A Brief Comparison: Suzuki Cultus Vs FAW V2

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Few days ago Pak Suzuki launched the Limited Edition of their Cultus and priced it at 1,099,000 Pak rupees. The most basic Euro II Cultus is priced at PKR 1,044,000 and with CNG is PKR 1,119,000. Many Pakistani auto consumers argue that it is a lot of money for a car that is more than a decade old. It is rumored that Pak Suzuki is bringing a replacement for their aging Cultus; the special edition tag looks like the last push to sell as many as they can before the new car.

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I was looking for details regarding the engine and transmission on Pak Suzuki website and found this statement,

“The Cultus is equipped with powerful engine. This ensures quickest pickup, steady drive and optimum fuel efficiency.”

Suzuki Cultus is a basic front engine front wheel drive car. It comes with a four cylinder 1000 cc engine mated to a five-speed gearbox. The engine produces 60 BHP and 74 Nm of torque. Overall, the design of the car is outdated and materials used in the car are not so good.

Limited Edition Cultus

Now let’s examine another hatchback from a different automobile manufacturer; V2 by FAW. FAW is a Chinese company and is being run under Al-Haj FAW name in Pakistan. FAW is one of the Chinese giants and is making cars in collaboration with Volkswagen, Mazda, GM and Toyota in China. FAW Pakistan launched their V2 Hatchback in Pakistan back in 2013 and it is in its first generation. V2 is priced at PKR 1,049,000.

On paper, V2 trumps Cultus in every way possible. Not only is it cheaper (than Limited Edition Cultus), but is more powerful and more modern and all around better made. The V2 is heavily inspired by the first generation Toyota Vitz and uses same engine and body dimensions as of Vitz.

Cultus, however, is cheaper and easier to maintain and repair since it has been in the market for such a long time. Mechanics all over the country are familiar with the car and can fix it with their eyes closed. Also, being a market for years and years, the spares are easily available in every part of the country and are cheap as well. FAW V2 has a long way to go before it reaches such level of public acceptance.

Since this is probably the last year of Cultus in production, let’s see how it performs as far sales are concerned.

Suzuki Cultus

Suzukicultus specs


FAWv2 specs



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  1. Safety First says

    As usual pakwheels author forgot safety features in the comparison. Your readers must know how safety of a car is important and if a car has safety features then people should know about it.

    FAW V2 has Airbags, ABS and EBD Brakes, and Cncap Crash Rated Body Structures (3 Stars).

  2. Mubeen Saeed says

    Exactly the kind of stuff i was looking, great job Aref.

  3. Zaeem Akhtar says

    FAW V2! Here I come.

  4. Bechara V2 Buyer says

    One Thing you have forget. . Drive Faw v2 on rough or say normal but not too smooth roads , specially with windows closed.. You will hear a Hell of noises Prodced by its Filmy Plastic Dash Borad and Rear Lid’s plastic. . You cannot get the feeling of a new car…I You can Fix the Cheap Plastic Interior noises then Most Welcome. .. I Owe Faw V2 and have just done 4000 km but I fell ashamed in front of My Parents whose Hard Earned Money I Thew into the Pockets of Chinese Luteraas and Haji Sb. I don’t like the Khar Khar it produce from its Dash Board and Diggi… Even Faw Islamabad motors were unable to Fix these Hell of noises… Now I am very tensed as I pursuaded my Parents to not buy Passo but buy Faw V2…. Rickshaw Plastic Body… I you fell I am telling lie… Then Please Go to any Faw Dealership take a test drive of Faw V2 at least done 4000 plus kilometres. . You can find some one who might be at Faw Dealership for his V2 service. … As Far as care is considered I am a polite Driver , I donot give high acceleration on rough roads but still these noises started and now have multiplied… If You want to buy V2 first take her test ride. .. As far as Fuel economy it is giving me 15 km per litre. . Engine and AC are yet powerful. .. But Interior Plastic Fitting is Just a Hell… This is where Chinese Faradiis have saved money and gained Profit.. Other V2 owners will not give you a detailed review. . Because every one here is mean… If everyone will start Exposing its Interior Plastic Reality then what the hell it’s resale value would be.. Finally. . It’s Fun to drive. . Just like owing a Q Mobile Having Specs. Like S6 but Quality like Q Mobile. ..

