Police arrest bike lifter, recover 10 bikes

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Bahawalpur police have arrested a member of inter-provincial bike lifter and recovered ten bikes from him, reports a local media outlet.

A special team was constituted on the orders of DPO Bahawalpur Ameer Taimoor to catch the culprits as they were a nuisance; not only for the people of the city but also for the people of other cities and provinces. As per the police, a team of six people were given this task to rise against the bike theft and to catch the criminals. The team finally caught one of the members and on his indication recovered as many as ten bikes.

The police are looking for the accomplices and are hopeful that the authority will soon arrest other gang members as well. The people have lauded the action taken by the police and has urged to catch other gang members as well.

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Furthermore, aside from Bahawalpur police, Anti-car lifting cell Islamabad has also recovered 132 cars worth PKR 115.6 million in the current year and also recovered 136 motorbikes, which are worth Rs 7.7 million. In the whole process police arrested over 200 vehicle lifters as well. Additionally, Anti-Car Lifting Cell Karachi (ACLC) is aggressively going after car thieves and has arrested two members of an inter-provincial gang car-lifters and recovered vehicles.

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