How do you rope-start a car when you do not want to push-start it

Are you bored of starting your car when the self or battery gives up on you? Don’t you just hate push-starting a car with a dead battery? But what if there was a cooler way to make the engine turn over than simply using jumper cables or brute force.

Because in Soviet Russia, you don’t push the car to start it – all you need is some Vodka, a rope and a jack to start you car.

The guy starts his car with just a rope and brute force. Oddly enough, this is a WIN, with the beat-up old Lada starting like a champ from the first tug of the rope. Genius! But will it work with a modern fuel-injected car with advanced electronics? Most likely not but this is a carbureted vehicle and from now on, keep a rope in your car if you’re stuck in some area where there is no help for pushing the car nearby.

Baber K. Khan

An auto enthusiast trying to bring car media mainstream.