  5. Suzuki Lover says

    Safety Gai Bhaar mein….Jnaab ap pta lga China China hai…. Thug .. Faradi Chana k Log… Bhai sai tarah Expose kar dia hai Faw V2 ko… But Cultus Is Just a piece Of teen dabba… Rehra.. East and West. . Japani Gaarian are Best… China mein Atom Bomb gira k in Fake logon ko Maar dena chaihay

  6. Ehs says

    Best comment. Agreed the comparison article has skipped the most important aspect.

  7. Guest says

    The comparison table of features has a standard format offering side by side comparison.

    But the comparison tables of Dimensions and Weights and Engine do not offer a side by side comparison. Please make it easier to read.

  8. Usman Ansari says

    As long as there are no regulations and check n balance by govt. Even Europeans and Chinese will offer substandard stuff and will make profit. They are keen to enter our market since they know they can sell us outdated stuff and get away with it. Govt should be the one playing its role here if it really want the automobile to prosper.

    Just look at what China delivers to the world and compare what is offered here. There is a day n night difference

  9. Farhan says

    I have been using FAW V2 since last 12 months, and I have not faced a single problem ALHAMDOLILLAH.

    I would not say that is is a perfect car, but it is probably the best car available in Pakistan considering its price and features. there is no comparison between Cultus and V2. V2 is much superior in every aspect, may it be drive quality, features, pricing, safety or anything else.

    It is just a matter of time that Suzuki would be taking it as a threat and it would be compulsory for them to upgrade their models and pricing, otherwise their teen dabba would be rejected by the Pakistani Consumer as they are now quite informative and have realized that Pak Suzuki is not sucking blood from them by selling obsolete models.
    I feel sorry for the guy who has suffered from his V2 as i have not seen/heard anything from any annoyed V2 user.

    To make the Auto makers upgrade their models being introduced in Pakistan, we as users/critics and as observers should promote competition and should appreciate if something better is being offered, may it be Chinese or from Vietnam … :).

    I appreciate the author’s efforts in giving this comparison but it could have been written with more in depth analysis of the 2 products. I hope the Pakistani Automakers (especially Suzuki) take notice of this and realize the actual need of the consumer rather than forcing their products on us.

  10. Ali says

    brace your self for the typical “resale nahi hai” , “parts mehnge hain” , “market tested nhi hai” .. suzuki / cultus lovers

  11. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    2 stars*

  12. Shani Arain says

    i have been using v2 now for a year. first thing is there is imobolizer in v2 , and here it says no. another thing is dont compare v2 with shitty caltus , compare it with swift, which is better , cultus have no chance with v2 , v2 is way more practicle and equipped with security and safety systems.

  13. Shani Arain says

    brother there must be some problem in your car. mjhe 1 saal hogaya hai. hyderabad main rehta hun. or Hyderabad ke road se behtr mere village ke road hain. and i have no issue whatsoever . i have driven it like 12000 now. and its perfect .

  14. Shani Arain says

    True brother. i have also been using v2 for a year now. and iam so glad i bought it. its everything i wanted. it have power , can outrun xli,gli , even it was a close race with 2005 premio 1.5. it is comfortable , have enough boot space. and the price is so right. it handles rly well. and the manual shifter is the best . i have never used this soft shifter in any small car before.

  15. Saad says

    I am using V2 for 8 months, couldn’t be happier. 8000km by now , two long trips and no issues so far. It also has dry cell batteries as compared to lead acids.

  16. Muhammad Yasir says

    strongly agreed !

    oh and we get this shitty stuff for WAYY more than what the rest of the world pays !
    we DESERVE to have BETTER yet CHEAPER cars here as well !

  17. Muhammad Yasir says

    the imbecile is STRONG in this one … ur prolly a cheap suzuki agent !

    China’s cars are WAYYYY ahead of what the japanese are making or offering in Pak atm ! soon we’ll have CHEAPER cars from China , Central Asia and even Europe while your dismal suzuki will SUFFER !

    so please … stop polluting this forum and GO SCREW YOURSELF !

  18. Muhammad Yasir says

    FAW V2 is a terrific car … i have driven my friend’s FAW it feels smooth in shifting the gears esp. interior is v.comfy and overall ambiance is quite fine. highly recommend for anyoone who has money to buy this !

    shame tho , that, FAW can’t offer us cars for under 5 lakhs or so … would be great if the chinese especially bought in cars that university students and blooming , young professionals with a strapped budget could easily afford.

