Advanced tax: New cars to get expensive by 10,000 to 150,000 rupees

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New cars are already massively expensive and slowly moving out of the reach of common man. However, it seems that government is planning to achieve all its tax deficit by introducing new taxes on cars and destroy the automotive industry instead of building it.

Government is going to implement a new tax on cars called ‘Advanced Tax’, which will be in effect from 1st July, 2013.

New cars will get expensive from 10,000 to 150,000 rupees expensive.

Cars in between 1cc to 850cc will have to pay 10,000 rupees advanced tax, 850cc to 1000cc will pay 20,000 rupees, 1000cc to 1300cc will pay 30,000 rupees, 1300cc to 1600cc will pay 50,000 rupees, 1600cc to 1800cc will pay 75,000 rupees, 1800cc to 2000cc cars will pay 100,000 rupees and cars with engine larger then 2000cc will pay 150,000 rupees advanced tax.

The new tax was introduced in the budget.

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  1. Agha Mohsin says

    Wow now more people will use the imported car option rather they will pay for crap locally assembled dabba's…. Naya Pakistan agya! Lmao

  2. Sikander Ishtiaq says

    Naya nai PML ka Roshan Pakistan.

  3. Adeel Inam says

    And I was saving money to buy Honda City by the end of this year. Guess I have to wait 2-4 months more to save that extra money for Advance Shit Tax 🙁

  4. Asad Masood says

    Go for Hybrid.. 😀

  5. Foqaan Shaikh says

    Welcome to Roshan Pakistan!

  6. Fayyaz Minhas says

    New city is coming in 2014. Better wait for that and i think advance income tax is adjustable for people already paying taxes on salaries and businesses. In that case it won't really hurt them

  7. Musaddaq Salman Ch says

    any one can give me an idea about toyota prius price after the budget.
    and help me also which is better city or prius?

  8. Abdul Qaddus says

    Bhoka shair

  9. Saqib Sabih says

    This is mis-information. If u purchase a car, now you have to pay With Holding Tax. It's NOT a tax actually. It will be paid back to you as soon as you submit tax return. Salaried person can claim this against their salary tax statement just like we used to do with WHT of ATM machines. Just save the bill and attach it with your tax statement. Now people with black money have to register themselves with Tax Authority to claim this tax. PLUS its not that much, Rs 30,000 for new cars like Toyota and Honda. Its not an advance tax. Its your imanat. You can claim it back from govt. So nothing bad for people who pay taxes.

  10. Raashid K Mahmud says

    What if you do not have an addition 30,000 rupees lying under the sofa cushion and you have to wait many months to get your tax refund….while the Gov will keep your money in Swiss banks and enjoy the Interest

  11. Anonymous says

    Purana Pakistan Hi repair hoga, Khan sahab ka naya pakistan bohat mahanga par raha tha.

  12. Zeeshan Malik says

    hi every body this is not a big deal they are stupid and they are always planing wrong In the government politest people. my sorry about they have to go back to collage have a real degree so they can make the planing if I say the batter about the car tax make the law about every one to buy the car and they have to transfer on there name with new number and every year renewal registration card the government should know about USA system their is no problem car buy from Karachi to Islamabad transfer. they go automatically to change the number government have tax every time to change the transfer and every year to renewal the registration this system in USA. If they cant find out why they have pakistani ambassador in united states. I advised don't kill your own public in advanced tax and do kill the public yearly and transferly. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD mean the people like you Swiss generation leave the Pakistan zinda Thanks this my right to tell you. And Thanks Again……….

  13. Waseem Sajjad says

    lakhh laakh laanat kutte dio putroooo

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