5 Must-Have Products For Rainy and Foggy Weather

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Rainy and foggy weather conditions bring many problems for your car. Your car gets soaked in water, especially if you do not have a garage, and it also can break down while you are traveling on the road.

In order to address these issues, we have compiled a list of 5 Must-Have Products that you can keep in your car for rainy and foggy weather. These items will keep your car in good shape and will help you in avoiding unnecessary nuisance.

You can purchase these products from PakWheels online auto parts store. These products are readily available, and you can avail free shipping as well. You can put all of these items in your car’s boot as they take up a small space. 

Kenco Detailing Cloth 

This is a large-size drying towel from Kenco that helps in rainy and foggy weather to keep your car dry. This detailing cloth has several water magnets that soak water quicker and more efficiently than a normal piece of cloth. With just one swipe across the body of your car, you can get rid of water.

It will also not leave water droplets that happen in the case of normal cloth. These water droplets can damage your car’s paintwork over time. You can also use this towel to dry your car after you have washed it at home. 

Dextro Car Top Cover

This is a waterproof car cover that comes with double stitched material. Underneath the cover, you can a microfibre cover that does not leave any sort of scratches and keep your car clean. Being waterproof, the rainwater does not penetrate the cover and washes off the cover in the form of tiny water droplets. This is especially useful if you do not have a garage to park your car. This waterproof car cover will not only protect your car from water but also from dust and dirt. 

Tonyin Anti Fog 

This is an anti-fog spray that comes in a 100-milliliter transparent plastic bottle. In order to apply this spray, simply shake the bottle and spray it either on the inside or on the outside of the windscreen of your car. This spray will prevent the accumulation of fog on your car’s windscreen in a foggy and/or rainy weather conditions. This will immensely improve the visibility in such weather conditions; therefore, you can enjoy a stress-free ride. Driving with a foggy windscreen can be dangerous for you and others traveling on the road. 

Tonyin Crystal Ceramic Wax

In order to apply this ceramic wax on your car’s exterior, get a circular pad, and mask it with the wax. With the help of circular motion, nicely spread the wax until the paint starts to shine. When you apply a coat of this wax, the water washes off without accumulating. This results in no water droplets on the exterior paint in rainy or foggy weather conditions. Moreover, this wax will also keep your car nice and shiny. 

Car Jump Starter 

This is a very convenient and handy toolkit that you must-have in rainy weather to jump-start your car so that you are not left stranded on the side of the road. This kit can be recharged just like a smartphone or a laptop. You can also charge your electronic devices with this kit since it has two USB slots. To jump-start, your car simply connects the toolkit with your battery and turn on the ignition. It is a small toolkit that you can keep in your trunk at all times. 

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