Read About How Your Motorcycle Tyres Are Different From Your Car Tyres


We have been talking all about car tyres, and there has been very less said about another very important segment of motor industry that uses tyres, and that is motorcycles and their tires. There are current three motorcycle tyre makers in Pakistan.

  • Servis Tyres
  • Panther Tyres
  • General Tyres

Servis has the largest share of the market, then Panther and General Tyres have only recently started making motorcycle tyres and are facing some tough competition from previous market players. You can read a little about that here.

People might think since both tyres are made up of rubber, they are the same, but that is not true. Car tyres and bike tires differ from each other a lot. To put is simply, car tyres are almost maintenance free when compared to motorcycle tyres. Its is a very crude way of putting it, but when both tyres are compared, car tyres will last you a lot longer than bike tyres. Also, bike tyres are usually bias-ply tyres, and not radial like car tyres. All the bike tyres made in Pakistan are bias-ply.

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Generally, motorcycle tyres are made of much softer rubber compound compared to car tyres. It helps them to bite harder and grip more on the roads, but since they are soft, they wear out much faster as well. You should immediately change your bike’s tyres if there is only 10% or less tread left on them. That’s the breaking point of bike tires. It’s when it is highly probable for them to fail during riding.

Other than that, car tyres can last much longer with air them. Whereas bike tyres lose air much quickly, specially if you are using tubeless tyres like you get in Honda 125 Deluxe and new Yamaha YBR125. So make sure you keep an eye on the tire pressure, and get it checked frequently.

Also if you are getting new front or rear tyres for your bike, make sure you ride them carefully for at least 100 kilometers. The reason is, new tires will need to go through a break-in period before they are at their best. Initially, they can cause the bike to slip cause of the galvanized coating on them. So make sure your bike’s new tyre has rubbed out its actual rubber, before riding hard.

These are just come basic difference between the two, and how you can achieve maximum from your motorcycle tyre. There are a lot of bogus and old imported motorbike tyres floating in the market. Happy riding!

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