Has IMC just introduced a manual version of 1.6L Corolla Altis?

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There is a lot of buzz in the local auto industry that Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) has introduced a manual version of its Corolla Altis 1.6L variant for its customers in Pakistan. The company, on the other hand, has not made any official statement in this regard. However, we dig deep into the news and found interesting material for our readers. First and foremost, the company has not launched or introduced any new vehicle in the market, let alone a manual version of Altis 1.6.

Furthermore, according to our credible source, the company has only made 5-10 units of manual Altis 1.6L for testing purposes. A few of the Toyota dealers are offering these cars to their customers with a price tag of PKR 3,049,000. The source further revealed that there is a high possibility that after the successful test run the company might launch the car in the market in H1 of next year.

Note that the withholding tax for filers for Corolla 1.6 Altis Manual is PKR 50,000, while, on the other hand, the withholding tax for non-filers is PKR 150,000. After booking the car, it will be delivered to the customer within 10-15 days, as per our credible source.

Our source has asserted that no changes have been made to the car in terms of features or design. However, a free TPL Tracker along with accidental death coverage in the Altis 1.6L 5-speed M/T is being given to its customers.

The prices of all variants of Corolla are given in the table below:

Moving onwards, IMC is discontinuing its 1.3L variants of Corolla soon. The discontinuation of Toyota Corolla XLi and GLi variants would be an opening door for the all-new Yaris in Pakistan. Toyota Yaris is seen several times on the roads while testing. The automobile industry is suffering from a drastic decline in sales due to a sharp depreciation of Rupee against the US dollar and additional taxes and duties imposed by the government. Even the hot-selling models like Corolla are struggling to maintain their sales volume due to a lack of demand in the local market.

Aside from IMC launching all-new manual Altis 1.6, globally, in a bid to further strengthen their relationships and enhance business development on a long-term basis, Toyota Motor Corporation and Subaru Corporation have agreed on new business collaboration.

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  1. Ali says

    This variant Altis will fail badly , no one is interested in investment of 3.1 million without any additional features. Market is so dull and declining that even wagonar is loosing it’s place, except those buyers which are bound to purchase due to their need are purchasing but from open market. Used cars are doing business well

  2. Mosfirah Umar says

    Good initiative by IMC, but in higher variants (above 1.3 L) most people prefer auto transmission, because of smooth/ pleasure drive and control. Whereas Yarris or Vios drive and terrain tests are in final stages and IMC is planning to launch either Yarris or Vios in next year. keeping in mind that HYUNDAI had also planned to launch It’s debut Elantra next year, so it can be a tough competition among giants.
    KIA’s picanto and Sportage are already in market, Picanto due to it’s high price (2 million) will take some time to penetrate whereas KIA’s Sportage has already created it’s position, it’s classy and elegant look, and most of all “PRICE FACTOR” is giving a tough time to IMC’s FORTUNER.
    Having said that, there’s still a lot so see in next year in Automobiles industry and hope to see some new changes, keeping fingers crossed!!

  3. Anis Khan says

    Really Comparing SPORTAGE -Over Priced – to – FORTUNER … Are you sure of this ??

  4. immortal says

    Toyota should launch mira in pakistan it will give the alto a tough time plus competition will result in suzuki reducing its price also 90 percent people will always prefer a toyota over a suzuki

  5. khurram says

    Sportage may be sporty looking however, there two reasons that are putting Sportage far behind Fortuner. First, 4*4 drive-ability of Toyota Fortuner is something that is missing in Sportage. Second, most of the Pakistani’s prefer to set on tried and tested methods.
    Sportage, may be less expensive but price is of little concern to the elite class people, to them brand name matters as well as zeal to look apart from the crowd. Otherwise, D-Max after two years on since its launch would have whizzed by Toyota Hi-lux in sales number.

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