  19. Shariq Alee says

    V2 is a third class china made car. Don’t compare it with swift. Swift has a premium international level finishing. Honda city and toyota corolla are some comparable cars. Even cultus has a better finishing than V2, and forget someone would ever try to steal a third class V2 so no need of immobilizer. I would prefer a cycle over V2.

  20. wasif mehmood says

    I fail to see how people give spareparts availability importance over a basic safety feature as airbags.. Its such a flawed mindset because we’ve grown to accept the fact that cheap cars need cheap spare parts in abundance to keep them on the roads. And for the comment ‘ the cultus is equipped with a powerful engine..’ Cmon, 60 HP ! My lawnmower motor is mre powerful than that !

  21. Shariq Alee says

    Thanks for exposing the truth 🙂

  22. Taji says

    Faw v2 is a best Car Yar, My uncle had cultus 2014 model, he is found of going hilly areas, he sold his cultus just after 5 months, it becomes heavy and lagging in hilly areas…. Has speed , but not Power………….

  23. samra says

    Same words you will say for Chinese JF-17 Thunder, haan? Amm i right? China ki har cheez aik jesi nai hoti bhaia…… Mein 1 saal say V2 drive kar rahi hu……….. Awesome….

  24. Taimur says

    Bhai g, in V 2, you can have Engine parts of Vitz 2004 model, and corolla xli 2007 model….. Corolla and vitz parts constitute V2… It is permitted Copy of Toyota…. Toyota gifted their IP of vitz 2004 model to Faw.. In China FAW and Toyota have Joint Venture…..

  25. Love says

    Body parts and interior parts are different.

    Therefore if you have a crash, then kabli parts of Vitz won’t fit. Door handle or switch for winding the window broke, won’t fit.

  26. Guest says

    If you fail to see that spare parts are the most important safety feature, you need to re-check your eyes. Proper mechanical fitness IS the most basic safety feature.

    1. Headlight bulb fused. Cannot find a replacement. Loss of safety.
    2. Tail light broke in minor accident. Cannot find a replacement, loss of safety.
    3. Axle worn out, can break any day (CV joint). Keep running, one day can jam or free as it likes. or the wheel would go sideways once the axle breaks, car turns turtle, people die.
    4. Brake seals for caliper cannot be found because of “out-of-market car” so nobody sticks the spare parts. Brake fails (seal leak out because of over-worn pads). People die. [Have seen this one many times.]
    5. Sway bar (commonly called balanced rod by local mechanics) replacement not available for “out of market” car. Sway bar snaps because the owner keeps running it into the ground, people die.
    6. All too common is the loose spindles, tie-rods and ball joints, which for “out-of-market” cars are not available. Common failures, people die.
    7. Differential jams on the highway. People die. Lot of property damage too. Differential gives a signal tens of thousands of km before failing (failure is either it frees up or its jam up). But no replacement available for “out-of-market” car, so the owner keeps running it, and one day people die.

    Cultus is definitely equipped with an engine powerful than most other cars available in the country. Mehran comes with 34 HP and Bolan comes with 37. CD-70 comes with a 7.2 HP engine. It is all about the perspective.

  27. Moon says

    Body Parts are not issue, Faw has nation wide 3s dealers…….

  28. Imran Baloch says

    as always excellent n very comprehensive comments

  29. Imran Baloch says

    actual price of faw is very less, but heavy taxes are the reason of above 1 million total price

  30. Imran Baloch says

    Down with Suzuki

  31. naeem ahmed says

    I am very sorry to see your your comments. I cant even imagine that you are such an ass hole

  32. Muhammad Yasir says

    v.sad fact for us :/

  33. Muhammad Yasir says

    nice analysis but i think FAW has spare parts available in the country …

  34. Shakil Sadiq says

    Well thought-out comments & counter comments; impressed with the level of analysis our generation of young motor-heads undertake. Albeit, my question is slightly off the agenda.. what car (read Junk) is Pak Suzuki blessing this nation with next ? These martians who man the Pak Suzuki think tank, are from a different Universe.. by the way, how many Kizashi units were they able to hoodwink innocent buyers with ?
    Until we have a far improved & practical Auto Policy that includes level playing fields for all players, new & old, we can forget about getting value-for-money vehicles in this country.. so till then, suffice on these cheap, unsafe & archived models..

  35. Shakil Sadiq says

    And they are now insulting the intelligence of this Nations motor-heads with statements like,” Suzuki Cultus Gets A Limited Edition For A Cool 55,000 Rupees Extra! …..” Cool ???????

