Suzuki Celerio: An Expected Entrant in Pakistan’s Auto Market

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Suzuki Celerio, which is soon going to be launched in Pakistan as the All New Suzuki Cultus, is an urban car, which was first unveiled by Suzuki in ‘Auto Expo 2014’ in India. It made its first appearance in Europe in 2014 in ‘Geneva Motor Show’. Celerio is a 4-door front wheel drive hatchback and known as a budget-focused city car. Suzuki launched Celerio considering the growing need for a fuel-efficient family car. Globally, Celerio is in direct competition with Honda Brio, Chevrolet Beat, Ford Figo, and Nissan Micra Active.


Suzuki Celerio has a curvy exterior. In fact, its exterior styling is termed as CICO-Curve in Curve out styling. The car has a sleek, vibrant, and aerodynamically better exterior. Celerio has sporty alloy wheels, which give it a distinct look at the road. Front fog lamps, ORVM-Turn indicators, and refined exterior are few of the salient features of Suzuki Celerio. This car is available globally in different colors that include Glistening Grey, Pearl Arctic White, Sunshine Ray, Silky Silver, Blazing Red, and Cerulean Blue.

Following are the dimensions of the Suzuki Celerio:




Celerio has a large and spacious interior. Spacious headroom, legroom, shoulder room, and a large boot space make the interior quite comfortable. The steering of Celerio adjusts only for height (not for reach), which might cause inconvenience for some drivers. The sweptback dashboard is quite straightforward. Although the interior design is simple and user-friendly, but the quality of the interior is quite ordinary , especially of the Indian version.



Celerio is powered by 1.0-liter three-cylinder petrol engine, which is also known as the K-next engine. It produces 67 BHP @ 6000 rpm & 90 Nm of torque @ 3500 rpm, which might sound a bit feeble but it is enough for Celerio. The car comes with 5-speed manual and 5 speed AMT (automated manual transmission). AMT technology, named as EZ drive by Suzuki, lets the driver change the manual gears without using the clutch pedal.

Suzuki claims that Celerio gives a fuel economy of 23.1 KM/L.


Celerio is one of the most anticipated cars in Pakistan since long and we are expecting it to hit the local market before the mid of 2017. Suzuki Celerio (All New Cultus) is expected to be launched in 2 variants in Pakistan, which will include VXR and VXL. It is expected to be priced somewhere between Suzuki WagonR and Suzuki Swift.


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  1. Bitter_truth says

    aik bolta hai Pak Suzuki new cars nai launch kary ga dusra bolta hai Suzuki expected to launch celerio. ajeeb dhakkan log ho PW bloggers

  2. Chacha Ramzan says

    PakWheels Is Drunk I Guess….

  3. Guest says

    Lack of coordination. Pakwheels bloggers are confused.. :/

  4. Ehs says

    Paksuzuki has denied any car launch for the next two years.

    These rumors have been going on for decades

  5. Ehs says

    They’ve denied all rumors and Paksuzuki does not want to invest in new models. Until they are forced by the government Paksuzuki or by competition (which doesnt exist so far) they won’t launch new models.

  6. Another guest says

    “which give it a distinct look at the road”

    Happens when you learn English from books of grammar rather than from native texts.

  7. Aik Or Mehman says

    @Another Guest I think PW should hire “Landay Ke angraiz like you”

  8. Ali says

    I usually sort of defend PW team but now I must say that who ever is approving these posts does not even read the title of the post let alone verifying or proof-reading them. irresponsible and stupid is are the mildest words come in mind for him(them) .

  9. TrueThis says

    looks like PW has ran out of ideas.

  10. Another guest again says

    No, they should hire a proper native speaker with suitable degree in contemporary English literature, and this has been written in comments section of other articles before.

    Sorry, you’d have understood only if your own English comprehension was good enough.

  11. Anjum says

    @Another guest, I think he is here to give information about wheels not to teach English, you can find other channels if you want to learn English

  12. Soccer Guy says

    Useless article! Come up with news that is NEW for us all based on any insights/leaks you have gathered or a meeting with govt. official or press conference or any official statement, that they will or will not launch. Just writing articles with no such references and sorry to mention improper reviews is a waste of time for readers.

  13. Muntasir says

    Suzuki is far advanced than its rivals in “TECHNOLOGY”. First we have a jewel with auto and manual windows at the same time in WAGON R. Now they are obliged to give us AUTO-MANUAL transmission. WTF:)

  14. ch g says

    hahaha , well said 😀

  15. Salman Ahmed says

    Firstly mehran or cultus is not going anywhere .if it comes as imported car then expect to pay around 20 -23 lakh for it and only fawad Khan receiving the key

  16. Salman Ahmed says

    Jewel ? The car is itself as useless as its parent company suzuki . Almost feels like somebody spanked ass of wagon R and it has grown from its doom

  17. Salman Ahmed says

    Indus could have had launched vitz

  18. Salman Ahmed says

    Still I am going to buy vitz imported next month

  19. Adil Rehman says

    price of vitz and why its better then Celerio ?

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