NOWPDP Launches Challenge To Design A Low-Cost Cycle For Disabled People in Pakistan

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It is quite tough for an entirely functional human being to live here in Pakistan so imagine the plight of those disabled. But some individuals step forward to change things. NOWPDP is composed of such individuals that strive to make the lives of persons with disabilities easy, and the Accessible Cycle Design Challenge is a means to create a cheap and easy to ride cycle for the disabled people.

The country is estimated to have 18 million people with disabilities, and once these people are excluded, Pakistan loses 4.9% to 6.3% of the gross domestic product. The President of NOWPDP, Amin Hashwani, aptly put, “People are not disabled. It’s the society denying its citizens opportunities to a productive life that makes them disabled,” and it is our responsibility to give access to them (people with disabilities) just as a person who doesn’t have any.

Meet the current tricycle that you’d often see people with disabilities riding. This tricycle is in no way an ease to ride, as you have to cycle through one hand pulling an entire weight. It is a creation of necessity for the time being, but if we’re able to create a design that has a production cost that does not exceeds 10,000 Rupees, and is designed according to the ergonomics of Pakistan, we’ll be taking a leap for the country.

Vishal's Journey!

Vishal Kumar, a beloved member of NOWPDP, proves that disability does not mean inability. The Accessible Cycle Design Challenge will ensure that many like Vishal will be able to come out of their homes and become productive members of society.#APartNotApart #FromApathytoAction

Posted by NOWPDP on Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Accessible Cycle Design Contest has begun on January 1, and will end on March 31st wherein the judges from around the world will be evaluating the submitted designs, and the winner will win 200,000 rupees.

The winning entry once selected, will enter into prototyping stage with the winning designer will work the architects and mechanical engineers to develop the prototype cycle, under the supervision of NOWPDP and the Automobile Corporation of Pakistan. Once prototyping is complete, NOWPDP will then research on its market availability so the tricycle can be within the reach of as many as possible.

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