Sindh: Summary forwarded to make tracker mandatory for bikes

The Sindh Transport Department has forwarded a summary seeking CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah’s approval for making trackers mandatory for bikes.

As per the summary, the tracker will be installed in both new and old bikes and no biker will be allowed to ride on the roads if the bike is not equipped with the tracker as prescribed by the authority and the government. Moreover, in the summary, the authority also urged the government shall specify the date of installation of trackers and also to which bike category the tracker will be installed to.

It is to be noted here that after the approval of CM Sindh, the Motor Vehicle Ordinance of 1965 will be amended and after the amendment, the ordinance bill will be forwarded to Sindh Assembly for the final approval.

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While speaking to the media, the Sindh Minister for Transport and Mass Transit Awais Qadir Shah asserted that after the bill is passed in the assembly, the companies will be asked to make the installation of the tracker in the bike. Furthermore, he said the step is being taken to curb the menace of bike theft throughout the province.

He also stated that after the approval, the Excise and Taxation Department will only register bikes that have a tracker installed in them. Note here that according to Sindh Government officials, almost 95% of crimes are done using motorbikes, and with a tracking device, it will be easier for them to track down criminals. It will curb the street crime as well. 

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Notable Replies

  1. mehran says:

    Has anyone undertaken a feasibility study whether this is technically possible or not? A bike has very few places where a tracker can be hidden and installed. A tracker will be the first thing that a bike thief or terrorist will remove. So what will be the benefit of such a tracker? This action just seems like a money making gimmick. Better to run a simple but effective mass transport system for the public so that bikes are no longer required.

  2. Rugal says:

    I agree - 100%. This action looks like a half baked idea pushed by people who might have vested interests in tracking companies.

    What I want to know is - how does the police intend to find out if there is a tracker installed or not, for each bike? Or if there is a tracker, does it even work? If I'm a criminal, I'll probably install a tracker and power it with a battery at home, leaving it at my house when I go out to do my dirty deeds. Unless I get caught, good luck trying to link me with the crimes.

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