5 reasons why you should buy a 660cc car

Japanese Kei-cars is a very successful business in Japan as well as in Pakistan. While Japan has some serious space issues on roads whereas in Pakistan, for half of the buyers, these cars are more like a fashion statement. While the other half likes to benefit from the high fuel economy these little 660cc engines have to offer. But if you haven’t bought a Kei car yet and really need a reason to buy one, then we have 5 reasons for you to buy one. Let’s kick things off then.

1. Safety Features

Due to strict rules and regulations from the Japanese government, automakers are bound to add a certain amount of safety equipment to all its cars. In return even the cheapest of 660cc cars come standard with dual front airbags and ABS technology. While the more expensive models can also feature things like traction control, vehicle stability control, 6 airbags and other amenities which really make 660cc cars very safe on road despite their tiny form factor.

2. Onboard Tech

When it comes to technology I am certain that a fully loaded 660cc car from the likes of Daihatsu can probably beat the top line Corolla Altis Grande and Civic 1.8 VTi Oriel. How? Allow me to prove myself. Latest vehicles like Daihatsu Cast and Honda N-WGN surprised me when I saw highly advance features like:

  • Lane Keep Assist
  • Emergency Braking
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Parking Sensors
  • 360 Surround View Camera
  • Heated Seats
  • 6 Airbags

None of which is present on any locally produced car even at PKR 3.0 million, let alone a car costing mere PKR 1.4-1.6 million. But honestly, even if you are not going for the top end models, what even features present in the baseline models are enough for most customers. Just simply note down that you will probably get more than what you are looking for when it comes to technology in a small economy car.

3. High Fuel Economy

As said earlier, half people might buy a 660cc car for just for the sake of uniqueness, however, its the other half who focuses on the bigger picture, which happens to be fuel economy. With the ever-depreciating value of the Pakistani rupee, cars from upper segments with bigger engines are getting very expensive. Not only car prices but the increasing fuel prices make it very tough to own and run a car. This is where these tiny engines come into consideration. They have lower taxes, enough power to move 4 people around and return an excellent fuel economy. In my testing most cars with 660cc engines return fuel average of somewhere between 20-25km/l. Which is unbelievable but true.

4. High Value For Money

660cc cars are excellent values for money. Now some might argue that these Japanese 660cc cars are even more expensive than locally produced 1000cc vehicles. While they might be right in this regard but there are so many factors where imported cars beat our locally produced cars. When it comes to things like driving pleasure and smoothness there is nothing which can beat the Japanese. Then there is the topic of safety which is again a huge plus point for the Japanese. Also as discussed earlier, the onboard tech on these vehicles is just amazing and in most cases, the bases model 660cc cars have more equipment than the top line locally produced 1000cc cars.

5. Excellent Built Quality

Japanese are known for their precision and perfection. I have seen many cases of Japanese rejecting finished products from around the world for not being good enough. They like their thing to be perfect, so what else you can expect from their cars? Each and everything is solidly built and well put together. If you ever want to know what I mean then just simply go and see the welding points of any Japanese imported car and you will see the fine craftsmanship and quality control these cars come from. It’s simply stunning to see such perfection from these small economy cars.

Let’s first admit the fact that there is more variety of Kei cars to choose from in Pakistan than there are locally produced vehicles from each segment combined. This huge selection makes all of these vehicles unique in their own way and buying one is a fashion statement. So much so that chances of seeing the same cars like yours with similar color and styling is a very rare case. For buyers like me who likes their things to be different and striking certainly makes Kei cars the best option to opt for.

These were our top reasons to buy a 660cc car, also let us know your top reasons in the comment section.

Awais Yousaf

I'm a crazy car guy. I want an aeroplane hangar full of cars. Is that too much to ask for?

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  1. A 660 will never give anything close to 20-25 kml with 4 people on board, unless you are driving either downhill or constantly at 80 kmh

  2. sir ye "ideal" situation kahin gari se utar kar dhakka lagana to nahi ? :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. I have touched about 1000 miles and used literally less than half liter of fuel on a BMW 750il (V12 engine), the car was started and driven onto a truck, then driven off the truck at its destination.

    it travelled about 1090 miles and burned less than half liter of fuel.

  4. holding Pakistani NIC - you are hardwired to only think of

    1 - fuel economy
    2 - show off
    3 - lush food
    4 - make sure all kinds of stickers are intact, even if they say "noodle delivery" or "school bus" on these japanese cars.

  5. Thank you for the recommendation.

    All shrinks have kicked me out, and one very high costing one in Islamabad had to call police to get me out.

    I myself am a Pakistani person and take great pride in that. Complete with all bad things too - (e.g. the things I wrote) - I made quite a handsome income from cashing in on those things like resale etc. (me = car fixer aka mechanic too) - if you cannot handle the hard truth of what you see around you e.g. little girl Zainab being killed, or the sialkot boys being killed by the whole city and recorded by media too and believe that everything is fine and dandy then please do remember to lock the henhouse everynight and take some reality tablets (I think they are sold at some supermarkets now)

    btw - I have been called out as a f..ktard, kaafir, imbecile, liar, tout, shill, and literally every other word in the dictionary by people like you and me. I have also been threatened with death (also in physical form) by our same Pakistani people (some who I helped earlier too) - Did I dissolve my nationalilty? - no!

    Im not any golden boy of anywhere, I have no higher command on any thread on this site, I am just a simple member and you have all rights to block my posts from the settings of your panel so you dont read what I write. Just as Im going to do right now for your username in my control panel.

    Realistically speaking, if you cannot handle your own shortcoming how do you expect to improve? I have wholeheartedly accepted these shortcomings I mentioned (which you consider derogatory) and planned to work that mentality in my favour like any other businessman would.

    LOL - this site never ceases to amaze..

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