The US Diplomat got the green signal due to diplomatic immunity

Interior Ministry has decided not to place Col Joseph Emanuel’s, a US diplomat, name in Exit Control List (ECL). The diplomat defied traffic signal and killed a motorcyclist in the capital a few days back. According to the details, authorities cannot put a restriction on US defense and air attaché as per Vienna Convention rules and regulations.


The officials while talking to the media said that they were bound to let him go as he has diplomatic immunity. Moreover, the officials also asserted that Pakistani diplomats have also used the same immunity in Iran and India over similar nature of cases.

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Col Joseph Emanuel, a US diplomat, defied traffic law and hit a motorcycle at the intersection of Margalla Road and 7th Avenue at the start of this month. One rider named Ateeq died on the spot, while the other whose name was reported as Raheel received harsh injuries and was transferred immediately to the hospital.


After the incident, Pakistanis condemned his action and demanded justice for the deceased. Local media outlets after the incident reported that the diplomat might not get any conviction at all as he had diplomatic immunity. And now it has been confirmed.

As per Vienna Convention, diplomats cannot be detained, arrested and prosecuted by the host country for whatever crime they do. Furthermore, law enforcement officers cannot enter their residence and also they cannot be summed into the court as a witness.

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  1. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Elaihi Rajeuun' :unamused:
    Harr cheez hi ka Janazza Nikalta ja raha hai :smirk: Kya rules? kya ikhlaqiaat? kya Insaniat? :pensive:

    (I would be highly grateful if someone could share some official source / link, which confirms what the authorities have asserted. I severely doubt, if any Pakistani Diplomat does a similar thing in any country especially India; the host country would let him go, and that easily).

    The diplomat defied traffic laws, a Pakistan National got killed and other got severely injured, and authorities could not do anything!

    If a similar thing would have happened in US, where a Pakistan Diplomat Defies "Traffic Laws", kills one of the 02 US Nationals and injures other... Would the authorities had let him go?

    Hum Dr. Aafia Siddiqui ko to wapis la nai sakay, ussay khaak wapis la patay (if he would have been detained there)?

    Ye kaisay Vienna Convention rules and regulations hain, that authorities cannot put a restriction on anyone, especially US defense and air attaché?
    Do they have a license to kill? Or are they aliens? Or from Heavens above?

    Asuuli taur p kisi b diplomat k vehicle khudd drive karnay p ban hona chaheye!

    Well-Trained drivers must be there to drive embassy / diplomatic vehicles.
    The drivers must be from the host country, with valid driving licenses and fully conversant with the local rules and regulations, specially Traffic!

    Sorry to say and no offense, but as a nation, we are beggars, and... "Beggars can't be Choosers, ever!"

  2. Accidents happens it was an accident , making fuss over such thing is not going to help anyone.
    Every day on roads such things happens as we pakistani don't follow traffic laws so before pointing one fingers towards others we should be looking into the mirror, shall I point the accident in which traffic police personal was killed by Balochistan minister or lots of other accidents in which our politicians are involved , a boy was killed by a protocol car of NS.
    Stop posting nonsense threads it only create hate.

  3. I would LOVEEEEEE :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: to see your comments If he was your Brother, Your Father or Your Cousin, Jab koi apna naa ho, tu Sab RULES yaad a jatay hain, Baray hee Bay-Hiss ho Tum log yarr, Daikhta mein is tarah ki BS agar wo koi tumhara hotaa!!!

    @fazalwahab11375 Jaanie aap $$$ Khao, $$$, Apka konsa wo Chacha G ka beta tha!!!!

  4. I would say that one who can't condole, Please refrain from commenting, He wasn't your Blood, So you just can't feel the Pain!!!

    & I don't know his Parents would accept $$$ under Pressure or In greed or Just not satisified, But one things is for SUREEEE, You deserve a Corrupt Govt. by all means.
    No wonder why I see sooo Many Land Cruisers roaming in Lahore & other major cities, I mean hey its price starts from a Just a Teenyy Tinyyy Measly Weasely DaiDH-CROReee, You all Deserve Zardari, Nawaz & other corrupt Leaders, the rules are only for others but not one-self.

  5. The reason why any reliable justice system is based on rules and laws is so you don't rely on the decision-making of grief stricken family members. Regardless of my views on this case, justice is supposed to be free of emotions.

    And on that silly counter-point of yours, he wasn't your blood relative either, so you can't feel the "pain" neither.

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