Government wants another Adam Revo

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Government will support manufacturing of a low-cost, energy-efficient, spacious and indigenous car which will cost almost three-fourths of other cars in Pakistan with same specifications. Engineering Development Board (EDB) should facilitate and support industry in manufacturing a hundred per cent indigenous car which can be termed as a truly national car and which should become a symbol of quality in the world of auto engineering, said Federal Secretary Industries Aziz Ahmad Bilour.

Adding that automotive industry in Pakistan has seen a rise when compared with other industries however it needs to focus on localisation because despite the high production volumes, transfer of technology and localisation isn’t practiced.

Morover, Bilour persuaded local industrialist to bring innovation, out-of-box ideas and knowledge-based activities in manufacturing to boost demand for Pakistani products in international market. Proposal for conversion of existing car models into bullet-proof cars was also discussed. The meeting was informed that by using latest technology, locally assembled cars can be converted into bullet-proof cars without adding unnecessary weight and disturbing efficiency of the car.

The ministry of industries said that Pakistan launched its first car in 1953 through National Motors Limited which assembled the BedFord trucks and than the industry rised through making trucks, tractors and cars however, only one truly local attempt was made in the entire history of Pakistan which was the Adam Revo but due to the false promises of the than government – Adam Revo produced more than what it actually sold giving high losses and eventually shutting down as government pulled out all its pledged support from the local automaker but today, government has again focused on developing a truly national car.

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  1. Sulaiman Dawood says

    when this announcement will going to be official? and how the government can be approached for assistance?

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