NCP Vehicles Seized by Anti-Smuggling Department

FAISALABAD: The Anti-Smuggling Department of Faisalabad has been working efficiently and has been able to seize a number of non-custom-paid (NCP) vehicles over the period of two months.

According to the official data, sources revealed that in August, the department seized eight vehicles worth Rs. 12.7 million, which included Toyota Corolla worth Rs. 1.5 million, Toyota Fielder worth Rs. 1.6 million, Toyota Corolla X worth Rs. 1.2 million, Toyota Corolla DX worth Rs. 1.6 million, Toyota Mark-II worth Rs. 1.6 million and Mazda Truck valuing Rs. 23.2 million.

In September, the department seized nine vehicles worth Rs. 27.9 million. The vehicles included Toyota Land Cruiser ZX, V8 model 2014 worth Rs. 17 million, two Toyota Fielder cars worth Rs. 2.6 million, two Toyota Vitz worth Rs. 1.2 million, Toyota Crown worth Rs. 1.5 million, Toyota Corolla worth Rs. 1 million, Toyota Hilux Surf worth Rs. 1.6 million and Toyota Land Cruiser VX worth Rs. 3 million.

“I am very pleased with the good performance of custom officials of Faisalabad. After getting charge in mid-July as collector at MCC Faisalabad, I expedited my work and asked the relevant departments that I want maximum results against smuggling activities and now I am satisfied with their performance.”, said Collector Tausif Ahmad Qureshi.

Source: CustomsToday



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