Gujranwala: Over 2 dozen bikes recovered, bike lifter gang arrested

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Gujranwala Police has arrested four bike lifters from the city and recovered as much as 25 bikes in the process.

According to the details, the particular bike lifter gang had become a nuisance for the people of the city, and the police in a well-planned raid arrested four members of the gang in one go. The names of the robbers are Imran, Zulfiqar, Rizwan, and Riaz. Higher police officials have lauded the performance of their subordinates for taking stern measures to ensure the safety of the public.

Moreover, police have also arrested three bike lifters from the Kasur and recovered six bikes from them. District Police Officer (DPO) Kasur Muntazir Mehdi instructed the police officials to go after the notorious criminals who have made the life of people miserable.

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Furthermore, Anti-car lifting cell Islamabad has also recovered 132 cars worth PKR 115.6 million in the current year, not only cars, but the authority also recovered 136 motorbikes which are worth Rs 7.7 million. In the whole process police arrested over 200 vehicle lifters as well. Additionally, Anti-Car Lifting Cell Karachi (ACLC) is aggressively going after car lifters and has arrested two members of an inter-provincial gang car-lifters and recovered vehicles from them.

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