Install side mirrors on your bike or face the law!

Lahore Traffic Police has decided to take actions against bikers who don’t install side mirrors.

As per the details, the authority has announced that it will not let go of any biker if his bike is not equipped with side mirrors. City Traffic Police has given time till 31st of October 2018 to people to install mirrors on the bike and after the completion of time, the crackdown will begin against violators and harsh penalties will be given in the process.

Use side mirrors as they help you maneuver the vehicle with ease, said Captain (r) Liaqat Ali Malik CTO Lahore in a public service message.

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It is to be noted here that the authority, after receiving the Lahore High Court’s orders, is going after people who are not wearing a helmet while riding a bike and also taking strict action against underage drivers.

Moreover, in the coming days, traffic police will also issue tickets if the pillion is not wearing a helmet; whether its a man, woman or a child.

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Notable Replies

  1. isnt this against the "fashion" in Pakistan, when I had sideview mirrors on my bikes I was told that I look like a "chacha miyan" or old man

    and good luck getting women in pk to wear helmets, - if they do wear helmets then I assure you the owner of the bike will be spending close to 100K on helmets a year to match the colours of her dresses.

  2. haaziq says:

    This should have been implemented a long time ago, would have reduced accidents and many would have been among us if they were wearing helmets.
    Its for the benefit of bikers, they must obey laws.

  3. Good thing i haven't ever removed any safety equipment from anything, been told that the bike looks stupid with the mirrors but you know what? I'll take looking stupid over getting killed everytime.

  4. Exactly I'm using mirrors from last 4,5years people make fun of it but I damn care as they are necessity now I'll be no more alone with mirrors on road lol

  5. haaziq says:

    Who says its stupid, its necessity & must not be removed from bikes.

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