Tips to keep your car safe from theft and damages

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Car thefts have increased tremendously with the passage of time. Owners are worried about their cars in parking. New cars have some of the anti-theft features in them but still, those cars are stolen. Old cars are totally unsafe out there because they do not have these features. Today, we will talk about some of the preventions and some inexpensive techniques that can prevent your car from being stolen and as well as will keep your car safe while in parking.

  • Park at a trusted & safe place:

Park your car at a trusted place where there is someone to look after your car. Its better to find a place that has some sort of surveillance. Also, make sure that no one can damage your car at that place such as a mob or fire or earthquake or any transformer above it.

  • Keyless entry system:

Install a keyless entry system. It may not prevent the car from theft but it is time-consuming for the thief to disconnect it and steal the car. Also, alarm can gain the attention of anyone near the car. If you hear alarm sound, do come to have a look at your car.

  • Windows, bonnet, trunk, and doors:

Make sure that all the windows of your car are fully closed and even a very thin stick or rod cannot pass through glass rubber contact from the upper part. Confirm that the bonnet is closed properly.Make sure that the trunk is closed.After all that, make sure that all of your doors are properly closed. If any of the door is half closed then it can be opened easily. At last, check that all the doors are locked.

  • Ticketed parking:

While parking your car in a ticketed parking, do not leave the parking ticket inside your car. Keep it with you and do not give it to anyone.

  • Valuables:

Do not keep any valuables inside the car. It can urge a thief to damage your car and take that valuable. Most cases are seen where the glass of the car is broken and their valuable is missing from the car. It gives you double loss so take your valuable with you if you are not present in your car.

  • Watch the car if possible:

If possible, keep an eye on your car after a short time for example an hour and ring the alarm for a second or two so that if there is any person intending to steal the car, he should change his mind. Also try to find a place where you don’t have to spend much time to come and look your car.

  • Brake or gear lock:

Buy a brake lock or gear lock for your car. Do not buy a steering lock because it may damage your windscreen. Brake lock serves as a brake and steering lock. It is perfect for car’s security.

  • Car’s Key:

Keep your car’s keys with you. Do not give it to anyone. Your car key can be duplicated and then the car can be stolen easily.

Other prevention techniques:

There are some ways which you can call desi techniques to prevent your car from being stolen.

  • Small tracker

A simple and easy way to track your car is that buy a small tracker. It uses a sim card or a login ID and password to track the location of the vehicle. It does not cost much but it can save your expensive car. The minimum cost of such a tracker is 3000 Rupees.

  • Unplugging spark plug wire:

If you are parking your car at such a place you don’t trust or you have a feeling that your car would be stolen, you could unplug the spark plug wire of your car and take it with you. Your car could not be started and no one can take it away. If it is not possible, then unplug any wire that will not allow the car to start (do not unplug battery terminals), but remember which wire you unplugged and from which part.

  • Secret Kill switch:

You can also ask any trusted mechanic to install a secret kill switch in your car which without being turned on doesn’t allows the car to start the engine. Only you should know where it is and while starting the car you can turn it on and while parking outside your house or anywhere you can turn it off.

These are some techniques that are very inexpensive and easily applicable in our daily routine. By following these, you don’t have to install expensive antitheft systems in your car. So remember these tips and save your car from thieves and any type of loss.

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