The new Honda Accord is priced at more then one crore rupees


A couple of days ago, Honda Atlas launched new 2013 Accord into the Pakistani market, the car itself is tremendous but Honda Atlas refrained to announce the price of it on the website and asked interested buyers to ring up their local dealers for a price.

Now though, they have updated their website with the price of the new Accord and it is more then our quite frankly, petty estimate.

We estimated that it may cost around 8-9 million rupees but oh boy we were miserably wrong. The price listed at 19% GST is 10,100,000. That’s 10 million and a 100,000 rupees, which excludes, the recently imposed advanced tax which will be 150,000 rupees, then the insurance, tracker, registration and transportation costs which Honda Atlas will charge.

That’s a lot of money frankly, and you get a damn ‘Hunda’ in return.


We checked the prices of Accords listed on Pakwheels’ classified section, and we found that used 2008-2009 Thai Accord (the same model as Honda Atlas introduced here) is listed for max 37-38 lac rupees, that’s a lot of depreciation for an Accord as new were for around 7-8 million rupees as they were once listed on Honda Atlas’s website.

So you’ll lose atleast 40-50 lacs within 4-5 years on your new Accord, (If you loose 50 lacs in 5 years) that’s 10 lac a year, 83,333 rupees a month and 2,777 rupees a day.

Not such a bright investment is it?

And if you’re thinking, oh forget the Accord, I’ll go get the Camry. Well, Camry isn’t doing so brilliant either. The new model of Camry, the 2013 one is listed at 9,749,000 rupees which we actually say as one crore rupees and they depreciate worse then Accord.

The previous shape was listed at Toyota Indus for 7-8 millions rupees, same as the Accord, the 2011 Camry today as listed at Pakwheels’ classified section is 40 lacs. That’s 40 lacs gone within two year if you bought it for 80 lacs.

20 lacs gone a year, 166,666 rupees a month and 5,555 rupees lost every time you wake up. That’s a lot worse of then the Accord.

Baber K. Khan

An auto enthusiast trying to bring car media mainstream.