ähmåd says

    Hey what about the taxes on imported cars…? Is there any reduction in them ?

  8. Danial Butt says

    witholding tax on registeration of new cars also reduced?

  9. Humayun Ikram says

    I bought an Islamabad registered 2014 Model Honda city fro my friend. I am a filer and I want to get it transferred on my name means i will be the second owner. Please tell me what will be the total expense (fee)? Further what will be the token tax for it? It will be second token of this car.

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