World’s Biggest Engine Might Be Bigger Than Your House

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A while ago, we told you about the world’s smallest engine. Well, now is the time for you to have a look at the world’s biggest engine. The company that makes this engine is called Wärtsilä. The engine they make is the largest piston engine in the world.

The engine is called Wartsila-Sulzer RTA96-C and is a low speed, two stroke, heavy fuel oil powered gas guzzler. The 14 cylinder beast (the biggest version) is 44 ft high, 87 ft long and pushes out 107,390 hp at the crank. The engine itself is mind blowing 25,480 liters. Each cylinder displaces about 1820 liters (1820000 cc). While you may be impressed by the size and the figures above, you may be disappointed by the rpm that it can achieve. The engine produces 108,920 hp at 102 rpm.

Engines like these, and this one specifically, are used for powering container ships. If you were wondering about the weight, well, it’s a lot, around 2300 tons. The crankshaft alone is 300 tons in weight. We dont want to drag you into to much of the technical specs and info of the engine, but we surely are gonna show you what the monster of an engine looks like. Enjoy the photos, they’ll give you shivers!






Wartsila-Sulzer RTA96-C

Source: GM

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  1. Sanjay Natarajan says

    Whoa…mind boggling…nice info & pics guys…
    appreciate that!!
    Off topic: Why cant you people try importing cars from India, coz some models are common between both countries & availability of spares might not be an issue….eg., Maruti Swift that is currently sold in India…
    The price of used swift will be 300,000 INR or 480000 PKR, which is actually cheap considering the price of suzuki swift sold in Pakistan…
    Just a thought….nothing offense…

  2. ibtisam says

    sanjay you actually have a very good point but the the problem is that due to tentions always rising between the 2 countries i dont think its possible. plus i think the best option would be to end the monopoly of the big 3 and localize every part of a car rather than importing from any country though it be india or japan.

  3. Ahmed Hembel says

    Agree with Ibtisam. Plus, I think customs would multiply that by 2.

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