Specifications of Honda’s all-new 2019 CB125F revealed – Check it out

Pakistan’s largest bike manufacturer, Atlas Honda, is all set to launch its new 125cc bike on 4th January 2019, at its dealer’s event, which is being held in Lahore.

The company has already sent invitations to its dealers across Pakistan in this regard. According to the details available to us, Honda CB 125F has a sporty look with a new fuel tank design altogether. Moreover, the bike will come equipped with a four-stroke OHV air cooled engine. It has a 56.6x 49.5 mm bore and stroke.

Check out complete specifications of Honda CB 125F

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CB125F has both kick-start and self-start options. It has a 5-speed gear transmission and a fuel tank capacity of around 12.3 litres. Furthermore, the wheelbase is 1294 mm and the dry weight of the bike is 122 kg.

It is important to mention here that the bike will come in five different colours including Red and Black. The availability of the motorcycle to consumers is not yet revealed. It is rumoured that the bike will come with a price tag of PKR 140,000-145,000. Surely, the company is aiming to grab the surging market of 125cc category bikes and to compete with Yamaha, which offers different bikes in the 125cc category.

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Notable Replies

  1. Another eyewash from our bike industry. This is just a dolled up 125 Deluxe and nothing else. Comparing it to a YBR would be pointless as this is not nearly as refined or advanced as the YBR(which isn't exactly cutting edge itself either).

    And Shame on them for using the name cb125f on this piece of crap. The actual cb125f being sold in uk is actually a very decent bike and atlas is just trying to fool our poor awam with this name.

  2. I,m glad I left Pakistan years ago, now Im living quality life with quality stuff around me.

  3. Brother, Living and enjoying quality life in any country is not a bad thing, but feeling bad and ashamed of your country as your identity, is the real bad thing!

    Pakistan is our mother. It has given us countless Blessings, what do we give to our country in return? OR... what have we given to our country in return? EVER?

    If you are glad that you left Pakistan years ago, then enjoy your new life (may GOD Bless and give you more), but do not take Pakistan as that.

    Please be careful in the choice of words. If you are enjoying quality life and stuff, then you have got no right to ridicule and taunt our nation. We all know we have multiple issues of our own and it really feels very painful sometimes, but if someone from outside is gonna ridicule us (which had once been us), then that's not tolerable!

  4. why OHV? Just Why? the vibration from ohv alone will be a cause of huge noises from the bike specially the visor. If people remember this was the case with previous 125 dream models with visors. If i have to make a choice between YBR and this, i will go for YBR eyes closed.

  5. And if all this wasn't bad enough, they've gone full-retard and priced it at 1.6 lakh.
    At this point, I'm not even mad, I'm just amused by their attempts to loot us.

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