  36. Muhammad Yasir says

    honestly , just invite china , give them ample land to set up THEIR automaking factories with close collaboration with maximum local involvement. we’ll have cars starting from 0.2 million rolling out in no time !

    for people who disagree , i respect their right to their own opinion , but they forget that the chinese are sincere and hardworking people always looking for that opportunity to co-operate and achieve. Also , they’re the best friend Pakistan has ever had and especially after our concession over that Border Dispute to them early on , sets the tone for basically all great things to be bought over from china and shared with us. Its a shame the govt don’t see eye to eye with what i and may compatriots think. We could be light years ahead of where we are right now ,far far away from this shambolic automobile sector which does NOT have a budget section , but it all depends on perspective and government’s will to do so !

  37. kashif says

    I am also owner of FAW V2. 1 million men ap ko BMW wala interior kahan milly ga. brother is men ABS hy EBD, Air bags , more comforts. ksi aik chez py to compromise krna pry ga is price men.

  38. kashif says

    I think You are not owner of FAW V2. suni sunai baton sy comment nahi krna chahy

  39. Guest says

    Some people are born biased others graduate to it with time… “Cultus is equipped with an engine powerful than most other cars in the country” and then comparing an 11 lac car with Mehran that is worth 7 lac, bolan worth 7 lac and also with CD 70 WOW … when I was a kid CD 70 was just a bike… how times have changed.

  40. Shani Arain says

    hahahaha bhai apki language se pakka pata chal raha hai ke ap kitne mature or kitni knowledge rakhte ho 🙂 secondly swift ka interior international standard ka hai ? ok so ford , volkswagon or bakion ka interior jupitor se hoga phr shayad. xD

  41. star says

    I am driving my V2 for more than a year. here are some pros and cons for this car

    plus points

    1- very powerful engine, way better than that of cultus or alto. super acceleration
    2- cruising engine sound can be heard inside car which is kind of cool
    3- very spacious. more spacious than cultus/wagonr/ swift
    4- powerful dry battery
    5- headlight adjustment
    6- alloy rims, airbags, ABS, EBD, power window and side mirrors, power steering
    7- V2 seats are little bit high which sounds unique
    8- good quality tyres (hankook)
    9- 3 year warranty
    10- the most economical hatchback (1300 cc) in Pak
    11- powerful drive

    minus points (…..AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE…)

    1- indicator on the left and wiper control on the right
    2- A/C is good but of strange round shape like santro
    3- wind noise can be heard inside car (even when windows are up) especially when you are driving against wind. kind of noisy drive. wind and dust from outside comes into the car and makes interior of car look dusty, (i did not find this problem in any other car)
    4- my car’s spoiler paint deteriorated due to extreme hot weather. little bubbles appeared out of spoiler paint which I got repaired under warranty but again same problem appeared
    5- seat adjustment levers very hard
    6- side view mirrors smaller in size
    7- front 2 doors are heavy, rare doors are comparatively light weight
    8- light quality body that might be the reason that car produces noisy sounds while driving on uneven roads
    9- noisy A/C
    10- Showroom staff unprofessional and lazy and find excuses for customer complaints, seems like they are new into the business. I saw haji sahb pic in the showroom, he appeared like a professional butcher(qasai) who had just changed his field and started selling chinese pokemon cars
    11- service and parts expensive, even the engine oil (sinopack) very expensive
    12- you can not lock or unlock car while having key in the ignition switch
    13- resale value ????

  42. Nasir Saeed says

    That’s a very sensible comment. It is exactly what we need… We must invite Chinese and learn from them rather than rotting in the stone age.

  43. Muhammad Yasir says

    exactly my point !

  44. Hassan says

    Faw ka kachra Plastic fire resistance hai… :p

  45. hassan says

    bhai china k har cheez istamal kr k china ko galiya de rhe hein… Jis mobile ya Computer say ap ye comment likh rhe hein..made in China. zara idher udher dekhe apko china hi chala rha hai.

  46. Usman Ali Abid says

    Well dere isnt a single new car available in range of 1 million rupees wd auto transmission .So i had to buy mira es 2012.Cn anybdy tel me when will b V2 available in auto trans.

  47. Shani Arain says

    in 2017 InshAllah the local production of v2 will start. with 1000cc and auto tran variant 🙂

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