Al-Haj Group Teams Up With Hyundai

Alhaj Group

Al-Haj Group recently signed a technical contract with Hyundai. The deal includes the Sales and Distribution of Hyundai Heavy Vehicles (Trucks and Buses). The company also plans to start assembling the Hyundai vehicles in Pakistan in coming days.

The teaming of Al-Haj Group and Hyundai could also mean the sales/production of Hyundai Passenger cars in Pakistan in near future.

Al-Haj Group is also the sole distributor and manufacturer/assembler of FAW heavy commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles in Pakistan. The company was incorporated as a Private Limited in 2006.

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    SFM has rights for passenger vehicles and will continue.. while AHG will only focus on trucks n buses, to compete on same line as TATA’s Daewoo buses r being assembled in Pakistan.

  • Rana Mohammad Talha Tariq

    What is SFM ? if they are having the rights than why they are not producing passenger type vehicles in Pakistan ?

  • Guest

    Possibly a typo. Maybe he wanted to write DFM = Dewan Farooque Motors.